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Carpet Name: Handmade Carpet

Carpet Material: 100% acrylic  

Carpet Pile Weight:1500g/sqm---2200g/sqm available;

Carpet Pile Height: 0.7cm------2.0cm availabe;

Carpet Size : any size as your requirement;

Carpet Color : any color as your requirement;

Carpet Backing : 100% Cotton Canvas backing attached with synthetic latex adhesive;

Carpet Packaging: be rolled up;each piece of rug be rolled in an individual plastic bag.

Remark: For handmade technique we could use acrylic, wool, polyester and polypropylene materials. All the carpets are good quality with

attractive price


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Q:Why Carpet Dyeing?
good to know, I cleaned carpets for 10 years professionally through Private contracting and working a school system with over 125 schools. people really dint have a clue on how to care for carpet. just like a resilient floor although the techniques are different. Good post thanks.
Q:Best way to get stains out of rug?
If you live near a Dollar Tree store they sell a cleaner called Awesome. i use this for everything. it got dark chocolate stains out of my white rug and blood stains off a shirt. if you cannot find that cleaner use Peroxide. this is used to clean wounds but it also get out blood. When my brother was cut badly his bedspread has a giant pool of blood. my mother poured peroxide on it and it fizzed and then it washed out. Good luck! I hope your not trying to hide a dead body...just kidding.
Q:what is the best home remedy for cleaning automotive carpet?
Resolve spray carpet cleaner, a small stiff bristle nylon brush, and a small wet/dry vacuum cleaner...do small section at a time so you can see the difference... Look around for a good leather cleaner/conditioner
Q:What is brushed the carpet
Which is also called the velour carpet is brushed or carpet; acupuncture machine processed; tufted carpet tufting machine for processing; do not know can speak clearly!
Q:Cleaning a large white rug?
For a rug this large, I suggest using either a foaming cleaner, like Woolite Spray Foam Carpet cleaner or a dry granule cleaner like Capture or Resolve. The both types of cleaners are a simple application. Just spray on the foam, agitate with a brush to work into the fibers, allow to dry and vacuum up. Dry granule, sprinkle on surface and work into the fiber with a brush and let dry, then vacuum. If you have spots or stains, just work either into it with a brush. I like the Woolite because it also contains a scotch guard that leaves a stain repellent and makes cleaning up spills easier without staining.
Q:Can i put a big rug over carpet?
Depending on the carpet/rug you want to put down, you might make a deal with the landlord for replacement of the carpet already down. Laying a carpet/rug on top of another can cause a mildewing affect, the carpet underneath needs to breath. Other than this, the only thing that might be of some concern is it will create a spongy feel when walked on.
Q:How do I sew velcro onto the back of a Persian rug?
Yes, you could crochet it directly onto the top of the bag (by poking small holes in the fabric and crocheting stitches into these holes...that's what the other kind responder was talking about, I believe) OR you can whip-stitch (over and over) the trim onto the top of the bag by hand OR you could even zig-zag it on the machine. This last would be strong, although it might not look as attractive as neat hand-stitching. The hand stitching might also be easier to remove if the trim ever frayed and you wanted to replace it.
Q:How to get window paint out of carpet?
Use carpet cleaning machines loaded with steam cleaning advantage. Ordinary carpet cleaners can't remove the paint perfectly but carpet cleaners with steam cleaning feature can easily remove the stains.
Q:Removing a carpet?? Help..?
If you are not going to try and salvage the carpet, just get a razor knife and cut it up one section at a time, as much as you can handle. Once you start on one end, you can just raise up enough of the carpet to slice through and make sure you don*t cut the wood floor underneath; I*m assuming it is hardwood. You do not need any special equipment. Stop and start when ever you feel like it. 2 of us took out carpeting in a living room /dining room combo in about 8 hours. Trouble was it was full of cat pee from previous owners, and we had to keep running outside to breathe fresh air.
Q:Is there a way to repair this rug?
Professional or a commercial carpet cleaner will often do this type of cleaning and rug repair as a side business They will have the knowledge ir the rug can be cleaned and the shredded part fix. Dry cleaners wont have the experience about the age and condition of the rug will hold up to a machine wash or cleaning. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

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