High Quality Galvanzied U Type Wire

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Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)
Wire Gauge:
0.60mm to 1.20mm
Model Number:
electro galv.wire, hgd.wire, black annealed wrie
Surface Treatment:
black annealed wire and  galvanised
U Type Wire
Baling Wire

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:2-5kg/bundle, 10-20kg/carton 1000kg/pallets or timber case
Delivery Detail:30days depends on amount


U type iron wire 0.60mm to 1.20mm,by cropping machine which is the best machine in China,and "grinding or hot saw" as request.

Electro galvanzied U wire/ u type iron


Diameter: 0.60mm to 1.20mm

Length: 250-3000mm,250-750mm

cut wire bended into U shape,

plialbe and easy to twist

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Q:lighting fixture wiring?
Your fixture is wired as a switch loop. Power comes in at the ceiling box and continues onto other parts of the circuit from there as well. One of the pairs of wires is for the switch. The cable containing the black wire that went to the fixture also contains the white wire that is HOT and is connected to the remaining black wires. All the remaining white wires are neutral and need to be connected together with a wirenut. But before connecting them, also include a white 14-gauge pigtail with the connection. Use a beige or red wirenut. Yellow will be too small. After you've made the wiring connections, simply connect that white pigtail to the white wire of the fixture, and the black wire to the black.
Q:Need help in knowing how to wire a dryer outlet the correct way. There are 4 wires .?
the terminals are colour coded, green for the green or ground wire, brass coloured for the live wires ( the red and black ones) and silver for the white wire.. make sure the power is off!!! it only takes 40 volts a 60 hz AC to KILL! look close for GRN for ground and green, LOAD or LINE for the black or red wires and further for NEUTRAL, ( N) or Neut. for the white wire...YOU CAN CHECK FOR POWER WITH PIGTAIL white to white and black to either black or white one at a time...post again so we know if your alive...
Q:wiring a 3 prong dryer receptacle?
Don't okorder.com/... The breaker won't trip when it needs to and a fire could result.
Q:re wiring a lamp question?
Okay, honestly, it doesn't matter what is hot and what is not. What matters is that you connect one of the lamp wires to the black and the other to white. This would complete the circuit and allow current to flow through the lamp. There should be two wires for the lamp and two wires, hey, a lamp should come with a plug that goes into an outlet. Well, like I said, it doesn't matter, just as long as you complete the circuit.
Q:Best type of jewelry wire?
there are an entire heap of distinctive wires for all of the diverse issues you additionally could make. so as that is my first question, what do you ought to make? in case you're only beginning out, i'd advise paying for a sturdy determination of distinctive wires and prepare to discover what works for you. inventive wires or craft wires are suitable as they are much less costly. you additionally can circulate with silver/gold plated wires.
Q:can you sure me a diagram how to wire a sensor and light up?
Normally it is black wire to black wire, white to white and ground (copper) to ground.
Q:types of electrical wire?
Types okorder.com
Q:how much does 110 wire cost?
there is several kinds of 110 wire, and the price will vary according to the type and the day you buy it I would have to know what you were going to use it for to determine the approximate cost and the proper type. you could use 40 cents a foot as a guesstimate.
Q:dodge dakota rt signal wire?
It should be the BLK/ LB wire (although my wiring schematic shows that wire BLK/ GREEN), It will be the only circuit that have a varying voltage between 0-1 volt. Probe the wires with a DVOM and determine which wire has the signal, one wire will supply B+ for the heater, one is heater ground, one is reference supply voltage and one is signal return The signal return is the circuit you need to tap.
Q:how do I wire this up?
How do you wire this up? You dont !! Beautifying your car is good to do but I have seen these LED tips and they look terrible. If you want your car to look like a cheap honda civic thats been dressed up, then go ahead and do this. if you still want to do this, use a multimeter across the two cables. run one lead to each wire. If you get a positive voltage when someone else presses the brake then the positive lead you have connected will be the side that is positive. If your voltage is negative, then the wire NOT connected to the positive lead is the positive

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