High Quality Galvanized Iron Wire For Chain Link Fence

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Place of Origin:
Hebei China (Mainland)
HS Code:721720000Model Number:
Surface Treatment:
Galvanized Technique:
Hot Dipped Galvanized
Round Wire
Binding Wire
Wire Gauge:
Low carbon steel wire
Zinc coating:
Tensile Strength:
Roll weight:
plastic inside and woven bag cloth outside

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packing:5kgs-25kgs/roll common,plastic inside and woven bag outside. In 20'ft can load 25tons.
Delivery Detail:depends on amount


Hot dipped galvanised iron wire
Hot sell:0.8mm,0.71mm
Zinc coating:>40g
Type:binding wire,wire mesh etc

Galvanised(Galvanized) Iron Wire

+Type:Electro Galvanized Iron Wire And Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

+Producing process:wire rod-draw wire-annealed-acid washing-galvanizing-wire coil

+Material:high quality low carbon steel wire(Q195)


+Popular selling size:BWG16,BWG20,BWG22

+Tensile strength:350N-550N/mm2



+Function: a) as binding wire

                   b) as wire to weave wire mesh

                   c) as U type wire

+Packing: a) common:25kg,50kg/roll

                 b) Special:8kg,7kg,1kg,400g,700g/coil

                 C) plastic bag inside and woven bag outside or hessian cloth outside

Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

Zinc Coating:>40g/m2


Hot dipped galvanized wire has great flexibility, high zinc coated, corrosion resisting.

Application of Hot dipped galvanized wire:

Because of the thicker zinc coating, hotdipped galvanized wire has better protective properties, so it is used for harsh working environment,

and it is widely applied in chemical industry, oil processing, marine exploration, metal structure, power transmission, scaffold, bridge, etc.

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire

Zinc Coating:8g-12g/m2

Feature: Electro galvanized wire has great flexibility, through drawing and electric galvanizing,

as one of the binding wires, it is an ideal material for construction and industry.

Application: In weaving of wire mesh, fencing for expressway and construction,

and it also widely supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire, cut wire, wire tie, binding wire, etc.

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Q:wiring ceiling fan with 12-2 wire adding remote hooked up everthing and flip switch trips breaker?
wire it black to black white to white. original wiring could be wrong. please better description. for light kit red or blue should connect to that. dont forget grounding wire even though white wire polarizes
Q:Wire my sub?
the present passing interior the process the wires will reason the wires to warmth up if no longer adequate guage. think of of the tens of millions of little electrons pushing and shoving to and fro, all this action motives friction on a molecular point and of course all of us comprehend friction equals warmth. In an even bigger guage cord there is extra area for the comparable variety of electons. that is rather that straightforward. Use as heavy a guage speaker cord which you would be able to. you will haven't any sign loss and little warmth.
Q:touched ground wire to power wire on amp how do I fix this?
Depends on where the ground wire touched. If the ground wire contacted the power line outside the amp, then it *should* be OK. Excess current would have flowed directly from the power wire to the ground wire, not through the amp. Some amplifiers are fused on both the positive and negative power leads, so you need to check both fuses. If the ground wire contacted something inside the amplifier, then you probably blew a power regulator chip or some other part of the internal circuitry, again depending upon exactly where the ground wire touched. In that case, you're on the spot for either a repair bill or a replacement.
Q:My rabbit is chewing wires?
I agree with Astrid. My rabbit does not chew on wires, but she insist on grabbing the bars of her cage at 4am, and shaking the heck out of them, so before I go to bed I put bitter apple on the bars.
Q:merecdes 300e spark plugs wires?
Sounds like you still have a wire crossed somewhere. Just for the future Change one wire at a time. Hope this helps good luck!
Q:will the different length of speaker wire effect the amp performance?
It depends on the impedance of the speakers; but 25 feet should not be a problem as long as your speakers are not less than 4 ohm, if your speakers are rated at 4 ohm you might want to use 14 gauge wire as 25 feet is considered the maximum length for 16 gauge wire..either way 14 gauge or 16 gauge wire with 4 ohm speakers and above should not damage your amp, 16 gauge wire may effect performance a little...if you are talking about different length wire to each speaker then you should use 12 gauge wire to the longer length and 16 gauge wire to the shorter length.....and even then you may notice some differance in preformance but that would keep it to a minimum...
Q:2 wire smoke detector?
That's DC alarm ,mean you should connected in to 9 volt battery. There are 4 wire alarms that are design for serial alarms. Smoke alarm it's required ,without AC power act and also With AC power act .mean if AC power go off then system will respond on battery power .
Q:How do you wire a car stereo?
Assuming the head unit follows the standard color code (there are some cheap Chinese import units that don't) then you should match the head unit wire colors to the harness wire colors. There are a few extra rules, though: -If the harness has a blue wire, and the head unit only has blue/white (no blue), then the blue harness wire should be connected to the blue/white head unit wire. If the harness has a blue/white AND a blue wire, then both of them should be connected to the head unit's blue/white wire. Similarly, if the head unit has only a blue wire and no blue/white, then it should be connected to the blue and the blue/white wires in the harness. -Orange and orange/white can be treated as interchangeable; ie, an orange/white head unit wire can be connected to an orange harness wire, and vice-versa. (If the harness has both an orange and orange/white, though, don't combine them--just use one or the other with the head unit). -Some harnesses have a black/white wire; this can usually be combined with the black ground wire. -Brown and orange/black wires in harnesses should be taped off individually and not connected to anything. -Some harnesses don't have a black ground wire. In this case, the black wire from the head unit will need to be grounded somewhere else. There will usually be wires left over. Make sure each one is insulated so it can't cause a short or contact another wire.
Q:Yamaha Virago 700 wiring diagram?
A trip to the local Yamaha shop (send your GF if shes good looking) they may be willing to print you a copy from their manual. On the other hand you just buy yourself a manual, you could always use it to sweeten the deal when you eventually go to sell it.
Q:american wireing on power tools two wires rated 112 volts one white wire one black wire?
No. you are able to besides the undeniable fact that convert it to a minimum of one one hundred twenty volt circuit in case you do here: on the panel, do away with the present 2 pole breaker and replace it with a single pole. deploy a breaker sparkling in the conceal to satisfy code or yet another sg pl breaker as a spare. Or for the 2d circuit you curiously might want to have. Now then, the present twine ought to be as small as #10 (for a small A/C in basic terms unit) or as great as #4 for a great unit with strip warmth. you will ought to splice a short piece of the hot twine to the present as a manner to get it below the breaker. it somewhat is allowed by utilising Code. the different twine from the previous breaker with ought to be coloured white as much as you are able to. some jurisdictions enable as low as 6 others want the completed uncovered length. Now flow it to the impartial bar. through fact the version in value between a 15amp and 20amp circuit isn't plenty, i want to propose 20. on the a/c, if there is not a junction container present deploy one. If there's a pull-out, knife swap or breaker sort disconnect present i want to propose changing it to a 4 sq. x a million-5/8 deep steel container w/conceal. utilising twine nuts splice the present wires to the hot ones. do not forget approximately to floor the container (in line with Code). in case you're working 12/2 romex or MC you need to strap it interior of 12 of the container and each 4' there after. The suggestion to set a 30amp sub panel would not sound particularly appropriate to me purely now. yet then it somewhat is previous due and that i'm unable to make the hassle to seem it as much as be certain. Sorry. If time helps the next day i'm going to do my maximum suitable to study it an edit my answer.

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