High Quality Galvanized Electric Welded Mesh

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Hebei China (Mainland)
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electro gal. before or after welding
hot dipped gal. before or after welding
wire dia. 1.65-3mm
width: 0.5-1.8m

Galvanized Fencing Mesh
OpeningWire Diameter<BWG>
In inchIn metric unit(mm)
2" x 3"50mm x 75mm2.0mm,2.5mm,1.65mm
3" x 3"75mm x 756mm2.67mm,2.41mm,2.11mm,1.83mm,1.65mm
2" x 4"50mm x 100mm2.11mm,2.5mm
4" x 4"100mm x 100mm2.0mm,2.5mm

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Q:How can I make a wire dress form?
Use chicken wire for the molding of the body. Make tube of the wire the width of the hip and bust area. Hook it together by intertwining the ends. All you have to do is mesh the wire, where you want it smaller and mold the bust to the size you want. After you mold it like how you want it, cover it with a single knit material. Then make a wooden stand to hold it at the height you want. It is very simple to do. I made a 7 foot hat that way to fit on a car for a parade.
Q:wire arcing?
is there a wire arcing to something?? is there a potential (voltage/current) on the wire? if the voltage exceeds the wire insulation, it can arc to a lower potential, usually something that is at ground (0) potential. if the insulation has been reduced due to chaffing or cut through, it can arc to a lower potential. now that we still need more info, we think that your wire arcing is electrical current going from one potential to another.
Q:electrical wiring help ?????
8gauge 3 wire means exactly what it says. you will be getting a number 8 cable with 3 wires in it...the best thing to do is dig the trench put the wires in conduit and use 3/0 wire..Will last years longer and you probaly will not have to dig your trench back up in a few years.
Q:Need help with trailer wiring?
You have to splice into the rear brake / turn signal / running light wiring and splice in the trailer harness cable. @jo, If you have a separate (blue) brake light circuit, you will need an adapter module to connect the 4 wire up.
You have to study more. Fist, voltage does NOT go through a wire. If you can find a 3 foot diameter wire (what I think you mean by wide), that would be a huge wire. And yes, it has a much lower resistance than a 0.3 inch diameter wire. But for one LED, it won't make any difference, either will behave as well, in fact you can use a much smaller wire than 0.3 inch, as that is quite large as wires go. You can probably use a 0.01 inch wire and it will work fine.
Q:Why do thin wires melt and thick wires glow? HELP?
A thin wire has a fairly good resistance to the flow of electricity, represented by say R ohms. Let V volts be the voltage across the terminals of a battery. The current I that flows through the resistance is given by I = V/R amperes, heat generated is V X I = V^2/R Now the internal resistance of a battery is very low and hence if R is in a certain range, I can be fairly high and the heat generated in the wire can be high enough to melt the wire. This is the concept used in a fuse to protect the remaining circuit from a melt down or a fire! When you use a thick wire, the resistance R is very low and hence a heavy current flows through the wire and makes it red hot.
Q:Do i need a wire harness or a wire connector?
those wires you see are factory wiring for the factory radio. if your putting a aftermarket radio in it go to radio shack and ask for plug-ins for your car.with those plug-in all you do is hook the wiring from your aftermarket radio to them then plug them into the factory harness.
Q:2004 dodge durango radio wiring diagram?
check out the link this is where i always go and always im able to find the car listing im looking for goodluck!
Q:how to install a dimmer switch to old wiring?
The green wire is ground. In a house that old, probably the best thing you can do with it is to connect it right to the steel box. Look for a screw you can loosen and wrap the green wire under it. Retighten. If there are only two other wires from the switch, you should connect one to the black wire and one to the white wire. I don't know why your first dimmer fried. This is a perfectly normal hookup. It should even be illustrated on the packaging for the dimmer, or in the instructions.
Q:Can anyone interpret this wiring diagram?
Cold Valve one at the lower left of the schematic should have a yellow wire which connects directly to the controller at the P5 .1 terminal. The blue wire will connect with a wire nut to a blue wire which is a common ground for all three valves. Cold valve 2 has an orange wire which connects to the controller at the P5 .4 terminal in the blue wire should connect to the same blue wire but in a different place again with a wire nut. If that isn't clear enough post a picture of the and maybe I can explain it better.

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