High Quality Furniture Use LVL

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3000 CBM per month m³/month

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Specifications of the High Quality Furniture Use LVL


Materialpoplar wood,Eucalyptus,Pine,Birch etc
UsageFor furniture,like as furniture frame,wood pole,drawer panel etc
GradeA Grade
PackageStandard export packing, Pallet with metal strip



Instruction 1 of the Furniture Use LVL

Laminated Veneer Lumber is a high-strength engineered wood product made from veneers bonded

together under heat and pressure. It is used for permanent structural applications including beams and

rafters. The ability to cut different shapes from the LVL sheets allows for structural innovation using angular

and curved shapes.


Instruction 2 of the Furniture Use LVL

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product that uses multiple layersof thin wood 

assembled with adhesives. It offers several advantages over typical milled lumber.it is stronger, straighter,

 and more uniform. It is much less likely than conventional lumber to warp twist, bow, or shrink due to its 

composite nature. Made in a factory under controlled specifications, LVL products allow users to reduce 

the onsite  labor. 


The packing is based on the standard export packing.


The usage of the Furniture Use LVL

They are typically used for headers, beams, rimboard, and edge forming material.It is similar in apperence

 to plywood without crossbands and is typically rated by the manufacturer for elasticmodulus and allowable 

bending stress. Common elastic moduli are 1.8, 1.9, and 2.0 million psi, and common allowable stress

 values are 2800 and 3000 psi.


The following pictures are for reference:


    High Quality Furniture Use LVL



     High Quality Furniture Use LVL



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Q:How to prevent wood from "dehydrating"?
2, construction attention to detail In the home decoration, the quality of wood is the key to the construction, especially the details of the treatment: all wood products in the installation, to immediately brush once again paint. This layer is called "overcoat" paint, not only can protect wood products, but also play a role in isolation of water to maintain the normal moisture content of wood; binder can not be mixed. At present in the home decoration, the general use of white latex for wood products joints of the binder. Some workers in order to cut corners, in the white latex watered. This not only reduces the strength of the binder, and wood products absorb moisture, it is prone to quality problems; all the wood to be placed for a few days. You in the decoration with the wood to buy home, the best place in the decoration site for a few days and then use. The purpose of this is to make the moisture content of the wood close to the level of new homes.
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(2) scutellum poisoning (trichothecene toxicosis) scab is poisoned by the consumption of wheat under the food after the phenomenon of poisoning. The pathogens causing wheat scab were mainly F. graminearum, F.moniliforme, F.axysporum, Fusarium oxysporum (Fusarium spp.) In Fusarium, F.avenaceum). They can produce vomiting can cause vomiting wheat toxins and estrogenic action of zearalenone two types of mycotoxins.
Q:Why do not you eat wood?
The mouse is an aleks and is different from the teeth of other animals. The teeth of other animals grow to a certain extent will not be long. And the teeth of the rats are long in their lives. If you do not find some hard things to wear short teeth, the rat's teeth will worn lips, affecting survival, so the mice often bite the situation of the wood. In addition to wood, rats occasionally find some other hard things to molars, such as soap and so on.
Q:Taobao sell wood products with what packaging is better, what courier is better
as to which courier, this It is hard to say that the general small pieces are the most fragile, because the parcels in the sorting time are flying, thrown to throw. Relatively speaking, one can pass, of course, Shun Feng, is Shunfeng prices too expensive.
Q:Introduction The use of resin glue
The glue in the paste after 30 minutes to reach the maximum strength of 50%, 24 hours after the highest strengt
Q:Wooden products marked above the letter engraved pattern with what machine equipment?
You can use carbon dioxide laser marking machine. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is specifically for non-metallic marking of a device, due to the relationship between the laser wavelength, marking in the wood products is particularly advantageous.
Q:Wood products how to minimize the cost of color and brush once can not repeat the brush or do not fade Oh
The name of the color material used in this construction process is called "oil palm" and can be purchased at the paint store. The order of construction is before the end of the paint construction, the rest of the last time when the spray, spray the end of the paint can be a time after the end.
Q:What are the advantages of China's wood products network?
1.1. Wood products for enterprises and wood products agents to provide a comprehensive wood products industry investment services.  2. To provide information on the national wood products agents inquiries.  3. To provide national wood products investment information query.  4. To provide a comprehensive business services agency services.  5. Recommend the target product for the agent.
Q:What is b wood test drying method
But the measurement needs to intercept the sample, destroy the wood, and take some time
Q:Laser marking machine engraved wood products will be black
I do not know what type of situation you are using. In this case, by reducing the current, will improve the black situation, and then yellow.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Xuzhou,China
Year Established 1992
Annual Output Value Above US$200 Million
Main Markets
Mid East;Eastern Europe;North America
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008;ISO14001:2004

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Lianyungang;Qingdao
Export Percentage 50% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1800 peolple
Language Spoken: Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 300,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 40
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High;Average