High Quality Fiber Cement Board Asbestos Free Sheet

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

high quality fiber cement board asbestos free sheet
Fire resistant
Water resistant
Provides sound insulation


Product Advantages:

      (1) Easy to install and clear

      (2) Variety of colors and patterns or as your request

      (3) High intensity, resist erosion, auti aging

      (4) Fireproof, waterproof, environment friendly

      (5) High quality, good service and good price

      (6) Aesthetic and durable

       (7) Install in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens,schools,hotels, basements, garages and all other living areas.


Main Product Features:

2.Types of PVC Ceiling Panel we are producing:          

1)Glossy PVC Panel (most common type)

2)Sub-glossy PVC Panel (Natural surface handing)

3) High-glossy PVC Panel (high-light surface handling)

Product Specifications:

High Quality Fiber Cement Board Asbestos Free Sheet



High Quality Fiber Cement Board Asbestos Free Sheet

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Q:What is the average price for hardieplank(cement board) installation?
Anywhere from $10 to $15 per square foot depending upon how cut up it is. Large walls with not many cuts - $10. Small expanses with lots of angles and cutting - $15 of more if really complex. This includes the hardie product, the water proofing and the fasteners.
Q:Cement board and tile flange?
You should keep the cement board behind the tile flange.
Q:how do i install stone veneer over cement board?
What kind of stone? Interior or exterior? If interior, what room? Is the stone rough or has it been cut to tiles? Pretty broad question. Please provide more details.
Q:why does concrete block crumble but driveways and sidewalk do not? (cement and car relate question)?
use some bricks to support the car and the use of your jack and stands on bricks get a refrigerator box to slide on while working on the car ... much cheaper and less mess than concrete makings ...
Q:Paste and Advantages of Cement Pressure Plate
Advantages: fiber cement pressure plate as a new environmentally friendly building materials, in addition to the function of the traditional gypsum board, but also has excellent fire performance and moisture resistance, long life advantages, a large number of industrial and commercial applications in the ceiling ceiling and partition, home decoration , Furniture liner, billboard liner, ship compartment board, warehouse floor, network floor and tunnel and other indoor works of the wall.
Q:Is it really necessary to use cement board when placing tile on plywood, like for a table top?
keep in mind that although ceramic tile may be impervious to water and other fluids, the grout between the tile is not. if there is a chance that something will spill with any regularity it will get through the grout and you could end up with mold. this is not a situation into which you want to place your family. there is a product called tilebacker board which is available in 1/4 thickness. moisture will still get by the grout, but it will not be in contact with the wood structure which of course is organic.
Q:I would like to install hard wood floors, over cement floors.?
It can be a big job. You can use an engineered wood floor and glue it down (This is not like laminate more like plywood, the top layer is relatively thick and could be refinished years down the road if needed). First you have to make sure you don't have excessive moisture in the slab. Seal it if needed. I have a glue down hardwood floor my bedroom is 25+ years old and a few years ago did the rest of my house. It's fine. If you want to DIY do some reading about it first. Get a how to book on-line or at a home improvement center. It is certainly doable. The comment about access, regardless of your flooring choice ripping up the slab will obviously ruin the floor, so I don't think that is a consideration. Tile doesn't like being ripped up either.
Q:Light steel keel cement board is what
Light steel keel cement board refers to the light steel keel-based skeleton of the cement board.
Q:Why cant i ollie on cement?
it is because your rolling. you gotta stay over your board when you pop.keep your board under you kinda.it probably kinda weird at first going from grass to cement but keep trying or i will kick your face off.
Q:When tiling countertops, can you glue the tiles directly to the wood or do you need cement board?
it wud be good if u use cement boards! if u stick it to wood directly: 1) if termites come there will be a problem, 2) wood will eventually become weak!! there was a renovation at my house and cement boards were used on top of wood!! :)

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