High Quality Fiber Cement Board Asbestos Free Sheet

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

high quality fiber cement board asbestos free sheet
Fire resistant
Water resistant
Provides sound insulation


Product Advantages:

      (1) Easy to install and clear

      (2) Variety of colors and patterns or as your request

      (3) High intensity, resist erosion, auti aging

      (4) Fireproof, waterproof, environment friendly

      (5) High quality, good service and good price

      (6) Aesthetic and durable

       (7) Install in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens,schools,hotels, basements, garages and all other living areas.


Main Product Features:

2.Types of PVC Ceiling Panel we are producing:          

1)Glossy PVC Panel (most common type)

2)Sub-glossy PVC Panel (Natural surface handing)

3) High-glossy PVC Panel (high-light surface handling)

Product Specifications:

High Quality Fiber Cement Board Asbestos Free Sheet



High Quality Fiber Cement Board Asbestos Free Sheet

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Q:Cement board. recep, how can i make it myself?
Back in the old days(I'm an old man) they used lathe and plaster. They also used lathe and cement. Lathe and plaster with a cement coating.
Q:What is the easiest way to hang cement board in a bathroom which will be tiled?
the same way we hung Saddam..
Q:What is the fiber used for cement foaming?
Polypropylene staple fibers are chemically stable and only rely on changing the physical structure of concrete to improve the performance of concrete, which does not itself undergo any chemical reactions. With the concrete aggregate, admixture, admixture of cement mixed with its chemical and physical properties and stability, and good compatibility with the concrete material.
Q:How do I remove cement board that has been screwed into and bonded with thinset to wooden subfloor?
Laminate sucks, but why don't you put it on top of the tile, or on top of the backer board?
Q:what 2 use on cement board as a thin coat? I am not going 2 put tile on just want a textured cement look?
If water is going to be drenching it constantly it will peel.
Q:What is the best fixation screw in the cement board?
A glue B glue ratio of about 1: 1 (strong glue directly), after mixing the binder should be used within 5 to 6 hours (temperature is about 20 degrees).
Q:Can I use 1/2 cement board over 1/2 plywood subfloor?
you could do that and MAYBE not have a problem. but if it was me, the 1/2 would come out and 3/4 would replace it. i have done a few jobs for people that dont want to replace the 1/2 and didn't have any problems with the tile or grout lines cracking. its just up to you really. if there is ANY give at all on you floor right now, id replace the 1/2.
Q:over the bath tub is durock cement board enough by itself,or it has to be something else under durock...?
There has to be done more then that. 1st I would check your local codes 1st some say yes some say no. But when you have the wall apart you should insulate and put plastic up. This will do a few things It will deadin the sound and if you ever put in a steamer or anything else the walls will be preped. Plus doing this will not cost you much at all. Maybe 100bucks if that. Its much better to do it now then later Plus if you sell your house Its a good thig to say. Hey if you want to do this or that The walls are ready for whatever you want to do. Im a Plumber for 20yrs and everytime I run into this and I tell them sorry I cant put in a steamer or other things cuz it aint up tp code and so on. So take the extra time and money and do it correct. If you just want to doit quick and not care then use d-rock make sure you do the seams and the CORRECT SCREWS!!! Goodluck
Q:Can v board be glued directly on the wall?
In the wall covered with a grass-roots level, commonly used is 3MM plywood, woodworking board, a good point is the fire glass magnesium board. With nails to nail them on the wall, and with a sandpaper to clean the board.
Q:Performance of fiber cement pressure plate
Safe and harmless: non-toxic, non-radioactive, in line with national "building materials radioactive protection standards"

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