High quality Eurpean style sofa with great price CMAX-14

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China main port
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5 pc
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2000 pc/month

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Product Description:


1. Attractive design of  european style leather sofa  

2. Mature experience makes them comfortable, elegant and endurable

3. Easy to assemble and maintain modern bedroom  furniture 

4. Competitive price and consistent quality

5. Rich color for your choice 

6. Accept 1pcs as sample order

7. Flexible size can be offered

8. OEM/ODM orders are welcomed

9. A wonderful team with the same direction, patient, diligent, inventive and enthusiastic

Specification of european sofa   :



1).Dried and fumigated solid wood for the bed frame

2).Headboard be made of the fabric, this bed also can be made of leather ,PU as you like

3)Hardboard inner with height density and high resilience sponge


(A) as our sample

(B))according to the customer's request

Available Finishes & Colors:

Please contact with our sales team for more options

QC & Inspection:  

 High resolution photos would be forwarded to you during and after the production

Terms of payment:

T/T. 50% in advance, Deposit against loading.


Shipping Mark:

Your logo, contact info and product details are OK


Standard export cartons

Shipping & Logistics:

Via ocean, air, courier and etc.

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