High quality Eurpean style sofa with great price CMAX-11

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China main port
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5 pc
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2000 pc/month

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Product Description:


1. Attractive design of  european style leather sofa  

2. Mature experience makes them comfortable, elegant and endurable

3. Easy to assemble and maintain modern bedroom  furniture 

4. Competitive price and consistent quality

5. Rich color for your choice 

6. Accept 1pcs as sample order

7. Flexible size can be offered

8. OEM/ODM orders are welcomed

9. A wonderful team with the same direction, patient, diligent, inventive and enthusiastic

Specification of european sofa   :



1).Dried and fumigated solid wood for the bed frame

2).Headboard be made of the fabric, this bed also can be made of leather ,PU as you like

3)Hardboard inner with height density and high resilience sponge


(A) as our sample

(B))according to the customer's request

Available Finishes & Colors:

Please contact with our sales team for more options

QC & Inspection:  

 High resolution photos would be forwarded to you during and after the production

Terms of payment:

T/T. 50% in advance, Deposit against loading.


Shipping Mark:

Your logo, contact info and product details are OK


Standard export cartons

Shipping & Logistics:

Via ocean, air, courier and etc.

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Q:Custom wardrobe is a particle board, multilayer board, finger board, as well as solid wood board, which is good?
Large core board is a plywood with solid wood core, its vertical (to the core plate to distinguish), bending strength is poor, but the lateral flexural compressive strength is higher. Now most of the market is solid, glue, double sanding, five - layer blockboard, is currently in the decoration of one of the most commonly used plate. Advantage:A, blockboard grip screws, high strength, with hard, sound absorption, insulation characteristics, blockboard moisture content is not high, simple processing in 10% - 13%, and used for furniture, doors and windows, and set off, false wall, heating cover, curtain box, use the most widely.B, because the internal is solid wood, so the requirements of processing equipment is not high, convenient site construction
Q:Wardrobe back and cabinet back is generally how to deal with it, ah, do not have to brush the wall?
Behind the wall wardrobe to be processed, putty scraping can be, but there's no need to brush metope paint or wallpaper what the wardrobe without ground floor, first floor with cabinets, cabinets if fell on the floor, the floor below there is usually a gap, a long time easy to shake, affect the cabinet stability. The kitchen, suggest looking for professional ambry store customized cabinets installed, to find their own wood cabinets do first cost than custom must be high, and do not reach their craft, the wall tile paste finished, then go to the store cupboard to the scene size, then according to the actual situation of custom installation.
Q:What is the design size of an open closet?
Inside the open wardrobe, there are clothes hanging area, pants hanging area, stacked area, storage area, drawers and so on.(1) open wardrobe size of hanging clothing area;The clothes hanging area is divided into two districts, hang your coat jacket, jacket, suit the minimum requirement size to the height of the 800mm, you can make full use of space, not less than the height of the 1300mm coat.(2) size of open wardrobe and pants area;If you use the chest pants, space size in the 650mm, if it is hanging, keep at least 700mm, a clothes hanging rod according to the height between the upper panel in 40-60mm between the standard to take in the wardrobe size or depth, distance is too short, after the dress would be more trouble, the distance is too long, and a waste of space.(3) size of folding area of open wardrobe;The folded area is mainly a storage area for folding clothes and other storage areas for small items. The clothes are folded width, the size of the cabinet in the design of width between 330-400mm, a height of not less than 350mm, plate and the plate spacing between 400-600mm, is too small and are not convenient for placing clothes.(4) dimensions of drawers for open closetsThe size of the drawer height is between 150-200mm, the width is between 400-800mm, the drawer and the ground spacing is better than 1250mm, especially the old people use more should consider in 1000mm or so, easy to use.
Q:Oxford cloth steel pipe wardrobe, assembled steel pipe, how to step up?
Canvas is the best, followed by Oxford cloth and polyester cotton, polyester cotton is also divided into glue and thickening, and the cheapest is non-woven. General non-woven fabrics for more than a year on the aging, with a hand poke on the broken.
Q:What is the size of 4 doors of ordinary solid wood?
The wardrobe door size, first look at the width of the closet door, door width about 450-600mm, decided to watch specific numbers, the sliding door size between 600-800mm; design of folding door size, should pay attention to the bearing capacity of the hinge of the door, the size is not too wide, the door is too heavy. The height of the flat door is between 2200~2400mm. More than 2400mm, the top cabinet can be designed. The size of the sliding door is the same as the size of the flat door. It is important to pay attention to the bearing capacity of the wardrobe door when choosing the size.
Q:What kind of material does the wardrobe panel have besides wood grain?
Moisture-proof board, that is, in the particleboard substrate added a certain proportion of moisture particles, the expansion of water can be greatly reduced plate.AdvantageIn addition to the advantages of particleboard, there is another outstanding advantage is moisture. However, it should be noted that the moisture barrier and ordinary particleboard soaked in water, the expansion rate is the same, the so-called moisture only for the moisture in the air has a role.shortcomingParticleboard all the disadvantages of moisture board are there.
Q:Wardrobe moldy, there are bugs, how to do?
Maintenance method1, we must always keep the door clean, rail can not be debris, dust, lest damage the track.2, avoid heavy objects hit rail, to avoid scratching the cabinet and door panels,3, often open air, or regular use of desiccant, lest cabinet, clothes damp in the room air or bacteria; the weather is too wet, please regularly open the doors and windows for ventilation and placed in the closet corner packet dry lime or other seasonings, prevent mildew and deformation of cabinet and the door.4, wooden wardrobe at ordinary times should use wring dry water cloth to wipe, keep clean, lest produce insect.5, regularly add grease to the pulley, so as not to use inconvenient, and make a harsh sound.
Q:Solid wood particle board and MDF wardrobe, which is better?
Is MDF MDF, it is wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, after the break, fiber separation, drying after applying urea formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive, a man-made sheet made by hot pressing.Advantages: fine material quality, cutting edge seal is good, not easy to open. Easy to squeeze into a variety of shapes, easy to do modeling, so usually do more door panels or backplane.Disadvantages: because the substrate is powder based material, the use of glue more than the particle board, more prone to environmental problems. Secondly, the content of MDF glue, the internal structure of the space is little, moisture resistance is poor, put a piece of density for 24 hours in the water, more than ten hours later it was obvious tilt up four density board, deformation.
Q:How to Shierju wardrobe quality?
Look at the edge, the edge of the good or bad determines how environmentally friendly, edge banding should be thick enough, edge banding and plate core to be tight, smooth transition, color and texture should be symmetrical!
Q:How to wet the wardrobe?
Moisture-proof moisture absorption box wardrobe dehumidification necessary gadgets. Common moisture absorbent products on the market are generally made of calcium chloride particles as the main content, and most of them also add flavor components, so they incorporate dehumidification, aroma, mildew resistance, deodorization and other functions into one. The moisture absorption box is mostly used for the moisture absorption of the wardrobe and the shoe cabinet. When you use it, just put it in the cabinet.Moisture absorption package airtight space, the best effect. Principle and moisture absorption packet box similar, but the contents to the main water absorbent resin to absorb the moisture, it becomes jelly like, not easy to fall. The scope of use is also more extensive, in addition to clothing, leather goods, stamps, cameras, pianos, computers, video and so on, you can find it to help dehumidification. If placed in confined spaces, the moisture absorption effect is better.

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