High quality Eurpean style sofa with great price CMAX-02

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China main port
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5 pc
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2000 pc/month

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Product Description:


1. Attractive design of  european style leather sofa  

2. Mature experience makes them comfortable, elegant and endurable

3. Easy to assemble and maintain modern bedroom  furniture 

4. Competitive price and consistent quality

5. Rich color for your choice 

6. Accept 1pcs as sample order

7. Flexible size can be offered

8. OEM/ODM orders are welcomed

9. A wonderful team with the same direction, patient, diligent, inventive and enthusiastic

Specification of european sofa   :



1).Dried and fumigated solid wood for the bed frame

2).Headboard be made of the fabric, this bed also can be made of leather ,PU as you like

3)Hardboard inner with height density and high resilience sponge


(A) as our sample

(B))according to the customer's request

Available Finishes & Colors:

Please contact with our sales team for more options

QC & Inspection:  

 High resolution photos would be forwarded to you during and after the production

Terms of payment:

T/T. 50% in advance, Deposit against loading.


Shipping Mark:

Your logo, contact info and product details are OK


Standard export cartons

Shipping & Logistics:

Via ocean, air, courier and etc.

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Q:Ask the cloth closet what are the good brands?
No matter what kind of wardrobe, wardrobe choice should focus on the following aspects. The first is the sheet metal, the second is the edge banding, the third is hardware, and the fourth is the after sale. The board includes the quality of the board and the environmental protection of the board. Plate and solid wood and board, solid wood needless to say, the key is that you can withstand the price of real wood, plate type, and now the domestic high-end furniture are medium density fiberboard. Environmental protection, the highest level of environmental protection is E1 class, formaldehyde emissions can not exceed 1.5MG/L, when buying, we should pay attention to distinguish.
Q:What is the whole wardrobe good material?
Multilayer solid wood splint is the best price performance of environmental protection waterproof waterproof performance best according to the calculation of the unwrapped area about 200 yuan a square meter of particleboard and MDF materials cheaper according to the calculation of the unwrapped area around 140 yuan a square meter, wet weather in Guangzhou plate is the most suitable multi-layer solid wood splint
Q:What color is good in the wardrobe?
All-match style: often see black and white decoration style, but with white decoration. This is a single color, solid color point. Choose similar colors, and can distinguish between the floor and wardrobe of the same color color. Pastoral style: the style of cloth in rural style is very important, so the color of the floor should be pure, and the wardrobe is mainly based on color.
Q:What is the depth of the wardrobe? How high is it?
The height of the hanging coat is 140 centimeters, enough to use;The practice shows that the height of the robe hanging length less than 140 cm, 130 cm long down jacket, suit storage is 120 centimeters long after bagging. With the storage space is different, hanging space to stay more is also extravagant.
Q:What's the size of a wardrobe?
A door width is generally about 50CM, the thickness of the wardrobe is generally about 53CM, the height of a closet is usually 2M-2.3M, that is to say a height of 2 meters of the four door wardrobe volume is about 2M*0.53*0.5*4=2.12 cubic. Hope to be of help to you
Q:What about a lot of white powder in the closet?
Probably due to dampness, mildew, and in my wardrobe
Q:Do you use the eco board or the big core board for the wardrobe?
Blockboard, commonly known as large core board, wood core board, carpentry board, is composed of two pieces of veneer in the middle of glue pressure splicing boards. The total thickness of the double side adhesive plate allonge Blockboard not less than 3mm. All kinds of blockboard corner defects, within the nominal width of not more than 5mm, the length shall not be greater than 20mm. The middle wood board is made of high quality natural wood board and processed by heat treatment (that is drying room drying). It is processed into a certain specification wood bar, which is spliced by a splicing machine. Two pieces of high-quality veneers are covered on both sides of the spliced wooden board, and then pressed by the cold and hot press..
Q:What about the door and the door of the sliding door?
Solution one:Buy a "4 mm six angle wrench", hardware stores have. On the sinking side, clockwise rotation is started and counterclockwise is falling.Solution two:There is another way to get a "locator" stuck in the chute (specific usage at a glance) locator not expensive 5 hair a, (although that is the positioner is actually a piece of streamlined plastic sheet) sliding store sale.
Q:Should I pay attention to the size of the wardrobe? How big is it?
When installation should pay attention to the clothes hanging rod and the hanging rod must be taken in the actual internal standard wardrobe into the deep, and the distance above the board must have only 4 to 6 cm distance, the size must be satisfied, because the distance is too short, then put the clothes rack will be more laborious; the distance is too long, and a waste of space. Hanging clothes bar also belongs to hardware series, it is recommended that we do not cheap. Well, both sides of the clothes hanger need screws to fix the ends.
Q:What about the sliding door of the wardrobe?
Listen to the pulley, track, sound, wardrobe, sliding door, there are two groups of pulleys. The main function of the upper pulley is because it is installed on the top of the sliding door, so many consumers ignore it when they buy it, so the quality problems of the common wardrobe door all appear here. The upper pulley structure of the wardrobe door is relatively complex, with bearings inside, as well as aluminum blocks. The two wheels are fixed so that it can keep the direction of sliding smoothly, and almost no noise. If consumers in the purchase, found that sliding doors easy to shake, and push and pull, sliding noise, so that it is better not to buy such a sliding door. When it comes to sliding smooth, many consumers may be misunderstood, is it sliding door in the sliding process, the more slippery the better, but in fact it is not. High quality sliding doors are smooth, smooth and free of vibration during sliding.

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