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Product Description:

Led downlight
 Description  :
1.Unique structure ensure optimal cooling effect and light effect;
2.Significant energy-saving ,flexible color difference control system,ensure single persistance of light and color;
3.Aluminum alloy housing,ensure high-end and gorgeous product with beautiful design;
4.Transparent and frosted glass cover for option,indent shape of glass to reach anti-glare effect;
5.Reflection cup with metal luster to improve light effect and uniformity;
6.Lifetime reach 50,000 hours.

 Features of the LED recessed downlight :
1.Adopt aluminum alloy as material ,die-casting process,high-end and gorgeous;
2.Unique appearance,beautiful design and gorgeous;
3.Excellent thermal management to ensure long lifetime of LED;
4.External power supplier,ensure lifetime of power supply and LEDS
5.High efficient and energy-saving LED driver.

Input voltage:85-265(V),CCT:3000/6000(K),LED qty:24,materials:Aluminum,light color:warm white,pure white,cold white,natural white,Lumen:900-1050(LM)Size:185*68MM(mm),Weight:240(g),Angle:180(degree),Power:12(W),Hole size:Φ140MM,RA:>80,Lifespan:30000(H),Seal:SMD,.Specification:1.2”downlight(Φ70) ——Φ90×100H;2.2.5”downlight(Φ80) ——Φ102×100H;3.3”downlight(Φ90) ——Φ115×100H;4.3.5”downlight(Φ100) ——Φ125×100H;5.4”downlight(Φ125 ) ——Φ145×100H;2..Light Source:E27-10W-40W,light source :E27-10W-40W三.Materials:Steel、Zinc Alloy、Aluminum Alloy Project Application一. Downlight Specification:1.3”downlight(Φ90) ——Φ115×120H;2.3.5”downlight(Φ100) ——Φ130×140H;3.4”downlight(Φ125) ——Φ145×150H;4.5”downlight(Φ140) ——Φ165×175H;5.6”downlight(Φ170 ) ——Φ195×195H;6.8”downlight(Φ210) ——Φ235×225H;7.10”downlight(Φ260 ) ——Φ285×260H;二.Light Source:E27-10W-40W,light source :E27-10W-40W,三.Materials: Steel Aluminum

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Q:How to judge the quality of LED downlight
No professional instruments, only to see the brightness drive, the size of the work chip ~!
Q:Turn off the lights after the bright LED lamp
The choice of switching error, with indicator light (excluding fluorescent) switch is not suitable to control like small power LED energy saving lamp load, because the load current through the indicator light through to the small power is not already small. A resistor of several hundred K in parallel with the ends of the load can be improved, or the indicator light can be changed directly, and the indicating lamp for canceling the switch can also be improved.
Q:The opening 7, 5 cm height of the LED lamp, home decoration into the floor with fear of hydrochlorothiazide
Suggest you go to Taobao search, you say the kind of description, there are all attributes. Because you say too many varieties, I don't know what you're talking about
Q:Led downlight can light panel directly with intelligent dimming Mody?
The lights can only be switched on, because the way LED works is different from ordinary incandescent lamps, and dimming panels designed for incandescent lamps cannot hold LED. If you are using the lamp holder and driving split LED light, you can choose an output voltage, current, the same, to support dimming drive to replace the original driver, in order to achieve dimming
Q:7 square feet of aisle to install 3 LED downlight, how much w led downlight
The three three watt brightness is enough, and the five watt is a bit wasted
Q:How to choose the right LED downlight
Understand the lamp brand and packageEffect: lighting lamp lamp quality, packaging process influence quality, key factors such as heat dissipation lamp. The United States, Taiwan LED chip chip chip, domestic chip etc.. Different brands, the price difference is large,Lighting effects vary widely. The light source used by our company is all internationally famous brand light source.
Q:Know the LED lamp wattage
No, let me see. How do you know?The term "power" is called.
Q:How many good color family LED downlight
It depends on personal preference, but there are some samples
Q:How much is the general 15WLED lamp luminous flux.
Of course, can also use 30142835 beads to do warm (below 4000K temperature) will be low, cool (above 6000K temperature) will be higher
Q:Led downlight and LED flat lamp that is durable
The same power cases are led lights, the length of life depends on his cooling conditions, the better the heat dissipation, and its life is relatively longer

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