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  • Natural Dolomite Stones

    Offering DOLOMITE: Gr-I: Sio2:0.40% CaO:23.03%; Mgo:19.19%; Al2o3:0.43%;Gr-II: Sio2:0.5%; Cao:45.08%; Mgo:9.1%;Gr-III: Sio2:1.21%; Cao:44.35%; Mgo:9.09%; Al2o3:0.31%.We can supply all sizes required by the customer.At present we are supplying to various parts of world. We want prospective buyers.

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Q:Where are the main dolomite producing areas in China?
The rest of the world is the main origin of dolomite in Switzerland and south shore after a mention Luo, meaning Dalipimengte birds of northern England and Mexico, he pulled the Guana Hua tuo. The United States produced in the Missouri region joplin.
Q:Which is more expensive, calcite or dolomite?
But they are usually white or colorless. Colorless and transparent calcite also called Iceland, the calcite has a wonderful characteristic is, through which you can see a double image object.
Q:What are the causes of limestone and dolomite?
Limestone is a composition containing calcite single rock, calcite components accounted for 95%, which contains a small amount of minerals and clay minerals, siderite, dolomite, quartz, feldspar, mica and can reflect the color of the stone. The limestone, which is pure in composition, is white. Limonite and siderite give limestone a tan pattern and color, such as blood red, sea green, chlorite green, asphalt ash, and black.
Q:Why, in the process of calcination of dolomite bonding than magnesite. "
During sintering, dolomite Ca becomes CaO after burning, while CaO and MgO are cross-linked and agglomerated more easilyThe magnesite in after burning, CO2 will become very fluffy ran out of the material, and not easy to agglomerate
Q:The distinction and protection of dolomite
The problem formulation is not clear, and the concept of fuzzy problem is too general, because, who also don't know what questions are asked from dolomite and who, as well as the protection of what dolomite (itself is only a mineral name, but the name itself and does not need protection);
Q:Dolomite belongs to magnesium products? What's the nearest quotation for dolomite?
Dolomite mine has dolomite stone, dolomite powder, as well as light burned dolomite, the price varies.
Q:Can dolomite take quartz as a sheet?
But its hardness is low, cannot replace the quartz stone with very high hardness.
Q:How many years would it take for dolomite and quartz to crystallize Cheng Yushi?
Quartz is one of silicon oxide species, its chemical composition is mainly SiO, the three party system. Translucent or opaque crystal; containing impurities in different colors, colorless and transparent crystal called crystal, Ru Shiying white, pale red called Rose Quartz, Amethyst purple or purple gem said Britain, Tan said the smoky quartz, Citrine, green and black is called the emerald, smoky quartz. Pure quartz can make a certain wavelength range of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared light through, optically active, piezoelectric and electrostrictive properties.The complete production in the rock crystal quartz geode, massive ore veins produced in the heat, granular is an important part of granite, gneiss and sandstone and other rocks.The number more than 2 is the continental crust of quartz ore, after feldspar, hard texture, is the main component of granite. Is a variant of the only stable under normal temperature and pressure SiO ten natural isomers.Quartz has many varieties, which change through the earth's crust and form a small amount of precious stones. Especially in Europe and the Middle East, quartz has been widely used for jewelry and hard stone carving since ancient times.
Q:Calcite, marble, dolomite, marble how to distinguish?
Dolomite ores are mainly composed of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. This stone appears in appearance is very close to the limestone, in fact, found in the limestone deposits of the area, will often find dolomite. Most dolomite deposits contain a certain proportion of limestone. The important basis for distinguishing dolomite is that dolomite content of rock is no less than 50%. In addition, dolomite is porous stone. Dolomite is more sensitive to acid than chemical composition of dolomite.
Q:What is the use of dolomite?
The molecular formula of dolomite is CaCO3 and MgCO 3. Theoretical components: CaO 30.4%, MgO 21.9%, and CO2 47.7%. Often contain silicon, aluminum, iron, titanium and other impurities.
We have mastered our profession and have deep understanding of the market as well as the various processes which are engaged in extraction of these minerals. All these minerals are extracted on the basis of geographical location, climatic conditions as well as soil. The vermiculite is mined and refined using a variety of techniques and supplied commercially in a range of particle size grades of vermiculite concentrate. We have a clear understanding of the industry and the market where our minerals find their usage.

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