high quality china collapsable decorative steel door

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China (Mainland)
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Security Doors
Door Material:
Stainless Steel
14 patent style for your choose:
colours as your demand
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lowest price
stainless steel material:
remote controlled
CE and ISO 9001 certificate:
one years guarantee
Special Function:
Product Material:
Steel,Stainless Steel
Screen Netting Material:
Stainless Steel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:MDF box and angle steel frames
Delivery Detail:15 days after the balance


1opening way: remote control
2 material;stainless steel
3 high quality with competitive price
4 experienced on OEM

The technical parameter of CMAX  extension door body:

1.Type of guiding track:  trackless, single track

2.The drive mechanism is used Intelligent AC Head Unit, intelligent digital navigation technology,

trackless and automatic skew correction (optional)

3. The unique infrared collision avoidance system ensures safety of passengers and vehicles

4.Gate vice part material is high strength Alalloy and the hole is punching pressed by professional ironware mould with PA  wear sets, everyone of which also includes stainless steel pad to avoid friction or noise. Door-Axis core material is φ16*1.0mm pure stainless steel with black plastic tube outside to make it beautiful but practical.

5.The material is high strength cataphoresis stainless steel, which can effectively prevent the extension from rust corrosion.Anti-wind device ensure that the gate can resist the stack of strong wind

6. Increasing safety and reliability of system operation through whole-digit circuit control

7.Electronic soft starter and mechanical buffer device ensures smooth run.

8.There are fixed character and rolling display on LED screen and any 500 digits can be input to show

The technical parameter of CMAX extension door motor:

Light style motors Characteristics:

1. Beautiful appearance, big startup power, easy operation, steady operation, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Working under low voltage (normally, 220V), the output power is more than 50% when voltage is 180V.

3. The temperature protector is set inside the motor (when the temperature exceeds the high point and the protector will stop the motor working automatically to protect the machine).

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Q:What is the benefit of the revolving door?
Reduce the indoor air circulation warm
Q:on a 2004 dodge 2500 ram are the automatic door locks inter connected with the pdc,pcm, or data link?
Does this truck have an o.e.m alarm? if so, it fairly is area of that gadget. the different threat is that there is a caught or undesirable door lock swap that's sending the incorrect sign to the pc (ctm) to fasten the doors.
Q:Automatic garage door problem.?
Probably due to expansion or in this case contraction of the frame of your garage or heaving of the foundation. If you adjust(reduce) the travel in the opener a little at a time you will probably fix the problem. I usually have to make a small adjustment on one of mine every winter. Not as likely, but check to make sure none of the rollers are binding on the track. This will also cause resistant prompting the door to reopen.
Q:The door of the automatic door is not a robot
Not a robot, that is, optoelectronic control of the automatic device.
Q:My car's automatic door locks keep sporatically locking themselves whether the cars on or off..?
my mothers '92 Saturn does this,on those you have to pull the outer panels off to get at the electrical controls & such, rather a pain so i pulled the fuse, moisture is the culprit, it's just a long slow process to find it , pull and dry all the connections and slap di-electric grease on them when reassembling, that should help.
Q:car alarms giving automatic door lock function?
If it is a factory alarm you will need to call honda. There is no such thing as a basic car alarm. That would be like a basic car, they are all different made by different companies. Find out who made yours to find your answer.
Q:Glass automatic door sensor no one is also moving when it is going on.
The sensor is too sensitive, there is little movement will be sensed, our company's alarm is also sometimes, sometimes a fly in the above will ring the alarm
Q:District automatic door project
Here the main recommendation pull arm type outdoor door machine, the reason is very simple, pull arm type longer life, installation and maintenance is also more simple! Foreign brands are relatively high prices, generally 6000 start, some brands to more than 10,000, the domestic brand product technology content is relatively low, only Anne (ANNY) electric door opener is the use of European servo control technology, the price of 3000-5000 or so The The first generation of open-loop control, the price is generally around 1500), features are: open door uniform acceleration, close the door slowdown of the buffer function, the event will automatically avoid the barrier Pedestrians, fire can be linked, the fire is automatically open or closed, both when the fire door and when the escape channel. The price is generally between 2000-4000,
Q:On the principle of induction of automatic doors
Automatic door sensor, probe is the eyes of the automatic door control system, sensor sensors through the induction sensor to the pedestrian or moving objects, this signal into a passive dry contact short-circuit signal transmission to the automatic door controller, in order to achieve automatic door open . Automatic door sensor classification: common sensor according to the principle is divided into two categories, one for the microwave sensor, one for the infrared sensor. According to the sensor distance can be divided into: convenience store popular sensors, long distance sensors. According to the appearance and installation location is divided into: conventional sensors, ceiling sensors, etc. Microwave sensor principle: based on a unique microwave transmission technology, the ultra-thin antenna can achieve a variety of spectrum;
Q:Why does my automatic garage door open so slowly?
Well, the Genie openers are designed to open at 7 per second, so a standard door (7') will open in a little more than ten seconds. The 1024 has a soft-start feature which opens the door more slowly at first, then speeds up to normal. It could be that yours is stuck in the soft mode. If that's the problem, I can't tell you how to fix it, but a serviceman could (if no one here can explain it). If it's a problem with the motor, you'll have to resort to the guarantee (they offer a lifetime warranty on the motor and gear assembly), and lots of time communicating with them. Good Luck

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