High Quality Calcium Hydroxide Powder Hydrated Lime

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Product Description:


1. Name: Hydrated Lime
2. Origin: Pakistan
3. Type: Hydrated Lime
4. Shape: Power
5. Raw Material: Limestone

Product Type:

  1. Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

  2. Hydrated Lime (Calcium Hydroxide/ Slaked Lime)

  3. Quick Lime

  4. Lime stone

  5. Iron Ore

  6. Gypsum

  7. Barite

  8. Quartz

  9. Silica sand

  10. Feldspar

High Quality Calcium Hydroxide Powder Hydrated Lime:

Manufacturers of high quality Hydrated Lime also called Calcium Hydroxide having purity 95- 98%.

Hydrated Lime traditionally Slaked Lime, is an inorganic compound with the formula Ca (OH) 2. It is free flowing fine powder and is obtained when calcium oxide is reacted or slaked with water in stoichiometry quantity. It has many names including Calcium Hydroxide, Builders lime, slack lime, pickling lime or lime powder etc.

Hydrated Lime Specifications

Physical appearance : White

Hydrated Lime Ca(OH)2 : 95- 98%


25, 40, 50, 100 kg pp woven bag with liner inside / pp woven laminated or as required by customer.

Major Applications:

•Water and Effluent treatment

•Food Industry like Sugar, Dairy, Glue and gelatin, Baking Industry, Fruit and vegetables etc

•Petroleum refining industry

•Leather industry

•Paper and pulp industry

•Road construction- Soil stabilization and in Asphalt plant

•An ingredient in mortar, whitewash and plaster

•In the chemical industry for the manufacture of calcium stearate

•Flue gas desulfurization (FGD), for air pollution control. Lime is used to remove acidic gases, particularly sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen chloride (HCL), NOx

•In manufacturing of steel products. In wire drawing, as a lubricant as the steel rods or wires are drawn through dies, in pig and slag casting.

•Non ferrous metal applications.

•For PH control

•Manufacturing of bleaching powder

•In various calcium compounds

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Q:I have been very confused, baking soda and edible alkali surface is the same thing?
Edible alkali is steamed bread, used in the kitchen to do the point, generally have to use baking soda, can be used to point of the fluffy.
Q:How to see the whole bread of the alkali alkali small
Sniffing Such as the smell of the dough, indicating that the alkali is placed properly. (4) catch. Hand dough, such as dough sinking, inelastic, that the alkali put more; if not sticky, nor sink, and there is a certain flexibility, that alkali is just right. (5) taste. Will be rubbing the base of the dough to pull a little bit into the mouth taste, if the sour that alkali less; if the alkali astringent taste, that the alkali put more; if you feel sweet, that is, alkali is appropriate The
Q:Is the base and baking soda the same substance?
Alkali and baking soda is not the same definition, white horse is a horse, but the horse is not necessarily white horse, baking soda is alkali, alkali including baking soda
Q:What are the characteristics of the composition of the base?
Metal ions and hydroxide ions
Q:What is alkali active aggregate?
The active aggregate is the active mineral fine admixture can promote the cement hydration product further transformation, improve the hardened concrete pore structure, improve the concrete compact performance
Q:Are there any side effects of edible alkali?
The shortcomings of alkali is the food in the vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin C has a strong destructive effect, and will affect the body of certain minerals absorption and utilization, and therefore can not be abused.
Q:What is the role of alkaline powder
In addition to medicinal function, alkaline powder also has a strong decontamination function. I brought a cup full of dirt, rinse with water, and then rubbed and rubbed by hand, but the dirt or tightly stick the cup. I add detergent, but also hard to rub, or stubborn dirt still still motionless. I sprinkled with alkaline powder, rubbing the side of the water gently rubbing the cup, those dirt seems to be afraid of alkaline powder like all fled, and soon the cup becomes smooth as new!
Q:Why does not the base noodles rub?
Yes, you are not practicing
Q:What is the harm to the human body?
Almost no harm, accidentally get the body, with water; with a small amount of dilute sulfuric acid wash on the line, do not worry to the hospital point of medicine, half of nothing
Q:How to go to the base of the teapot
With a rinse rinse just fine

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