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1 New product high purity calcium carbide CaC2 7--15mm
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Q:Model of grinding carbide wheel sheet
I. model:Generally, diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding carbide, and diamond grinding wheels are usually divided into diamond size. Model 400 is fine.Two. Brief introduction of grinding wheel:Also called consolidation abrasives, grinding wheels are bonded by the bond of ordinary Abrasives into a certain shape (most round, central through hole), and has a certain strength of the consolidation of abrasives. It is generally made up of abrasives, binders and pores. These three parts are often called the three elements of the bonded abrasives. In accordance with the different classification of binders, there are common ceramic (bond) grinding wheel, resin (bond) grinding wheel, rubber (bond) grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is one of the largest amount of abrasives, widely used, when using high-speed rotation can be cylindrical, metal or nonmetal workpiece inner circle, plane and various surface of rough grinding, semi fine grinding and fine grinding and notching and cutting etc..
Q:What is the difference between the production process of ferrous powder metallurgy and cemented carbide?
In 1890, the invention of tungsten powder, made by powder metallurgy, in the United States, laid the foundation of modern powder metallurgy. Around 1910, it has been made by powder metallurgy method of tungsten and molybdenum products, hard alloy, bronze bearings, porous filters, brush set, and gradually formed a complete set of powder metallurgy technology. In 1930s, after the advent of the vortex grinding iron powder and the carbon reduced iron powder, the iron based mechanical parts made by powder metallurgy have gained rapid development.
Q:Import all carbide drill bit, mainly those brands
Good (maford), Kenna, Thomas, di tex, Sandvik, guhring general in the domestic production, the performance of discount.Now on the market is generally a bit alloy steel material whole bit, although the materials are the same, but due to the processing technology, various brands of product quality disparity. Imported and domestic alloy drills are also very different.Imported alloy bit usually adopts VHM micro grain hard alloy (ISO K40), the type of ultrafine particles (0.6 m) in the application of high performance drill and ordinary milling machine, the hardness and toughness of the ideal together.Take high quality alloy bit surface coating, such as chromium aluminum nitride (AlCrN) coating, the coating layer of coating, the thickness of 4 m, the micro hardness is up to 3200HV, the friction coefficient of 0.35, thermal stability up to 1100 degrees celsius. After coating, the drill color is bluish gray.After coating, the alloy drill can process low alloy steel and high strength steel. High steel can reach 54HRC.
Q:What are the advantages of carbide V-CUT knives and diamond V-CUT knives?
Precision machining, high finish, sharp blade, machining V groove surface smoothness, no burr burr, greatly improve product quality.Polycrystalline diamond V-CUT knife is now used more and more, and its advantages are: hardness is higher than hard alloy, longer service life, especially in the CNC V-CUT Slitter, the use of good results.
Q:What is the consciousness of YG in YG cemented carbide?
The metal material in machining, hard alloy tool material are the two common categories. Mainly tungsten cobalt tungsten cobalt (YG) and titanium (YT). There are other brands in recent.
Q:What type of carbide is the most ductile?
Cemented carbide material with tungsten and cobalt carbide toughness is better, at present the carbide grade in the most toughness of YG15. The relation between cobalt content and toughness is shown below. It can be seen that cobalt content and 13%-16% toughness are the best. In this interval, only YG15 cobalt content is 15%.
Q:What kind of clamp blade should be used for hard alloy?
As long as the diamond can move the hard alloy, well go to China tungsten carbide technology network learning it!
Q:Classification of Cemented Carbides
1 tungsten cobalt carbide2, tungsten, titanium and cobalt carbide3, tungsten, titanium, tantalum (niobium) carbide
Q:What is a hard alloy mixture?
Is used to suppress the material, after the formation of reference materials after. Use with a variety of molding materials
Q:Carbide yk20? What do you mean?
Cemented carbides YK20, Y represent alloy categories - tungsten cobalt, K20 represents cobalt contentDensity g/cm3:14.30-14.60;The hardness of HRA is more than or equal to 86.5;The shear strength is greater than or equal to N/mm2:2350,Performance and usage: with high toughness and wear resistance, suitable for embedding percussive rotary drilling bit, drilling in hard and tight hard rock.

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