High Quality Black wire/Black iron wire/Black annealed wire

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Black wire/Black iron wire/Black annealed wire

1) product name: Black wire/Black iron wire/Black annealed wire 

2) introduction: annealed wire is one of the major products of our company, black annealed tie wire is made of iron wire, mainly used as tie wire or binding wire in construction. We can produce annealed wire ranges from SWG8-SWG22, customers orders are also acceptable.

3) Processing: low carbon steel wire through drawing then annezled.

4) Material: Low carbon wire rod, Q195

5) Wire diameter: BWG8BWG22

6) Tensile strength: 350mpa-380mpa

7)Package:   small coil:  5Kg/coil  plastic film inside and Hessian woven outside


                    Spool:   in max paper, then put into box, 3.5lbs/coil, 20coil/box,


                24box/pallet, 48box/pallet


8) Deliver time: according to the quantity

      Gage No.       


















































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Q:16 gauge speaker wire with 4 gauge power wire?
recommended okorder.com/
Q:is copper wire an insulated wire?
You must use insulated wire.
Q:electrical wiring question....?
I don't think they would all be like that. Usually just exposed wires would be encased.
Q:need help with wiring deck?
Hey bro why dont you buy a wiring harness from best buy or OKorder it can cost u like 10 bucks or so and it will be alot easier to connect the head unit. That noise that u are hearing is the ground, that ground that u have is either no good enough or it is loose. Good Luck
Q:How do I connect CAT5 wire to a RJ45 wire?
Cat5 requires 4 wires (two pairs) - you cannot use old telephone wire. second, if the old phone was was 2 pair, you still could not use it. Cat5 is good to just over 300MHz. The old voice grade JK cable could not transfer data very fast. Just use the old phone wire as a pull. Connect a new run of Cat6 to the old wire and pull the new wire into place using the old wire as a pull string.
Q:What is a jumper wire?
Speaker wire is speaker wire. There's no difference between positive and negative wire except the markings on the jacket. If you're talking about the bridge wire when wiring a dual voice coil subwoofer in series, just use any piece of wire that's the same gauge as the wires between the other subwoofer terminals and the box terminals.
Q:Trying to wire up a toogle swithch for boat light. What wire go were?
take the ground wire from the battery and connect it to one of the wires on the light. Take the positive wire from the battery and connect it to one of the wires on the switch. Take the other wire from the switch and connect it to the other wire from the light. Check all your contacts to make sure there are good connections. If this does not work but the light goes on if you bypass the switch the switch must be bad.
Q:What is the current in the wire?
You need two basic equation: 1° Force acting on conductor in magnetic field: F = B I λ ..........(1) where B is magnetic field (also called magnetic induction) I is current λ is length of wire 2° Magnetic field near straight wire carrying current I B = μo I / (2πd) ..........(2) where d is distance from the wire μo is the magnetic permeability constant of vacuum (approx. same for air) μo= 4π*10^-7 Tm/A When there are two parallel wires on distance d carrying currents I1 and I2, each of them produce magnetic field causing forces acting on wires. Magnetic field from second wire creates force on first wire: F1 = B2 * I1 * λ Magnetic field from first wire creates force on second wire: F2 = B1 * I2 * λ These forces are equal in magnitude: F = μo I1 I2 λ / (2πd) ..........(3) When currents flow in same direction forces are attractive, and for opposite direction forces are repulsive. When I1=I2, F = μo I² λ / (2πd) ..........(4) Each wire, suspended on strings, decline from vertical position for angle θ=15°/2 = 7.5°, so that the angle between the strings holding the two wires is 2θ=15°. We find F from condition of static equilibrium of torques (relative to point where strings are attached to ceiling): F L cos θ = G L sin θ ..........(5) where G is weight of wire; G = m'gλ where m' is the mass per unit of length of each wire. L is length of strings from (5) we get relation F = G tan θ ..........(6) or F = m' g λ tan θ ..........(7) and from (4) and (7) : μo I² λ / (2πd) = m' g λ tan θ ..........(8) λ on both sides cancels, and we find current I as I = √(2 π d m' g tan θ / μo) ..........(9) You didn't say if there was some initial distance between wires, so we'll assume they are suspended in same points. In that case d = 2L sinθ ..........(10) and finally I = 2 √(π L m' g sinθ tan θ / μo) ..........(11) I = √[1.2 * 0.05 * 9.81 * sin 7.5° * tan 7.5° / 10^-7 ] I = 318.034 A
Q:Hard Wire Installation?
Hard wire means it's not just plugged in. eg. using the cigarette lighter but instead is permanently wired in. All you need to do is wire the lights ground wire to any ground wire under the dash eg. ignition ground or radio ground ( wire will be black ) or directly to a screw that goes into any metal part of the chassis and wire the lights positive wire to either the accessory wire from your ignition (lights come on when car is on) or a constant power wire eg. radio power wire and wire in a toggle switch so you can turn the lights on or off at will.
Q:Physics AS: Tension in 2 wires.?
The horizontal tensions in the two wires must be equal. The vertical tensions must add to 2.8N. Let the tension in the wires be t1 and t2. t1 * sin(40) <== horizontal tension in wire 1 t1 * cos(40) <== vertical tension in wire 1 t2 * sin(60) <== vertical tension in wire 2 t2 * cos(60) <== horizontal tension in wire 2 t1^2 = (horizontal tension in wire 1)^2 + (vertical tension in wire 1)^2 t2^2 = (horizontal tension in wire 2)^2 + (vertical tension in wire 2)^2

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