High Quality Black Hard-drawn Wire

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China (Mainland)
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Loop Tie Wire
Baling Wire

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Packaging Detail:1-500kg/coil plastic inside and hassian outside/ weave outside.
Delivery Detail:depend on  amount


Hart-down wire.Raw material is wire rod. After shelling out a series of products and production processes.Use in builing.

Hard-drawn Wire

Ever since our inception, we are engaged in manufacturing an excellent array of Hard-drawn Wire. We make use of superior quality raw materials obtained from the certified vendors of the industry. Our manufactured range of Hard-drawn Wire is widely acclaimed for various distinguished features such as corrosion & chemical resistance, durability, sturdiness and high strength.

Technical Specifications

Technical SpecificationsUnitDescription
Product Standards
TS 2500 EN 10270
Raw Material Standards
TS 2348 EN 10016
Diametermm1.00 - 4.00
Tensile Strength/ClassN/mm21400 - 1810
Coil Weightkg100 - 750
Coil Inside DiametermmMin. 430
Coil Outside DiametermmMaks. 830
In Coils or with Cardboard Core
Bedding and Seating Manufacturers

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Q:ford wiring spec?
what okorder.com and go to the repair manual section.. Autozone has older (10 years or older) vehicle repair manuals online.. check it there as most include the wiring diagrams
Q:What gauge wire should be used in car wiring?
Why do you need to wire the stereo to the battery? Only thing you should have to wire directly to the battery is an amp. If you are wiring the amp to the battery I would say use a 4 gauge. Now, this depends on the rms of watts going to the amp, but 4 gauge is always a safe bet and give you room for growth in the future if you want to upgrade.
Q:do two 12 gauge wires combined equal 6 gauge wire?
Not effectivly but it will work. I strongly suggest that you upgrade your wiring to the proper gauge
Q:Pyle Audio Single Speaker Wire Trouble?
Wow. I haven't seen a car stereo with that style of wiring in 20 years. Their is no manual online so I am going to assume that it is setup the same as stereos made in the 1980's. You are correct, both left speaker positives go to the left channel wire and the same for the right side. All four speaker negatives go to the ground wire. That means a total of six wires being connected together ( ground from stereo, ground from car, four speaker negatives ).and the red goes to full time battery power. The pics I have seen do not show a yellow memory wire, so you will have to remember to turn the stereo off when you get out of the car. Or it will play til it runs the battery down. Also, you didn't say what kind of car you have, but if it's a modern car with fuel injection and a ECM, I would bet you are going to have ignition noise problems. It's one of the many reasons people stopped using common ground car stereos.
Q:Something that can convert RCA to speaker wire?
do not use speaker wire for the turntable preamp!! use RCA cables. speaker wire is balanced wire, both conductors are identical. RCA connectorized wire is coaxial, shielded and unbalanced. You need the shielded coaxial unbalanced wire.
Q:120/240 30 amp.wiring for generator to home?
8 copper 3 conductor plus the ground in a portable power cord. Consult the local electrical code for what type and how they will allow it to be installed. This goes from the generator to the transfer switch. Each circuit that will operate from the generator is then wired to the transfer switch. Some AHJ require conduit for the cable. Also in many jurisdictions you must report to the utility that you have a generator wired to the home wiring. It is much easier and cheaper to run extension cords to the 3 or 4 vital places in a home. Refrigerator, freezer, microwave and a couple of lights.
Q:Wiring surround sound speakers?
Get some 16 gauge speaker wire. If you are going more than say 40 feet go with 14 gauge. DONT BUY NAME BRAND CABLE!!! It is BS. Google it and you will find scientific tests showing there is no audible diference between a 50 cent a foot wire and a 3 dollar a foot cable. As long as you use a low enough gauge wire you will not lose any sound quality. BTW if you use cat5 it will probably catch on fire so unless you hate your house don't use that.
Q:How do you wire subwoofers like this?
Bridging isn't something you do with the subs wiring. It's the way you wire them on the terminals. Each amp's manual should tell you which terminals are the bridgeable ones. That's a mono amp. There's not much you can do there with bridging etc..Try looking for a 2 channel bridgeable amp and then worry about wiring the subs. Not sure why you would want two terminals on both sides of the box anyway.
Q:Please help me understand parallel wiring!?!?
Parallel is simple. Connect positives to positives and negatives to negatives. Series wiring is the opposite.
Q:electrical wiring question....?
hi kate in Engand we call it trunking but ime pretty sure its the same stuff, we also cal lit conguate but ime not sure the spell on that is right anyhow we have it white in the uk not sure what your question is but i can only say that its used mainly for protection against animals and more often than not...people hope ive helped danx

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