High Quality Black Hard-drawn Wire

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China (Mainland)
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Loop Tie Wire
Baling Wire

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Packaging Detail:1-500kg/coil plastic inside and hassian outside/ weave outside.
Delivery Detail:depend on  amount


Hart-down wire.Raw material is wire rod. After shelling out a series of products and production processes.Use in builing.

Hard-drawn Wire

Ever since our inception, we are engaged in manufacturing an excellent array of Hard-drawn Wire. We make use of superior quality raw materials obtained from the certified vendors of the industry. Our manufactured range of Hard-drawn Wire is widely acclaimed for various distinguished features such as corrosion & chemical resistance, durability, sturdiness and high strength.

Technical Specifications

Technical SpecificationsUnitDescription
Product Standards
TS 2500 EN 10270
Raw Material Standards
TS 2348 EN 10016
Diametermm1.00 - 4.00
Tensile Strength/ClassN/mm21400 - 1810
Coil Weightkg100 - 750
Coil Inside DiametermmMin. 430
Coil Outside DiametermmMaks. 830
In Coils or with Cardboard Core
Bedding and Seating Manufacturers

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Q:How many wires do you go through with braces?
they change your wire according to how much your teeth have shifted around, so it just depends. the ortho needs to adjust the size of the wire due to your teeth straightening out and making sure the wire(s) are at a correct length. its really not that thick of a wire, so don't worry about it. :D
Q:A sub amp wiring kit?
The amp kit should have everything for the amp. all you need for the subs is the speaker wire. make sure you get some good wire tho.
Q:Wire a White-Rodgers 1f56w-144 to a new thermostat?
Hello Kaitlin: It depends on what wires come from the furnace. You will need to go to the furnace and look at the wires. If it is a gas furnace (with air cond.), there should be a R terminal with a red wire attached this is the power line. The W terminal (heat) has a white wire attached. The G terminal (fan) should have a green wire. The C (common) terminal may have a blue or black wire (or not). The Y (cooling) terminal may have a yellow wire. If it is a heat pump, the wires will be R (power), Y (compressor), O or B (reversing valve), G (fan), C (common), the backup heat has different designations, from W2 to Aux, others. There should be a legend on the furnace to assist. Good luck.
Q:How do I change my wired xbox live connection to wired?
Depending on your setup, you'll need to connect your Xbox and router (internet box) with an ethernet cable
Q:wiring diagram for hunter ceiling fan?
Hunter Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram
Q:Home Theater Speaker Wire?
Speaker wire is a big subject that prompts some very heated debates amongst the serious enthusiast crowd. Using CAT5 as speaker cable is usually motivated by either one of two thoughts: Saving money, or improving performance. I can see the point in saving money compared to say Hi-Fi speaker cables at $5/ft, but there are perfectly good OFC copper cables of decent gauge such as 79 strand that actually work out just as cheap. The other issue with cost saving is that not all CAT5e is created equal. A lot of the budget stuff from China is copper clad aluminium rather than pure copper. You'd never choose to run your speakers with aluminium cable, so why take the risk if using CAT5e? Performance is something different. That's very subjective. The reasoning why CAT5e is based on the high frequency performance of the cable. But in hi-fi world we need current delivery more than high frequency extension. My own view is that CAT5e sounds different enough to - buy not necessarily better than - basic OFC 79 strand for most listeners to hear the change fairly easily. Treble and to a lesser degree the bass gets accentuated at the expense of midrange. It's a bit like hitting the Loudness button. The sound has a bit more presence at the expense of naturalness. Personally I think the benefits are dubious and not worth the effort. Get a decent gauge OFC that's nice and flexible rather than some plaited network cable.
Q:The Art of Wire Art???
okorder.com and search on 'twisted wire sculptures' then click on images or switch to Web to find how to.
Q:wiring problems with thermostat, please help?
The Green wire generally is fan The red wires are hot to the AC and Heater The yellow wire is AC The white wire is common. Brown may be used for AC instead of red Hook the Green to the G terminal The Red wire to the Rh terminal The brown wire, I believe is Rc terminal White to W OR c (HOW EVER IT'S LABELED) Yellow to Y
Q:Why are some wires made up of many wires?
1) it is more flexible than single wire of same resistance, that is you can bend it to more angle than it's counterpart single wire that would have same resistance. 2) AC current don't flow over whole cross section area of a wire but it flows more near/on outer surface of wire. So resistance is not a function(inversely proportional) of cross section area for AC current but surface area wich is more for for many wires cable than single wire cable for given weight of wire material and thus it will have lesser resistance. 3) it is more reliable, that is if one of many wire get beaked the wire will still work unlike single wire cable.
Q:what do wire colors mean (old house)?
Since this is an old house I would not assume anything, I may hook up a new switch wire per wire, but unless I opened the light fixture and confirmed the connection I would not connect any unconnected wire. That being said, since you have two colored wires then the white should only be used as a neutral. The hot and switch leg back to the light should be black and red, but which is which is anybodies guess. A ground wire is probably not present in the j-box you are dealing with, it was not required for many years, and probably do not have any grounded connection point in the light j-box either. You would just be connecting the boxes together if you used this spare wire, but not actually grounding anything, and could create a larger hazard by doing so.

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