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Manual ball valve series
1.high quality water but low consumption of salt
2.ceramic non-ware type sealing
3.easily install


  • Drinking Water Plants

  • Industrial Water Treatment Plant

  • Water Softener & Purifier

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Filtration and Sedimentation Units

  • Flower water treatment

  • Solar energy water treatment system

  • Boiler water treatment system

  • Swimming Pool Filtration Plant, etc.

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Q:Hot Water Heater Pressure Valve?
the device once activated rarely reseals It is called a TP valve or temperature and pressure they cost about 15 bucks at the big box stores they usually have a pipe attached to them and are plumbed outside you will need to cut the pipe and unscrew the fitting attache to the TP Now remove and replace the TP make sure to use tape or pipe dope Do not touch the valve in the future reinstall the pipe and solder the pipe back together using a coupler
Q:Where is the Auxiliary Air Valve on my 98 Civic?
l was told by a mechanic that I had a bad auxiliary valve and I would cost $1200.00 I can t find information on such a thing. Douglas
Q:What causes valves to leak?
The valve isn't closing securly. If that's what you went in for, maybe the surgery wasn't done properly.
Q:thermostatic radiator valves?
Actually, the thermostatic valves do control the temperature of the water in the radiator. I suspect the new boiler is storing water much hotter than the old one, because of the threat of legionella breeding there. A thermostatic mixing valve may have been installed at the point the water leaves the boiler, to introduce cold water as it heads out to the radiators, hoping to make the water closer in temperature to what you actually want in the radiator for heat. If they have the mixer adjusted too hot you can adjust that to have the water leave the mixer cooler than it is now. If there is no mixer in your new installation, then you would need to reduce the setting on your individual radiators to adapt to the hotter water they are using in boilers now, due to legionaire's disease.
Q:Pitted Exhaust valve on generator, can I just replace valve?
You can replace just the valve. You should lap the valve to the seat though. That requires a lapping compound and some way to spin the valve. This is done before installing the spring. Lapping ensures that the valve is seated and won't leak. In the old days I have used comet cleanser and a small suction cup chucked in my drill. Worked fine. I know that is not the correct method but it worked and my mower ran for several years after that. Auto zone may have a valve lapping tool that they will loan out and you can buy some real lapping compound to do a better job. I always enjoyed getting the job done with what I had on hand. Good luck.
Q:headers bad for EGR valves?
Check out what they call the DPFE sensor or the egr vacuum solenoid. This sensor controls the flow to the egr valve and your code will probably read: EGR insufficient flow. This sensor is very common and it is a dealer item only. 99% sure it isnt your egr itself. Part number : 4U7Z-9J460-AA dpfe sensor $76.40 F63Z-9J459-AA $29.98
Q:What are compensating valves on a Brass instrument?
A compensating valve instrument has valves that send the air through two sets of tubing. For example a double French horn has slides for the F side and the Bb side. In a normal horn the air goes through the F side when you are playing the F side and the Bb side when you are playing that side. In a compensating horn when you play the F side the air goes through both sets of slides. It's a way of making the horn lighter and simpler.
Q:I can get my trumpet valves unscrewed :OOOO?
Flip your trumpet over and take some valve oil and put it in the small holes on the bottom of each valve casing. If this doesn't make sense to you take it back to the store you bought it from and have them help you with it. DO NOT FORCE THE VALVES OFF THE INSTRUMENT IT WILL DO MAJOR DAMAGE!!!!
Q:Does a diverter valve make the same basic sound that a blow off valve does?
Diverter Valve Sound
Q:EGR valve 2000 ford taurus ?
Just because you have an EGR fault, doesn't mean it needs an EGR valve. A qualified shop will be able to test an EGR valve sticking or stuck. If the valve is actuating normally then the passages connecting to the EGR could be blocked, in most cases removal of the intake plenum will be required to clean these passageways. Carbon gets built up and do not allow exhaust gases to flow and when there is a restriction you get a fault code that reads egr insufficient flow. Have a quality repair shop determine if the egr valve is actually to blame, most places like firestone and the like will sell no matter if it needs it or not. Good luck, if you have other questions, edit your question.

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