High quality aluminium doors and windows

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High quality aluminium doors and windows                    

Aluminum hinged door provide natural lighting to enhance your living space. Aluminum hinged door popular used in bath rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and living rooms in lots of hotels, residential apartments and condominiums and so on in the domestic market. Our aluminum hinged door available both open inward or outward. Main specification as follow:

Standard size

2050*800 2050*1500

Profile thickness 1.0MM, 1.2MM,1.4MM,2.0MM
Diversification options Aluminum panel door,Aluminum glass door

Aluminum panel with glass door, Aluminum louver door

Glaze options Single ; double (5+6+5)
Surface treatment

Anodized silver,Powder coated white,

Wooden grain,Electrophoresis champagne

Opening direction Left&right; inward&outward

Handle,Hinge,Ball lock,square lock,

Rubber strip for sealing system,Retaining Washer

Customer size Available

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Q:Is it useful for anti-theft doors?
In general, the anti-theft door of the world are linked with the main lock, so the main lock anti-theft performance is critical. Personally think that with the tipper mainly in the visual enhancement of the role of anti-theft performance only. Casting brand security door, Chinese famous brand, well-known trademarks in China, the state Mianjian products.
Q:Electric car controller and handle the controller of the three turn the line and turn the hook after the connection regardless of how to turn the wheel will not move, but the red or green line
Black line may be broken in the middle of the place, with a multimeter to know what to know ~! You said the controller out of the red and green voltage 4.8V, then connected to the handle after the voltage on the 0.4V, the normal should be around 0.8V, twist turn when the voltage will rise, if not raised is Turn fault or black negative line breakpoint!
Q:50 mesh woven wire net how much of a square?
50 mesh woven wire net has a lot of, help you analyze: 50 mesh can be 50mm, can also be 50cm, but 50mm is most likely, because very few 50cm mesh.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows hinge good or good hinge
1, the location is different. The slide is different from the position of the support. In the case of the above hanging window, the slide is used in the corner of the window and is supported at the lower corner of the window or in the middle and lower parts. The hinge (hinge) is different from the position of the shoe. The hinges are mounted on the side of the door of the door and window, and the slide is attached to the upper and lower sides of the sash (flat) or left and right (hanging windows). The slide is not used to install the aluminum alloy door. 2, different functions. Support and slide the function of different. The slide supports the movement of the sash and remains open, which is an important force bar throughout the process, and the support only works when the window is opened, and its force is generally small (the force can be balanced Obtained). The same orange window, slide the installation position is relatively fixed, and the support can be in the window below a wide range of adjustment, support the length and installation location, determine the scope of the opening angle of the sash. 3, hinge (hinge) in the doors and windows during the opening process and slide the same function, but the use of hinge (hinge) when the sash only rotation, and the use of sliding window shots both at the same time turn. Many times hinges and hinges can be replaced, but in some special cases it is necessary to use hinges (hinges), such as flat windows or hanging windows, using hinges, It is generally difficult to meet the force requirements, then need to use multiple hinges (hinges) common force.
Q:plastic home window film?
I think you would be wasting your money. Wait until spring and then go outside and caulk around your windows if you see holes
Q:What is the difference between a car lock and a remote control key?
Central locking refers to the key lock with four keys all locked, remote control key refers to the remote control, the so-called security, in a certain distance press the remote key lock key, the car will be four doors Automatically locked, do not personally go to the car before the key to lock!
Q:While staying with friends, you break the automatic garage door opener.....?
Absolutely. I mean, I want them to stay my friends, right? That's what friends do. Own up if they make a mistake, and then do thier best to right it. Now, if I didn't want them to be my friends, I wouldn't apologize and I'd poop in thier bed....mwuahahahahaha....
Q:Cleaning plastic window blinds?
Use a blind brush to get rid of any dust, then put warm water and 2 teaspoons of vinegar in. Vinegar is a natural cleaner. (Maybe use febreeze on them after to get rid of the smell) How are doing?
Q:Sticky heat sink metal mesh paste is what
The advantage is a good thermal conductivity, but also strong, do not smoke when the BGA does not degenerate, 2 dollars a tube
Q:how do you change the plastic rear window in a miata?
You can find directions on this at OKorder

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