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High quality aluminium doors and windows                    

Aluminum hinged door provide natural lighting to enhance your living space. Aluminum hinged door popular used in bath rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and living rooms in lots of hotels, residential apartments and condominiums and so on in the domestic market. Our aluminum hinged door available both open inward or outward. Main specification as follow:

Standard size

2050*800 2050*1500

Profile thickness 1.0MM, 1.2MM,1.4MM,2.0MM
Diversification options Aluminum panel door,Aluminum glass door

Aluminum panel with glass door, Aluminum louver door

Glaze options Single ; double (5+6+5)
Surface treatment

Anodized silver,Powder coated white,

Wooden grain,Electrophoresis champagne

Opening direction Left&right; inward&outward

Handle,Hinge,Ball lock,square lock,

Rubber strip for sealing system,Retaining Washer

Customer size Available

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