high-quality 0.12mm-0.80mm Tinned cca wire(TCCA/TCCAM Wires)

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Product Description:


Tined CCA wire is made of CCA coil and Tin layer, light weight and good conductivity.

Detailed Product Description:

   Our company has passed the evaluations of UL and RoHS<SGS> certification and ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification .


Tined CCA wire is a new shielding materials which made of CCA coil and Tin layer.the electric property and mechanical property among Copper wire and Aluminum wire.It combines the good conductivity of Copper and light weight of Aluminum and it owns good shielding performance,easy to weld not easy to oxidation.


1.Used for produce braiding wire.Braiding wire used for flexible connections of electrical installation,switching device:

2.Used for production of the wave-proof cover.Wave-proof cover used for prevent radio frequency interference or protection of shielding copper braided cover

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