High Qualit Alligatoring Lacquer OEM Decorative Mirror

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Character List

1. Low cost: The surface painting is finished and installation time is very short; Can be planed, sawed, nailed and glued by yourself.

2. Light weight: Good resilience, light and hard.

3. Entirety: Classic, elegant and uniform

4. Water-proof: No moisture-absorbing, water-permeation and mild-ew-arising; Anti-erosion, resist acid and alkali

5. Environment protection: Using polyester as raw material to avoid forest hag

6. Flower grain: Clear-cut, fluency, water caltrop clearly, lubricity rectitude


1. What is our factory's vantage?

Our factory founded in 1998, and we have much experience in mirrors. And it is the family business, so we pay much attention on the quality.

2. What about the packing?

Now the carton packing or wooden carte packing both avaialbe for us. Or we can provide the packing as your requirement

3.  What about the material of the mirror?

We have the material in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm silver mirror. It depends on the customer's requirement. We also can provide the 3.6mm, 4mm and 5mm aluminum mirror

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Q:Seeking a song of the song, the lyrics there is a mirror I cried a man singing a song quite pull!
Security uncle, always early to late, when someone out of the district, always with a smile to meet At the same time, but also be alert to those suspicious bad people into the district Once, my mother and I came home from school, suddenly found the bike are missing, we are anxiously looking around, but no trace of the bike Mom decided to call the security, call the phone, we anxiously waiting for the arrival of security, "tinkle" doorbell rang, I saw three panting security at the door, "Do you lose the bike?" "" Yes "We told the specific characteristics of the security bike, after listening, they went downstairs looking for them In the scorching sun, they sweat, and finally in the stairs next to find our car It turned out that the district cleaners aunt in order to make the environment in order to make the environment, the car moved to another place Mom and I are very grateful to the security uncle, "Thank you Come in and drink saliva it" "It does not matter, this is what we should do" Then they went downstairs The security uncle is not only responsible for the work, but also very enthusiastic Once my mother and I go home shopping, bought a lot of things in his hand Just go to the cell door, a security see us struggling look, immediately came, "give me, I come to carry" I seem to see the same savior, ask him to help Soon, we went to the door, the security uncle down the bag, we quickly said: "Thank you" "It does not matter, this is what I should" Then turned away
Q:☆ ☆ seeking 〃 let the mirror foggy trick ☆ ☆
When you have one day found that people around you are not up to your standard, when you have to seize the factory to clear the end of the day to find their own age has been trial marriage, but no object can be married when you naturally It will reduce the standard, in fact, there are still a lot of good people around, there must be good at the discovery of the light to find your piece of diamonds
Q:Take two mirrors, one facing yourself, one on your own chin and parallel to the mirror before, what do you see?
One-way perspective glass is generally used for light covert observation or multiple scenes overlap unlimited extension of the decorative effect, you can reach the outside look is a mirror, and inside to see the gray Ji Chang irrigation short killing of the ghosts and digging flowers transparent glass, suitable for Judicial departments, business environment or conference rooms and other one-way perspective.
Q:Jetta car on both sides of the mirror how to adjust?
Bed to mirror a lot of argument, personally feel a little chisel attached to the superstition. For example, will be scared of people, the modern people do not seem so timid to stare at the impetuous flying pet touch the river, and then live a few weeks used to know that is the mirror. From the principle of feng shui, the mirror is the role of reflection, the general encounter bad form can not use the five elements of law to resolve, put a mirror back, from the technical, the master is probably no way to use the mirror to do feng shui, at every turn With the master of the mirror is low, only that he will not use other methods to resolve, only blindly dead. In the room, the person itself is a source of strength, if the long-term by this reflection, it is equivalent to the family more than a person's power in the impact of feng shui, if the host is weak need someone to help, this mirror is not necessarily a good thing, As if in the chandelier plus a reflector, will only be more bright and more powerful; but if a person is a strong life, it will be extremely bad fuel on the fire. There is also a factor is the mirror in the metaphysical fire is a part of the five elements, the essence of the five elements of power, through the layout of the whole house balance five elements, is also an important reference factor. In the placement is to consider the overall calculation of the five elements and the house of the five elements with. Such as the five elements of the lack of scholars may be appropriate to use the mirror to help feng shui. So we can not say a mirror of the bed is not good, there is such a situation of friends do not have to worry too much. Unless you find that your mental state is not good, there is neurasthenia, no sleep at night when the spirit of the time, then you look at the bed of the mirror, may be the reason.
Q:Lyrics: back to the original starting point, standing in front of the mirror blankly. Which song is the song?
Sunlight is better, back to the sun to observe the spray
Q:Why my long ugly also like to follow the mirror to understand psychology can answer
The first is B. Because he loves vanity and others are not the same, so his arrows must be and do not bite Dan shameless peach spinning corpses to build people are not the same, so will be removed. Otherwise it was recognized. Can not be neuropathy. If it is neuropathy will not wear a shoe cover. The second is the kitchen without a mirror. See the corpse of the window, damn. Getting more and more afraid.
Q:About the answer is the mirror of the riddle Thank you
In fact, one day in the evening sports in the mirror there will be a ray, the feudal that are superstition, there is no ghost in the world do not scare yourself, I am 12 o'clock in front of the mirror also according to nothing to protect the old guard Or is a ghost, or you try.
Q:Is the mirror of the wash basin facing the main door?
not good! From the feng shui said the mirror can not always be facing the people, pay Dan barnyard buns spinning half corpse built because the night will have a dementia argument, from the physical point of view mirror reflection, will affect your study and then may accidentally scared Yourself! The Or another position it! Do not look at the bed Oh
Q:The mirror of the mirror printed on the white word, that is what process or what mirror, just like the school's mirror written above is unforgettable, where can buy
Single-mirror refers to the suspect with the home decoration can also be safe in the building materials city is not difficult to buy with high reflection of low transmission of glass, monitoring side in the dark Ji long irrigation short killing of the ghosts of the side, Of the reflected light, only to see the bright side of the prisoners
Q:The other side can see the other side, but the other side can not see this mirror is what?
Bathroom mirror on the water mist dry wet towels are difficult to clean up, but now the mirror coated with a layer of soap, and then dry wiping wiping sense, the mirror is easy to restore clear.

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