High purity Silica Oxide

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1.import Micro-silica
3.Production capacity 3000 ton per month
4.Third party inspection certificat

We are a professional trading leading group in china with more than 20 years trading experience .our major products are silica fume/microsilica and mainly export to middle east, australia , japan and south korea. the sio2 of silica are 85%, 90% and 93% 95% 96% 97% and each order will be tested by sgs test before shipment.

Technical Data:


Standard Value

Silicon Dioxide(SiO2)

min 90 %

Loss on Ignition(L.O.I) @ 975°C

max 3 %

Moisture Content (H2O)

max 2 %

Percent Retained On 45μm (325 sieve)

max 2 %

Bulk Density


Microsilica Packing: 900kg/jumbo bags and 25kg small plastic woven bags.

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Q:How to synthesize 100 nm sized silica?
Water spray drying method is often used in inorganic coated with nano titanium dioxide, which is deposited on the TiO2 surface with a layer of oxide or hydrous metal oxides, to reduce its chemical activity, improve the weatherability of ridicule. Therefore, adding silica can solve the above shortcomings.
Q:Industrial production of silicon dioxide
Quartz is the main mineral component of silicon dioxide natural mineral. Its chemical composition is SiO2. Its luster is glassy and its fracture is oily and lustrous. Shell fracture, Mohs hardness 7, density 2.65 ~ 2.66. Different colors, colorless and transparent called crystal, milky white is called milk quartz. According to its crystalline habit, the three crystal system is low temperature quartz, also called quartz; the six square system is high temperature quartz, also called quartz.
Q:What is silica? What about silicon dioxide?
Silica widely exists in nature and forms rocks with other minerals. Natural silica, which is about twelve percent of the earth's crust, is composed of two kinds of crystalline and indefinite forms. Quartz crystals are crystalline silica with different crystalline shapes and colors. A colorless crystalline crystalline substance of quartz; usually crystalline. Having a band or layer of colored rings called agate (containing impurities).
Q:What are the differences between micro powders, silica gel and silica
In the pharmaceutical industry, most of the time, micro powder, silica gel and silica refer to the same thing, which can be interchanged most of the time in practical applications. According to the different preparation process can be divided into gas phase silica (colloidal silica) and silica, silica powder is fumed silica (colloidal silica) refers to the use of gas phase method prepared silica powder; silica is prepared by precipitation of silica gel (actually very fine).
Q:The silica added Nutrilite protein powder has what effect to the human body?
Silica as a food additive is vapor phase, fumed silica, amorphous structure, excellent physiological and chemical stability, and no aggregation in the body, so it can be used in medicine and food.
Q:Does anyone press the glass on the front of the glass? Is it easy to install?
The melting point of silicon dioxide is very high, in order to achieve this Rongdian is very limited. The ancients had to add some other substances when it becomes low melting temperature. When silica melts down also very obtrusive in the process of heating without gradually filtering transition soft, into some other the material of the glass can be in different temperature range all the splendor, powerful shaping operation and effective setting. This substance is a flux.
Q:What is the main principle of rapid determination of silica by ammonium chloride gravimetric method?
Silicate particle in the acid solution is a strong hydrophilic colloid, with a negative charge, ammonium chloride is a strong electrolyte, the existence of positively charged NH4+ in heating evaporation under the condition of positive and negative charge, so as to accelerate the polymerization of silicic acid, causing precipitation.
Q:Effect and function of silicon dioxide
Silica is a naturally occurring mineral, and many vitamin supplements sold in the market contain this mineral. In general, silica is used as an anti caking agent and, if ingested in combination with a normal balanced diet, helps to restore joint and cartilage damage, such as arthritis. In addition, it also benefits the blood vessel wall. Excessive consumption of silica can lead to side effects, just like excessive consumption of multivitamins. However, as an anti caking agent, the amount of silica used is very small. Therefore, silica as an anti caking agent does not cause side effects.
Q:Does marble dust contain silica?
It is suggested that correct selection of dust masks is helpful to prevent pneumoconiosis:1, dust masks belong to special labor insurance products, must pass the GB2626-2006 standard certification.2. Dust masks are disposable, duplex, half mask, and full mask. Occupational protection under high dust, if no harmful gas, it is recommended to use double silicone semi mask.3, dust masks have protection level, N100, N95, N90 three grades. Among them, the protection rate of ultrafine dust by N100 class is more than 99.97%.4, face mask semicolon type. According to their own situation to choose different shapes. Universal size does not fit all.According to the above, we can effectively prevent pneumoconiosis.
Q:Why is silica in high purity water unstable?
Water molecules have strong hydrogen bonds. Water molecules can not only provide hydrogen atoms for the formation of hydrogen bonds, but also have hydrogen atoms which can be accepted by other molecules because of the lone pairs of electrons in the oxygen atoms. Hydrogen bonds are the main binding force between water molecules

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