High Precision DC(direct current) Power Supply

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 Application Scope
Driving and speed regulation of DC motor, high precision DC power supply.
Function Structure
OL series of DC drive is mainly used to drive DC motor, and widely applied to welding tube mill industry. Its unique weak magnetic control circuit can ensure a wide speed regulating scope of DC motor. Its steady digital DC control circuit can not only make the DC drive has a stable work and strong anti-interference ability, but also has a good user interface which is convenient for operation.DC drive includes: 3-phase 6 pulse SCR rectifier, SCR excitation control module, full digital DC control circuit.  

Technical Features
Ø Perfect structure design

1.Integration design of DC drive with the features of compact structure and small size. Original type or extension type structure is optional. 

2.Main loop thyristor adopts high efficiency air cooling radiator which is convenient for installation and maintenance. 

3.High standard electromagnetism compatibility design, electromagnetism radiation meets national standard.

4.Closed cabinet design, meeting rigor environmental requirements on site.

Ø  Full digital control system

1.Adopt 590DIGITAL series full digital controller to realize precise synchronous trigger with high control precision of motor speed and rapid response speed. 

2.Motor operation parameter adopts digital menu setting, which is convenient and flexible with good HMI. 

3.The power supply has perfect protection function with reliable working and low failure rate.

Main Technical Parameter

                model               AC input           Rectifying mode          excitation                Rated DC voltage                Rated DC current                Power coefficient                 Working status
                OL-110A/460V                3AC380V
              6pulse         uniphase                460V                110A                ≥0.86                continuous
                OL-200A/460V                3AC380V**
              6pulse               uniphase                460V                200A                ≥0.86                continuous
                OL-300A/460V                3AC600V**
                6pulse        uniphase                460V                300A                ≥0.86                continuous
                OL-500A/460V                3AC600V**
               6pulse               uniphase                460V                500A                ≥0.86                continuous
                OL-800A/460V                3AC600V**
               6pulse          uniphase                460V                800A                ≥0.86                continuous

 equipment selection*

1.Select DC drive model as per rated voltage and rated power of DC motor.

2. The DC drive needs to reserve 20% power margin. 


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