High Power Wet And Dry And Blowing Vacuum Cleaner

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Model NoRL118A-P-30LMaterial of Tankstainless steel (0.4mm thickness)
FunctionWet and dryMode of coolingcirculating aircooling
Voltage100V-120V 220V-240VAirflow rate45L/S
Frequency50HZ-60HZVacuum suctionover 18Kpa
Capacity20L/25L/30LLength of the cable4.5M
Power1200W /1400W/1600WHose diameterD35mm x L1.5m
Tank diameter310mm




    (1) Stainless steel body for durable use
    (2) With filter cleaning system

    (3)With complete accessories which can be hold on the basement

    (4) With Copper  motors

    (5) Two big and two small wheels for easy transport
    (6) Washable filter
    (7) Suitable for commercial use



1PCS/CTN(Poly Bag + Foam + Brown /White/Gift box
    Carton size :42.6*37*73cm

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Q:What are some good upright vacuums?
I have had a Dyson for 2 years and wouldn't get any other now. It has done wonders for my carpet. I had an electrolux but it just wasn't doing a good job,I got the Dyson and had to empty the canister 3 times just doing the livingroom the first time I used the dyson.
Q:how do you feel about vacuum cleaners?
I too as quickly as went in the process the orientation the place they tutor you all with regards to the excellent international of Kirby door to door sales. in the journey that your husband is the international's maximum excellent salesman he will do high-quality. If no longer he would evaluate different strategies. i comprehend the interest industry is skinny in some places good now, yet he has to attain what proportion anybody is available good now that are going to be keen to shell out $2000 for a vaccum. answer is few at best. He would would desire to hunt for yet another PT interest.
Q:What's special about Kirby vacuum cleaners?
I know, it's bizarre. They're like tanks; solid metal, unwieldy, heavy and no better than any vacuum, and worse than a Dyson.
Q:If you add the same sound to another one of the same sound, will it be louder?
Say you have Signal 1 S1(t) and signal 2 S2(t), both functions of time. Obviously Sum= s1(t) + s2(t), and sound is additive, so yes, it is possible for the sum to be louder (but it can also be no change, or depending on the signs of the signals, they could cancel out) But Put 20 vacuum cleaners in one room and it will be REALLY loud. (Another example, imagine a race with one car and a race with 30 cars)
Q:Can you recommend a good vacuum cleaner that uses HEPA filters to filter the exhaust air?
It's been soldout online ever since that issue hit the newstands. Bought mine instore. Works great for dog hair and no dusty smell from exhaust.
Q:How do you think a Roomba compares to other vacuum cleaners?
I'm pretty sure it would explode if it saw my floors.
Q:Hyla Bagless Water Vacuum?
Question: What's the Difference Between a Vacuum and Carpet Steamer or Cleaner (If that's what you mean by water vacuums) Although some carpet steamers and cleaners do have a suction mechanism to remove the cleaning fluid and water from your carpet after cleaning the area, they should only be used for steaming or cleaning a carpet and never used as a vacuum cleaner. Answer: The term 'carpet cleaner' or shampooer used to relate to types of carpet cleaning appliances which did not have a water tank and cleaned using a cleaner in conjunction with brush action. The cleaning fluid actually stayed in the carpet to protect the fibers and was not removed, nor was any water applied. Today, the term generally means any appliance that is used to clean a carpet and carpet cleaners have changed considerably in the last few years. Today, most carpet cleaners are in fact steamers. Along with a liquid cleaning solution, hot water or steam is applied to the carpet. Brushes rotate to help lift the rug fibers and the water and solution is then extracted into a waste water reservoir that must be emptied. This allows carpets to be deep-cleaned and the water is then vacuumed by the same machine, allowing it to dry rather quickly.
Q:What are everybody's opinions on the Kirby HI/HII/LI/LII vacuum cleaners/carpet shampooers?
i'm a professional carpet air purifier, and it is my journey with Kirbys. they're good vacuums, little question approximately it, yet, i could never use the shampooer featuring it because of the fact it leaves too lots residue on the carpet fibers and could entice airborne dirt and dirt quicker afterwords. additionally, figuring out to purchase a Kirby is like figuring out to purchase a vehicle. they initiate out with a value it is waayyy overvalued and that they have lots of room to come again down on the value till you experience which you acquire an excellent value. I actual have asked a lot of human beings and the perfect deal on a clean kirby with each and all the toys that I actual have heard of is $750.00. I actual have never heard of every person getting one to any extent further low-value, yet I actual have heard of human beings paying as much as $2000.00. i'm going to show you how to recognize that the perfect purchase for the money is a hoover wind-tunnel upright with the disposable bag, with the embedded airborne dirt and dirt finder. approximately $179.00 at Sears (or different shops). i could placed this vacuum up against any vacuum and is lots extra appropriate than a Kirby!
Q:My dog is scared of everything please help?
My dog is scared of loud noises, vacuum cleaners, spray bottles, dishes clanking, the stove being turned on etc. The thing that works the best is to give him lots of encouragement. Tell him what a good dog he is, give him treats and encourage him to stand up and be a happy puppy. Do NOT push him into anything though. As soon as you force your dog to do something he is not comfortable with he might snap at you because he is scared and has been abused before. (I think my dog has been, we got him from the humane society). So the important thing is no bullying, no physically shoving him, no hitting. Pet him and have a happy voice. This seemed to really work with my dog in becoming more confident and not as scared. **Also it's important to reinforce his good behavior (or less scared behavior) every time it goes on. My dog sometimes relapses but after encouragement is fine.
Q:Are tornadoes nature's vacuum cleaners?
well they do go after a lot of trailer parks!!!

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