High Power Passive Bass Upflow Sand Mini Speaker

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Product Description


1.High power driver unit with passive bass.            
2,Radiator provide extra low frequency response.                                                    
3,With a special upflow sand timer.                                  
4,With 4 colors breathing light.                                                        
5,Romantic night light function.                                              


1,Bluetooth audio protocol/music                
2,Bluetooth voice protocol/handfree call.                  
3,Operating distance: 10meters              
4.3.5mm line-in input                                        
5,Micro SD flash memory.                          
6,FM radio.                                        

High Power Passive Bass Upflow Sand Mini Speaker

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Q:Where Do the Speaker wires run through my car?
Are the speakers working OK.? If they are,leave them alone ( If they are not broke don't mend them)
Q:Can i connect 2 additional speaker which required speaker wire to an Active PA speaker which have built in amp?
can i'm getting a hell no from the yahoo answer stay objective marketplace. ok in all extreme 12 gauge is in no way ever ever adequate for 900 watts rms in a distance of over possibly 3 ft . choose for good high quality 4 gauge like RF or Streetwires, knukoncepts. a 12 gauge twine for that plenty skill will soften in approximately 10-20 minutes and blow fuses like no person's company
Q:Car Speakers Help (Beginner)?
Do not buy your speakers at Walmart. Those Boss speakers along with the others they sell there will not sound better than your stock speakers. To install its not that difficult, just be careful you do not break any clips that hold the door panels onto the doors. Also you will have to figure out which wires in the front doors are + and - and which wires in the rear doors are + and -. I would take it to a professional reliable car audio shop in your area to get an opinion/prices so that you do not ruin your brand new car.
Q:Logitech® Z-5450 surround sound speakers?
Yes the rear speakers still need to be plugged in, and that's for each speaker. In other words each rear speaker has it's own ac plug. And also from what I've read you lose quality in the rear speakers they cannot produce 96 kHz/24 bit sound , only the wired ones can. Don't waste your money they are not great speakers. These are the puppies to get : Logitech® Z-5500 Digital 505 watts RMS I want them but can't afford them.
Q:Replaceing stock speakers???
assuming the speakers are the same size, the pioneer speakers will work fine, no amp is needed, although the amp would further improve the sound. factory radios typcially put out about 50 max, and around 15-20 RMS, and RMS is what you should be comparing not max or peak.
Q:guitar amp speaker question?
no it wont if ohms and watts are the same, depending on the speaker you might get a better tone.
Q:Does the size matter of the door speakers?
Better quality better sound. Do some research and talk to a few different people before you buy.
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you shouldnt have placed your mouth on it, you will might desire to interchange it now! in case you do issues like that then you definately are no longer respecting different peoples products, so perhaps he should not be borrowing his stuff to you
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You don't, do a search on white van speakers and you will see that Genesis speakers are actually horrible speakers and may actually harm your amplifier if they are hooked up. Sorry to tell you the bad news, but please do search on White van speaker and see for yourself.

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