High power LED lamp Series Model of GU10AP-4X1W

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300 watt
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48000 watt/month

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Product Description:

Model Number
Base TypeGU10
Input Voltage(V)AC 100-240V
Lamp Body MaterialAP housing
CertificationCE, RoHS

Cool White6000-7000K4300
Natural White4000-4500K4285
Warm White2900-3500K4280

High power LED Lamp  Advantage: 
It is characterized of long life, high luminous efficiency, pure light color, stability, safety, no radiation, 
low power consumption, shock resistance and other advantages.
High power LED Lamp Application:
1) Replace incandescent, fluorescent, HID and other traditional light sources.
2) Suitable for indoor lighting, such as shop's display cabinets, hotel, and office building decos, home decoration

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Q:LED is high power generally connected in series or in parallel?
The disadvantage of tandem is that LED burns a whole string and doesn't turn on!! But it's easy to do the same current for each LED! If the current of LED does not exceed the rated value, it will not burn, and the service life will be long.
Q:What are the research purposes and significance of high-power LED lamps?
At present, as a new green, environmental protection, energy-saving light source, is widely used in automobile lamps, flashlights, lamps and other places.
Q:Can high power LED projection light change light color?
Large power LED lamp is the most cold white light, many plants are encapsulated with silica gel beads of different beads, lamp beads light into neutral white or warm white
Q:20W integrated high-power LED how to heat
Use semiconductor cooling chips to heat (e.g. power and space limitations).
Q:How to judge the quality of high power LED patch LED?
The LED has a single conductor electrical property. The positive and reverse resistances can be measured by using the R * 10K file.
Q:High power LED chip, what is called upside down, what is called a formal dress?
Flip chip electrode: in order to occupy area of light thus affecting the luminous efficiency to avoid installing the chip, the chip R & D personnel to design a reverse structure, namely the dress chip upside down, the light emitting layer excites the light directly from the other side of the electrode (a substrate was eventually stripped, the core material is transparent), at the same time, according to the structure. Convenient welding line for the LED packaging design to the whole chip called flip, flip chip (Flip Chip), the structure in the larger power chip used.
Q:How to control the brightness of high power LED lighting with single chip microcomputer
Directly driving the LED with P1.0 should allow the other end of the led to connect to the 5V power via a 220 ohm resistor and execute the CLR P1.0 commandLights up led.
Q:The light source adopts modular design, to achieve the best matching ground illumination and power, by increasing or decreasing the number of light sources, to meet the different pavement width and illumination requirements, to meet the lighting requirements of the city and not to waste energy purposes.
LED lighting technology matures, high-power LED light source has reached more than 80lm/W, which makes the city street lighting energy-saving transformation possible. LED street lamps, especially large power LED street lamps, are attacking the traditional street lamp market at a tremendous speed.
Q:What problems should we pay attention to in high-power LED Cap lenses?
Must be equipped with 10000 or even higher level dust-free workshop, operators must be anti-static clothing, wearing finger sets, wearing masks and other anti-static measures, and regular inspection and cleaning of the workshop.
Q:What are the manufacturers of high power LED driver IC in China?
Hangzhou Silan microelectronics Limited by Share Ltd, Xiamen Sanan optoelectronics Co. Ltd., sisi-en Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jing Feng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Lexus than High Tech Co. ltd,

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