High power LED lamp Series Model of GU10AP-4X1W

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300 watt
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48000 watt/month

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Product Description:

Model Number
Base TypeGU10
Input Voltage(V)AC 100-240V
Lamp Body MaterialAP housing
CertificationCE, RoHS

Cool White6000-7000K4300
Natural White4000-4500K4285
Warm White2900-3500K4280

High power LED Lamp  Advantage: 
It is characterized of long life, high luminous efficiency, pure light color, stability, safety, no radiation, 
low power consumption, shock resistance and other advantages.
High power LED Lamp Application:
1) Replace incandescent, fluorescent, HID and other traditional light sources.
2) Suitable for indoor lighting, such as shop's display cabinets, hotel, and office building decos, home decoration

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Q:What is a high power LED?
Because of the high power LED in the flux, conversion efficiency and cost restrictions, thus determines the application of high-power white LED in the short term is mainly some special field lighting, the long-term goal is the general lighting.
Q:The relationship between high power LED band and color
The color of the light wavelength is determined, LED light emitting wavelength determines the greater the more close to the color value of red, the more short wave near the longest wavelength red purple, because purple, shortest, more than the human visual frequency are infrared and ultraviolet.
Q:Can high power LED projection light change light color?
Large power LED lamp is the most cold white light, many plants are encapsulated with silica gel beads of different beads, lamp beads light into neutral white or warm white
Q:High power LED chip, what is called upside down, what is called a formal dress?
Dress: the earliest chip chip structure, chip structure is widely used in low power chip. The structure of electrode at the top, from top to bottom material: P-GaN, N-GaN, light emitting layer, the substrate. Therefore, it is relatively flip forward;
Q:What is the junction temperature of high power LED?
TJ has a great influence on the luminous rate and life of LED: the higher the TJ, the lower the LED yield and the shorter the life time.
Q:Why not drive LED high power COB lamp?
The relationship between high power LED band and color
Q:What's the reason for the darkening of LED power phosphors?
It may be related to mixing powder, glue and phosphor, as well as current and temperature. Can only provide you with the direction of analysis. First determine whether the phosphor and glue are problems, and then determine whether the heat is a problem.
Q:How to judge the positive and negative poles of high power LED
Small power usually use a multimeter diode file test positive and negative, plus positive voltage can be lit, but you say the high power is not necessarily line, may not drive
Q:The working principle of high power LED
The magnitude of the energy difference is different, and the frequency and wavelength of the light are different, and the color of the corresponding light varies.
Q:What are the manufacturers of high power LED driver IC in China?
Shenzhen Shangyi Electronic Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Jin Rui Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen xinchengda Electronics Co. Ltd., Shanghai Si Microelectronics Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Chengxin science and Technology Co., Shenzhen kongson Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Branch Chong core technology corp.,

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