high power 365nm 3Watt rechargeable UV LED flashlight

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Product Description:


General Introduction 

High power 365nm 3Watt rechargeable UV LED flashlight       



Nichia LED, high quality

Pure UV light

LED life> 20,000 H

With reflector, comparatively high intensity

Low consumption

Cold light no heat

Use 1 pcs 18650 Li battery easy to get

Environmental friendly




UV light Division                                   UV measuring device                                            Optical lens

Portable UV LED light                         UV integrator                                                            relay lens

UV LED spot light                                 UV radiometer                                                         Interferometer Lens

UV LED line light                                                                                                                      Industrial lens

UV LED plane light                                                                                                                  CTP printing lens

                                                                                                                                                    machine vision lens

                                                                                                                                                    security monitoring lens



  1. compact size, user friendly;

  2. use Nichia LED, high quality;

  3. UVATA improved optical light output method;

  4. uniform irradiation with no thermal effect;

  5. long LED use life with rechargeable battery;

  6. environmental friendly;

  7. 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm for option;

  8. aluminum packing box, plastic foam carton, safe delivery.



  1. fluorescence testing

  2. mineral detection

  3. metal crack detect

  4. security marks check

  5. non-destructive testing

  6. diamond identification

  7. antique identification

  8. air-condition fluid (freon) leaking detection

  9. criminal scene proof collection.



Wavelength:         365/385±5nm or customer-specified

Light lifetime:       high power UV LED 20000H

Light Spot:          diverging light

Intensity:             depends on the irradiation distance

Irradiation distance:    10mm - 30mm/ random

Irradiation Mode:        constant power

Time setting:               manual setting

Cooling type:              aluminum body with no fan, air-cooling

Battery:                       use 1 Sanyo 2600mA 18650 Li battery (not supply)

Working time:             over 3H constantly working

Diameter:        appr.28mm and 46mm

Length:           appr.150mm    

Weight:           appr.160g

Packing:          sling, packing box.

Warranty:        3 month from the date of purchase


Standard configuration  

     Controller 1 PCS  

     Packing box 1PCS

Optional parts

    Charger (for two18650 batteries, 4.5H once),

     UV protection goggle

Application of UPF 100   

UV glue and UV ink curing  

Electronic components, hard disc, micro-generator curing; 

earphone, watch precision components manufacturing;  

DVD/CD light head, optical lens, LCD sealing curing; 

Medical equipment, artwork, etc.  


About us 

We are based on its advanced optoelectronic design and manufacture technology, supplies UV producing equipments and detecting devices to many enterprises. Meanwhile it helps solve specialized optical problems.


Why you should choose us ?

  • We are established good reputation and high quality position and it supplies high quality UV lights.

  • Now it has a new UV curing solution that is the UV LED spot, line and plane light.

  • They are the result of our accumulated technology and will reduce environmental load and will be widely applied to UV curing and related industry.

  • As an optoelectronic equipment manufacturer, we also developed UV detector and feedback system to monitor our producing and ensure our quality.

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Q:Charging time of LED rechargeable small flashlight
But don't wait until it's completely dark. This is deadly!
Q:How much is the price of the SF007 LED explosion-proof flashlight on the high beam?
The market price is 447 yuan, the cost is about 40 yuan, and the battery is about 8 yuan. The service life is not ideal. If the switch is rotary, it is easy to oxidize inside.
Q:Led what's in the battery in the mini rechargeable flashlight?
High power LED flashlights generally use lithium batteries or alkaline batteries or nickel hydrogen batteries.
Q:High power flashlight LED lamp is 1W, want to use mobile phone battery when 4.2V is connected to electric drums!
Yes. No need to connect in series. Your voltage is not enough after series connection. If you have two batteries in series, your voltage is about 6.6V. Add a resistor directly to OK. (4.2-3.3) /0.35 = 2.57 on the line. You can use 2-3 euro, at this time the current is almost between 300MA and 400MA, there is no problem.
Q:How long has the LED flashlight been in use?
The larger the battery you use, the longer it will last. The smaller the capacity, the shorter the use time.
Q:How to fix a flashlight?
When the flashlight is not shining, remove the lamp holder and check the lamp holder and cylinder. If there is no problem with the bulb, it may be that the copper in the switch is rusted. Take a pair of scissors and insert into the two small eyes of the front cover. Remove the front cover and scrape away the rust on the copper sheet with a knife.
Q:How to install the LED flashlight lamp in the reflecting cup.
The general flashlight has a special lamp bin (seat) the lights installed (with beads coated with substrate under), thermal grease inside the lamp, bin (seat) on the circuit board, then the following is.If I had to put it on the reflector, I didn't have it, but the truth was the sameThe lamp lamp based directly on + radiating silicone adhesive in the cup, cup has two holes to walk the line, the circuit is arranged outside the lamp cup
Q:What's the use of a bright flashlight driver?
Because if the battery drives LED directly, the voltage and current of the battery will decrease gradually, which will cause the instability of the light.
Q:How to design a flashlight spotlight with multiple LED lights
Generally speaking, a LED lamp flashlight has two kinds, one is the micro light straw hat LED, lens angle of the LED itself is small, light cup again two is generally not focused, high power LED long, this is each LED within a single small reflector, surrounded by a large reflective cup, cup light but the effect is not very good, so the total effect, while in close range shooting ability is relatively poor brightness good, but not with large caliber single lamp deep LED flashlight than long-range.
Q:LED rechargeable flashlight, small table lamp
First of all, you should find out what kind of battery you use, and then decide what method to charge the most reasonable. After you know what the battery is, you can check the correct charging method on the Internet

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