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Physical Properties


FS2 Resins

Applicable Test Category

Tensile Strength(N/cm)

Normal temperature≥






Normal temperature≥




Tear Strength(N)



(0.3Mpa.30min)Water impermeability

No leakage


Application Range

Products mainly used in roofing,basement,restroom, water conservation,warehouse to protect structure from water infiltration .

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

woven bags or as the requirement

Delivery Detail:

in 15 days after receive the deposit


1.High polymer polyethylene polypropylene
2.High quality,reasonable price
3.no pollution,good durability

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Q:the puppies think my living room rug is grass....?
First okorder.com/. They need their litter and dam to help with the bite inhibition. Third.. young pups shouldn't be given a huge space. Keep them more confined on a floor surface that will be easy to clean if they do have accidents. You are seeing that even at 6 weeks they are knowing when they want to go which is good and helps the training, but they are far too young to hold it long enough to get somewhere really. You will get accidents so put them where it doesn't matter. Google crate training puppies.. Fourth.. please do not put them on a couch / sofa. Just put the puppy fell of the sofa or similar in the Search Y! Answers box and see how many deaths or serious injuries are caused by this. Be very careful.
Q:What kind of carpet should I use?
Best kind of carpet, is the type that is easy to clean. My neighbor has very shaggy carpeting, and the result is more bugs, and gunk in the floor, and dirt and stains are hard to remove. Stick away from cotton, wool, polyester, etc. There are specialty carpet stores, check your local listings, also general Bed Bath and Beyond Type home improvement stores have various carpets. For cheap deals try visiting the Flee market or something. Since carpets are personal preference, it is best you feel the texture and stuff in the store for yourself.
Q:who want to buy person rugs?
Persian rugs are big in the UK - focus on beautiful colour contrasts and bright colours. People are now no longer looking for dark, depressing ones but more modern, coloured, cheerful rugs. Would be great if you could upload some photos and post the link so I could have a look :-)
Q:How to remove candle wax from carpet?
Lay paper towels on top of it and then using a hot iron heat the wax thru the towels as the wax melts blot it with the towels till clean
Q:The difference between synthetic and blended carpets
blended carpet: is the wool fiber and various blended synthetic fibers such as nylon, nylon mixed woven carpet.Blended carpet, wool ratio between 20-80%, less than 20% for chemical fiber carpet, more than 80% for wool carpet.Wear resistance of blended carpet is five times higher than that of pure wool carpet; it overcomes the shortcomings of chemical fiber carpet electrostatic dust, but also can overcome the drawbacks of pure wool carpet corrosion. The utility model has the advantages of heat preservation, wear resistance, insect resistance, moth eaten, high strength, etc.. Elastic, Juegan than carpet, the price is moderate, especially suitable for use in the economic type of residential decoration, favored by many consumers.
Q:How Do I Install Carpet?
don't try it get a professional
Q:Is it good to lay a carpet under the table?
It should be spread to the foot of the foot, do not afraid of dirty! It depends on the living room area, you can sit on the floor if it's big enough!
Q:how do i get wax that is spilled onto area rug?
get a brown paper bag... grocer bag... iron on low to med heat. lay the iron over the bag over the wax for a 10 sec... keep doin that pull up the way w/ a butter knife. U can try the ice as well... it works as good
Q:The discoloration of carpet
Know the flowers with blanket material base down jacket not rinsed traces can not clean blanket to use washing machine drying Lun (dry shade) from the manufacturers directly to re wash wash wash do not wash the carpet like home (for acrylic blanket blanket) for pure blanket with a towel wipe it dry wet brush look at the effect of turn to clean and don't let the color on the area do not get clean
Q:I have an old persian rug?
You could take it to an antique store or oriental rug shop and get it appraised. You could do an E-Bay search for oriental rugs. You could search online for prices. You could take a picture and send it to the Antique Road Show.

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