High Performance Vermiculite Grinding Machine with CE

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Indroduction of High Performance Vermiculite Grinding Machine with CE:

Vermiculite Grinding Machine  is designed by our experts, according to collected advices from customers' long-term experiences.Vermiculite grinding machine takes the most advanced patent technology from European and the supply the customers with outstanding performance at low costs.

Technical Data of High Performance Vermiculite Grinding Machine with CE:

High Performance Vermiculite Grinding Machine with CE

Features of Vermiculite Grinding Machine:


1. Bevel gear integral transmission: The traditional Vermiculite grinding machine needs decelerator and ratcheting to drive the main shaft that increase the centering difficulty and is easy to bring noise as well as reduce the efficiency. MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopt bevel gear integral transmission that compact the whole structure and simplify the installation as well as improve the efficiency.
2. Inner light-oil lubrication system: The traditional Vermiculite grinding machine lubrication adopts grease lubrication which increases the resistance of lubrication, creates high inherent temperature and shortens the service life of bearing. MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopt light-oil lubrication achieve the lubrication of bearing without oil pump and lubrication station.
3. Arc whirl tube: The traditional Vermiculite grinding machine adopt board-type whirl tube that increases the resistance, reduces the performance, and stops the air flow and so on. MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopt arc whirl tube reduce the resistance and avoid the air-stop and so on. 
4. Curved surface shovel with changeable edge: The traditional Vermiculite grinding machine adopt quick wear edge and edge combine with shovel. If the edge is worn, all of the shovel should be changed that increase the cost and the stop time. The edge of MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopts wearable alloy materials which improve the service life. The Changeable edge is easy to change that save time and cost. The traditional flat shovel make the materials accumulate in one level that reduces the ring and roller service life. The curved surface shovel makes a vertical material liner which increases the working face and capacity.
5. Insolating type cyclone collector: Adopt insolating structure between the inner core and mixed air flow that improve the classifying efficiency and precision.
6. non-resistance inlet shell: Traditional observation door of shell protrude that makes the inner surface is not so smooth which brings eddy effect and increase the consumption. MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine adopts the same curved surface which avoids the eddy effect.
7. Fine appearance: MTW series Vermiculite grinding machine not only adopt many advanced structure but also optimize the appearance.

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Q:Asphalt expansion vermiculite process and material requirements
Raw materials, mix ratio and technical performance. Raw materials, cement and expanded vermiculite, cement should be no less than 325, general choice of 425 ordinary Portland cement. The volume ratio of cement and expanded vermiculite is generally 1:5, which is economical and reasonable. Cement and sand aspect than the general 1:1. Site inspection method: mix the cement paste with fine powder and knead it by hand.
Q:What is vermiculite used for?
Vermiculite used in greenhouse, with loose soil, good permeability, strong water absorption, high soil temperature, is conducive to the growth of crops, but also reduce the input of fertilizer. In the newly emerged soilless cultivation technology, it is an indispensable raw material.
Q:What is vermiculite steel tile?
Steel tile in the roof angle from 15 to 90 degrees, the roof tile on, down, left, right of the buckle, ensure that when the wind pressure, the rain will not penetrate; horizontal nail fixed way, effectively avoid rainwater immersion. The utility model can be directly hung on various roofing so as to effectively solve the waterproof problem and save a great deal of waterproof expenses. Even hail from a typhoon that is often followed by a typhoon,The steel tile does not cause water leakage when it is cracked like ordinary roofing tiles.
Q:Where is the specialty of vermiculite?
Vermiculite in China Xinjiang, Russia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Kola Peninsula and South Africa have produced in the United states.
Q:Vermiculite, soilless cultivation, horticulture, vermiculite, the use of coarse?
Vermiculite is a kind of mica material which is formed when the silicate material is heated at high temperature. In the course of heating, water loses rapidly and expands, and the volume after expansion is equivalent to 8-20 times of the original volume. Thus, the aeration pore and water holding capacity of the substance are increased. 2. the density of vermiculite was 130-180 kg / cubic meter, and it was neutral to alkaline (ph7-9). Vermiculite can absorb up to 500-650 liters of water per cubic meter of water. After steam disinfection, can release the appropriate amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium.
Q:What can vermiculite be used instead on?
The principle of preparing nutritious soil is to suit measures to local conditions. Not all nutritious soil for growing flowers has vermiculite. As long as the soil does not harden, but also to maintain water and fertilizer is the best.
Q:You can use pure vermiculite for meat
It is best to add some particles in, because vermiculite and soil are water retention, so airtight soggy, fleshy easy to rot.
Q:Quality grade classification of vermiculite
Grade 1: vermiculite has large blades that can not be split into thin sheets. The color is brass, bronze or light green, pearl or fat luster, calcined into golden yellow, vermiculite volume expansion more than 8 times.Two grade: vermiculite leaves larger, not easy to split, peeled into a full sheet. The color is dark brown, brass and green, pearl luster or glass. After calcination, the volume of vermiculite expanded by 6 - 8 times.
Q:What are the characteristics of vermiculite on flowers?
Vermiculite can keep warm and moisturize, but vermiculite doesn't have the nutrients needed by plants, so you need to add fertilizer occasionally.
Q:What is vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a clay mineral with montmorillonite similar, layered silicate. Generally composed of biotite by hydrothermal alteration or weathering. It can sometimes appear to like coarse biotite (this is biotite vermiculite, sometimes false) have to be shaped. The fine soil vermiculite heated to 300 DEG C when it can be expanded 20 times and bent. This was a bit like a leech vermiculite (commonly known as the leech), so it has such a name. Brown, yellow, vermiculite is dark green, like oil sheen, heated grey. Vermiculite can be used as construction materials, adsorbent, fire insulation materials, mechanical lubricant, soil conditioner and so on, a wide range of uses.

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