High performance TCT rail cutter DRSX-2

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◎ Select of high perfoemance solid carbide tips , superiorly-designed geometry for the best hole drilling performance

◎ Applicable to high Si and high tough rail tracks

◎ Superior design gemotry for rails like Hougen, Alfra, Rotabroach, BDS , etc;

◎ For drilling holes into rails, fitted for all kinds of rail drills, like Cember, Erico, Trackstar, Rotabroach, Rotamag, etc;


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Q:What drills are used in stainless steel drilling?
Stainless steel cutting drill martensitic stainless steel 2Crl3, just wear E-E chipbreaker; while drilling of lCrl8Ni9Ti austenitic stainless steel, but also need additional A-A chipbreaker.The characteristics of S type carbide drill is: chisel edge can reduce the axial force of 50%; a former angle is positive, sharp edge; web thickness increases, increase the drill rigidity; two jet cutting fluid hole; arc cutting edge and the chip distribution is reasonable, easy cutting into pieces. In order to facilitate discharge.The characteristics of transposition of cemented carbide drill for shallow holes is equipped with two front end of the drill bit is asymmetric convex triangular blades, different parts of the chip removal hole, automatic centering, straight hole, and the cutting length is short; blade rake face is provided with a plurality of pit groove cutting, good performance especially reliable chip breaking, the chip is consistent with the broken chip cooling; the cutting fluid is directly sprayed to drilling surface, improve the cooling effect, chip very smooth; especially according to the hard alloy blade with different grades of workpiece materials, cutting speed is 80 ~ 120m/min, drilling is very brisk.
Q:Tap with 5 taps. How many drills are drilled?
Generally, a drill with a 4 cm bit.
Q:What's the diameter of the PT3/8 internal thread drill?
A spiral shaped continuous raised part having a specified cross section on the surface of a cylinder or cone. According to its parent thread shape is divided into cylindrical and conical screw threads; according to their position in the matrix is divided into outer and inner thread, according to the section shape (teeth) divided into triangular thread, rectangular screw, trapezoidal thread, serrated thread and other special shape screw.
Q:14 what big expansion wire does the drill use?
The size of the bit corresponding to the expansion bolt:Bolt, =M16, drill bit, bolt diameter directlyBolt =M20, in addition to the buried depth of =170mm, take the diameter of 24mm, the diameter of the drill bolt
Q:Which is better, a white drill or a black drill?
Black becomes nitrided and can be used to drill aluminum products, i.e., soft materials, after improved propertiesThere are 3 processes for producing drills, black for rolling and worst for rolling. White for clean edges and ground. Because, unlike rolling, no high temperature oxidation, the steel grain structure is not damaged, used to drill a slightly higher hardness workpiece.The yellowish brown drill, called cobalt cobalt drill in the industry, is the unspoken rule of the drill. Cobalt containing drills were originally white, produced by grinding, and when they were atomized at the later stage, they were made of yellow brown (commonly called amber), which is the best in circulation. M35 (Co 5%)
Q:How do you drill a sharpening bit?
The blade is fixed against the wheel surface." This is the first step between the bit and the grinding wheel, and it is often the students who have not cut the edges of the blade, so they start sharpening on the grinding wheel. It must be hard to wear. The blade here"The mouth" is the main cutting edge, and the "cut out" means the main cutting edge of the grinding part is in the horizontal position. "Wheel surface" refers to the surface of the grinding wheel. "By" means slowly moving closer. The drill cannot contact the grinding wheel at this time.
Q:How big bits are used for expansion bolts?
The required diameter of the expansion bolt is the same as the diameter of the expanding tube (Note: not the diameter of the bolt).
Q:When tapping M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10, how big bits of drill (ordinary steel) are used?
Stainless steel, titanium alloy, steel and other materials hard to be machined: D=d1-0.95P. Still in the case of M10x1.5, hole size D=10-0.95 * 1.5=8.575. (recommendation 8.6)
Q:What drill is used for punching aluminum parts?
The brand of the drill can be imported by YG, Su's and so on. The domestic product can be chosen as a worker or a mine worker.
Q:Cobalt containing special stainless steel drill bit, 4mm angle, do not move?
The characteristics of stainless steel is high toughness, easy to stick a knife. So the drill hardness is high, surface finish better than ordinary bits, the bit angle large (130--135 degrees). At the same time to the full amount of feed and cooling. More than 0.15mm as much as possible without cutting in cold hardened layer. The cutting speed is as low as possible to reduce the cutting temperature. The cutting fluid is made of concentrated emulsions. Commonly used stainless steel drills are: high cobalt bit (M35 bit, M42 bit), in which the M42 bit is the most cost-effective, and carbide drills are also available.

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