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A pressure relief valve (PRV) is a safety device that relieves overpressure in a vessel or system. When the pressure of vessel or system increased beyond the specified design pressure or maximum allowable working pressure, PRV will be opened automaticly to relief the overpressure for proteding the vessel or system. The PRV will be closed if the pressure reached specified design pressure so that to ensure the normal operation and protect the vessel or system.

Our Pressure Relief Valve has been designed and manuractured according to following Standard:

♦ ISO 4123-1 Safety Devices for Portection Against Excessve Pressure
♦ API STD 526 Flanged Steel Pressure Relief Valves
♦ API STD 527 Seat Tightness of Pressure Relief Valves

♦ ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII Division 1, Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels

♦ Type: Conventional, Bellows

♦ Size:1" D 2"- 8" T 10"
♦ Class:150lb~2500lb
♦ Temperature:-268~+538°C

♦ Fluid: Gas, Steam, and Liquid
♦ Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel
♦ The allowable tolerance of the set pressure: ≤±3%
♦ Overpressure: ≤10%(gas)/≤20%(liquid)
♦ Blowdown: ≤10%(gas)/≤20%(liquid)

♦ Tightness: conforms to API STD 527


♦The solid nozzle is screwed into the body, which makes the maintenance easy.
♦ The shape of the disc holder has been designed to enhance the effect of the fluid thrust for an instant lift of the disc.
♦ Blowdown control is provided with adjustable nuzzle ring only.
♦ The adequate terials and clearance between disc holder and guide , spindle and adjusting screw assures disc to lift successfully.

♦ The surface of both the disc and the nozzle seat are deposited with Stellite. Excellent flatness and surface finish of the seating surfaces by precision machining and lapping assure pressure relief valve to have high degree of seat tightness and long using life.

♦ The bellows of balanced bellows pressure relief valves can not only avoid and effect of variable back pressure in the system , but also protect spring and other trim components from corrosive media.

♦ Materials are chosen carefully , and the manufacture of the spring and the bellows has strict technological process. Each of them is tested and checked strictly.

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Q:General Help with replacing shut off valve under kitchen sink- Pics included?
Kitchen Sink Pics
Q:roman tub valve ?
Remove the valve and take it to a plumbing supply store. Home Depot and the like may have what you're looking for; but you're more likely to find it at a plumber's supply. They are the only ones I've ever found who carry odd bits.
Q:aortic valve stenosis severe amemia hemoglobin 9.1 ?
Yes it does cause severe anemia and it is a risk factor for the development of a gastrointestinal bleeding, but patients usually lack a source of active bleeding. The stenosis can cause acquired Von Willebrand Disease by breaking down coagulation factor 8.This can happen because of the sheer force of blood across a calcified aortic valve..The patient also developes angiodysplasia of the colon. It is a condition where the fragile blood vessels stretch which results in the severe anemia from the loss of blood . Patients can have recurrent GI bleeds.With the turbulent blood flow red blood cells are mechanically damaged. Patients require supplements of vitamin k prior to surgery. After surgery this problems resolves it self..What medications are you taking now? I just read the other responses to your question, 9.1 is low and will continue to decrease because of the AS,. Given the problems associated with AS it should not be ignored just because someone saw a lower value under different circumstances. Are you being assessed for surgery on your valve? Do you see a cardiologist regulary? Did you have a echocardiogram done recently?I hope they will continue to keep a close eye on it, take care, Donna
Q:what is the function of varible throttle valve?
A throttle valve allows continuous control of the rate at which some fluid moves from a region of relatively high pressure into a region of relatively low pressure. An example would be in an automobile engine, where the throttle controls the rate at which air (at or above atmospheric pressure) enters the engine's intake manifold (near vacuum when the throttle is closed.) The throttle in an automobile engine is mechanically linked to the gas pedal (in case you didn't know).
Q:function of idle air control valve?
It would be fairly easy to do in my car but I don't know about yours. The AICV lets air into the engine when the throttle is closed (idle). A new one should smooth out your idle and if you don't get one your idle may get worse to the point where your car won't run without you pressing on the gas.
Q:Seafoam and the pcv valve?
The PCV valve scavenges OIL VAPORS from the crankcase tthe VALVE COVER. Remove it and you will FEEL the vacuum when you put your thumb over it. It will POP the small pellet inside it. Foolow up with GUMOUT srpay and use BOTH to clean the THROTTLE BODY and the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE, the IAC is resonsible for mixing AIR with injecte4d fuel. A dirty IAC will RUIN mileage and clog up the converter. GOOD LUCK!!!
Q:EGR Valve drivability issues?
You really need to find a competent mechanic. (sometimes easier said than done). I have worked on cars for over 20 years and have NEVER seen a vacuum leak cause this kind of erratic behavior. If the codes will not reset, either the mech. doesn't know what he's doing or you have major computer problems. It may need to be replaced. The computers in vehicles are very reliable but not perfect. From what information you have given it seems that is the case. Before you go that route there are several sensors on this motor that could cause this. crank position, throttle position, mass air flow, etc. EGR would not cause this either. It have also seen coils breaking down cause this. This will get worse the longer the motor runs. (heat makes it worse). If you are not one to work on your own car I would start going to some differnt shops. Some times small shops seem to know more about troubleshooting than the dealerships.
Q:How does my automatic lawn sprinkler valve work?
the guy above me got to it before i did. sounds like either a diaprham has just gone out, or the solenoid plunger is stuck, or there is a rock or something inside the valve, not closing it all the way. like trying to close a door with your foot in it. it will not close all the way. A word of advice would be to go ahead and replace the anti-siphon valves with regular inline valves. anti-siphon valves are pretty much junk any type. As far as diagnosing the problem now, 1. check your timer's programming and make sure that its not sending out power to this zone all of the time. ( this would make the timer bad). 2. carefully open the valve up ( with the water turned off of course), and inspect the diaprham. if it has any tears or ripps in it, get a new diaphram, if not, then flush the lines out with the valve open to see if any debris is in the line( rocks pipe pieces, etc.) and clean it out. 3. take out the solenoid and make sure the plunger in it is not sticking. ( if so replace the solenoid). 4. if all else fails just simply cut out and replace the entire valve and plumb in a new one properly. personally i would use either Hunter PGV valves, Rainbird DVF 100 valves, or Irritrol 205 series valves. all are inline models. antisiphon valves tend to fail. i work on sprinkler systems full time for 95 $ per hour of labor for our company. hope this can help you out John A
Q:What rhymes with valve?
Sorry to all those saying salve and halve (and one could add calve) -- in these words the L is silent! Thus for valve there is no PERFECT rhyme (defined as using exactly the same sounds from the vowel of the accented syllable to the end of the word). The best you can do is a NEAR rhyme in which most of the sounds match, with as few sounds changed as possible, and the 'substitutes' matching as closely as possible. These COULD include dropping the L altogether, but I'm not so sure that salve, etc. work very well Varying the vowel: delve, elve [from a scientific acronym], helve (handle of a tool such as an ax), shelve, swelve ('to swallow'), twelve revolve, solve Varying the final consonant (and possibly the vowel) The closest match would be changing /v/ to /f/, but these words, again, mostly have a silent L (half, calf, ). The only exception? The name Ralph also changing the vowel: elf, shelf (but the -v forms are better matches) a voiced /th/ (as in this NOT thin) is fairly close to the /v/ sound -- as a result mouth (the verb form) might work. (why does mouth work better than salve? Perhaps because the ow sound is closer to the al of valve than to the short-a of salve, cat, etc.) health and wealth --with a changed vowel and un-voiced /th/ is little tougher, but maybe. . .
Q:Presta valve bike tube?
Some okorder.com/ but tubes are cheap and if your bike has been in storage for a few years, why take a chance. Better a new more reliable tube than having to fix a flat because your stem came out or your tube let go because of old age.

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