High Performance Safety Valve For Steam Service

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High Performance Safety Valve For Steam Service
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High Performance Safety Valve For Steam Service

Product Information:

  • Manufactured according to ASME SECTION I

  • Size: 1 1/2" -- 6"

  • Pressure: 300LB -- 2500LB

  • Temperature: ±520°c    

Product Feature:

  • The back pressure adjusting system utilizes the flowing steam to build and adjust back pressure, to ensure that lowdown is not more than 4% of set pressure.

  • Nozzle is welded with body, to make connection stable when it's serviced in the condition of high temperature and high pressure.

  • Connection of inlet and outlet is flange type, to make installation and maintenance easy.

  • Perfect guide design provides well alignment, to ensure that the operation of valve is agile and stable.

  • The selected materials are of high performance, which can be used in high temperature condition.

  • The nozzle and disc is faced with satellite, and lapped precisely.

  • Spring is produced through excellent technology, and tested under simulative service condition.

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