High performance micro X-ray fluorescence

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Micro X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy technique is uneven sample, irregular sample, or even the preferred method for non-destructive analysis of elements of high sensitivity and small samples were inclusions. Rapid analysis using multi-channel focusing light to a very small area, in order to obtain an excellent spatial resolution capillary focusing mirror will inspire. Any type of sample can be prepared even directly analyzed by a simple sample preparation.

Determination of sample thickness and composition of the coating

X-ray fluorescence analysis of a thin coating of M4 can sample, such as a printed circuit board, metal or plastic parts, including single and multiple layer coating. XSpect software using non standard fundamental parameter method, can be calculated simultaneously coating thickness and coating composition. Using standard samples to further improve the accuracy of quantitative analysis

RoHS testing

PCB measuring a sample. u Anso surface maps show the distribution of the following elements: Br (green), Cu (red), Au (yellow), Pb (white) and Sn (pink)

The original image size: 250 × 75 pixels

Measuring time: 0.15s / pixel

Main features:

M4 TORNADO uses a new technology to provide the best analysis of the performance and handling is very convenient for a variety of users.

Using multi-channel capillary focusing lens, minimum illumination spot, the highest spatial resolution.

TurboSpeed XYZ sample stage, with variable magnification imaging system to obtain high-quality images of the sample, in the "fly" elemental distribution analysis.

High-intensity X-ray tube with a multi-channel capillary focusing lens combine to ensure access to a very high excitation intensity illumination in a very small area. Using filters and can be used concurrently with a different target of bifocal tube, the analysis according to different requirements, optimization of the excitation spectrum.

Use XFlash® detector ultra high speed access to the sample spectrum, additionally, a plurality of detectors can be used to further increase the measurement speed.

Using non-standard analysis accurate quantitative analysis of bulk samples, accurate analysis of multilayer samples.

Can vacuum sample chamber is equipped with automatic doors, large sample compartment can be placed samples of various sizes. Through two variable magnification camera system to observe the sample (careful observation and analysis of the overall observation area), convenient injection capabilities and autofocus functions can be fast and accurate positioning. Edited by the user to run the program XYZ sample stage allows repeated measurements.

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Q:What are the particle size analysis instruments?
In the same way, there are different types. For example, gas permeation, and divided into Blaine through the instrument, known as "Blaine method"; through Fisher instrument, known as the "Fisher method"; Lea Nurse through the instrument.
Q:How to select multiple elements and analyze the working parameters of the instrument at the same time
Metal element analyzer uses the popular VC6.0 language, is a new type of domestic multi elemental analyzer, detection of carbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, cast iron, ductile iron, alloy cast iron and other materials of manganese, copper, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, rare earth, magnesium, titanium, zinc, aluminum, iron and other elements. Brand computer microcomputer control, all Chinese menu type operation, printer direct print results.
Q:What is the use of Raman Spectrometer? For what kind of industry?
Mainly used for Raman spectroscopy analysis, and now the group will be used in testing, security, analysis, identification and other industries
Q:What are the skills of purchasing a gas chromatograph?
Qualitative, quantitative, repeatability is mainly to check the stability of the instrument indicators, which is very important for the analysis of samples. The stability of a good instrument should be excellent, which requires repeated sampling, retention time and consistency of content. The results can be convincing.
Q:Excuse me, when laboratory qualification is confirmed, how does analytical instrument confirm?
Have calibration / calibration records, equipment maintenance records, period verification records, etc.;
Q:What are the prospects of the application engineers for analytical instruments?
R & D, R & D wages are many times after the sale, and technical talent is a priceless treasure.
Q:How can a leveling measure the height of a instrument?
Do not need to know the instrument level is high, the level is just a horizontal line of sight through the horizontal line of sight on forward rear view of reading difference to obtain the difference between before and after treated, the trigonometric leveling instead of four water standards requirement of equipment, is to measure the total station, from the following points to the lens axis, the instrument has marked
Q:What's the difference between a logical analyzer and a virtual oscilloscope?
20M desktop analog oscilloscope bandwidth slightly low, the general application is enough, but the application of high frequency will have defects, but not memory retention, not easy to analyze the signal, so if there is a meter, a virtual oscilloscope is not redundant!
Q:DAD chemical analysis instruments
DAD, also known as PDA, is the abbreviation of photo-diode-detector, that is, image diode array detector, which belongs to an ultraviolet detector. It is used in high performance liquid chromatography and gas phase detection.
Q:About chromatographic instruments
Chromatographic analysis is based on the difference between the partition coefficient of the material in the stationary phase and the flowing phase. The method of analysis is called chromatography analysis. According to the molecular aggregation state of mobile phase, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and supercritical fluid chromatography are divided into liquid aggregation chromatography and so on. According to the separation principle, they can be classified into adsorption, distribution, space exclusion, ion exchange, affinity and chiral chromatography, and so on. According to the principle of operation, it can be divided into column chromatography and plate chromatography. Liquid chromatography is divided into two categories, classical and high-performance liquid chromatography, according to the performance of stationary phase, the delivery pressure of mobile phase and the on-line detection device. Chromatography has become one of the most widely used and most analytical methods in pharmacopoeia. The column effect of capillary electrophoresis is up to 10 and seven times M-1. It has become one of the most important methods in life science research.

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