High performance micro X-ray fluorescence

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Micro X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy technique is uneven sample, irregular sample, or even the preferred method for non-destructive analysis of elements of high sensitivity and small samples were inclusions. Rapid analysis using multi-channel focusing light to a very small area, in order to obtain an excellent spatial resolution capillary focusing mirror will inspire. Any type of sample can be prepared even directly analyzed by a simple sample preparation.

Determination of sample thickness and composition of the coating

X-ray fluorescence analysis of a thin coating of M4 can sample, such as a printed circuit board, metal or plastic parts, including single and multiple layer coating. XSpect software using non standard fundamental parameter method, can be calculated simultaneously coating thickness and coating composition. Using standard samples to further improve the accuracy of quantitative analysis

RoHS testing

PCB measuring a sample. u Anso surface maps show the distribution of the following elements: Br (green), Cu (red), Au (yellow), Pb (white) and Sn (pink)

The original image size: 250 × 75 pixels

Measuring time: 0.15s / pixel

Main features:

M4 TORNADO uses a new technology to provide the best analysis of the performance and handling is very convenient for a variety of users.

Using multi-channel capillary focusing lens, minimum illumination spot, the highest spatial resolution.

TurboSpeed XYZ sample stage, with variable magnification imaging system to obtain high-quality images of the sample, in the "fly" elemental distribution analysis.

High-intensity X-ray tube with a multi-channel capillary focusing lens combine to ensure access to a very high excitation intensity illumination in a very small area. Using filters and can be used concurrently with a different target of bifocal tube, the analysis according to different requirements, optimization of the excitation spectrum.

Use XFlash® detector ultra high speed access to the sample spectrum, additionally, a plurality of detectors can be used to further increase the measurement speed.

Using non-standard analysis accurate quantitative analysis of bulk samples, accurate analysis of multilayer samples.

Can vacuum sample chamber is equipped with automatic doors, large sample compartment can be placed samples of various sizes. Through two variable magnification camera system to observe the sample (careful observation and analysis of the overall observation area), convenient injection capabilities and autofocus functions can be fast and accurate positioning. Edited by the user to run the program XYZ sample stage allows repeated measurements.

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Q:What factors should be considered in the selection of instrumental analysis methods?
Some imported instruments are cheap, but the reagents used are expensive, which should be paid special attention to when choosing.
Q:What are the materials, analytical instruments, or equipment?
Many devices can be used in the University, Zhejiang University, jiace Bo siangong chemical IR NMR, MS, UV, fluorescence, scanning electron microscope, XRD, X- ray photoelectron spectrum, are in need of comprehensive use of atomic absorption spectrometry.
Q:How do you choose the RTK measuring instrument?
If you think the contrast parameter is more troublesome, it is recommended to choose the brand directly;(1): Tianbao imported RTK Leica, commented: the rich, forced up.(2) domestic RTK: China survey, China Sea, the South; comment: Hua test specifically for RTK, configuration and quality is good, durable; in all aspects of the sea more balanced, there is no short board; the old brand in the south, the product is complete.
Q:Photoelectric colorimeter - spectrophotometer - urine analyzer - Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer - same and different points of enzyme analyzer
The same point: using the principle of light absorption law, qualitative and quantitative analysis of absorption peak and light intensity of matter belongs to spectral analysis instrument
Q:The difference between UV Vis spectrophotometry and fluorescence spectrophotometry
UV Vis spectrophotometry, UV visible spectrophotometry is a qualitative and quantitative analysis methods and structure according to the material properties of the molecular absorption wavelength of 200-760nm the range of the electromagnetic wave is established. The operation is simple, the accuracy is high and the reproducibility is good. Long wave (small frequency) light, small energy, short wavelength (large frequency) of light energy. Spectrophotometry is the measurement of the degree of radiation absorption of matter molecules at different wavelengths and at specific wavelengths.
Q:What are the prospects of the application engineers for analytical instruments?
These are all right, but it depends on your own personality. Maybe you have a high level of technology, but you like to be free and easy, so you have to install the after sales engineer
Q:Analytical instruments used in the chemical industry, if possible, specify specific industry instruments
In fact, the introduction of the book "instrument analysis experiment" will tell us that the chemical industry will be more or less used in the analysis of hydrology, raw materials, process control, product quality, and the "three wastes" monitoring. In addition, many analytical instruments are also equipped in laboratories of many scientific research institutions.
Q:In the measurement of resistance capacitance coupled amplification circuits, why are the common ends of all instruments connected together?
Together, it shows that the two points have the same potential. Voltage input and output should have two heads, note which input, which is the output can be.
Q:What's the difference between a logical analyzer and a virtual oscilloscope?
20M desktop analog oscilloscope bandwidth slightly low, the general application is enough, but the application of high frequency will have defects, but not memory retention, not easy to analyze the signal, so if there is a meter, a virtual oscilloscope is not redundant!
Q:I'd like to know something about distribution instruments
First of all, to determine what kinds of construction or environmental testing, rock, mineral or metal materials, is biomedical, non-metallic, organic, inorganic,

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