High Performance High Temperature Relief Valve

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High Performance High Temperature Relief Valve

Product Information:

  • Manufactured according to ASME SECTION I

  • Size: 1 1/2" -- 6"

  • Pressure: 300LB -- 2500LB

  • Temperature: ±520°c    

Product Feature:

  • The back pressure adjusting system utilizes the flowing steam to build and adjust back pressure, to ensure that lowdown is not more than 4% of set pressure.

  • Nozzle is welded with body, to make connection stable when it's serviced in the condition of high temperature and high pressure.

  • Connection of inlet and outlet is flange type, to make installation and maintenance easy.

  • Perfect guide design provides well alignment, to ensure that the operation of valve is agile and stable.

  • The selected materials are of high performance, which can be used in high temperature condition.

  • The nozzle and disc is faced with satellite, and lapped precisely.

  • Spring is produced through excellent technology, and tested under simulative service condition.

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Q:Pressure balancing valve adjustment in shower?
All major manufactures of valves have excellent customer service departments. Most of them also have great websites with lots of technical info. Note: You may try changing your shower head to one that is a higher flow or remove any flow restrictor that may be in the one you have now. This may allow you to have the valve set to a colder setting for the tub spout and should increase the hot when showering. Personally, I don't like these style valves. Too many problems like yours.
Q:inner tube valve (Specialized) too large for the hole in rim (Bontrager)?
Sounds as if you need a tube with a Presta valve stem vs. a Schrader valve stem. Link below showing the difference.
Q:Trumpet valve problems!!!?
The trumpet has to have the valve holes lined up with the trumpet air passageways in order to have your air proceed by the trumpet and characteristic a sound produce. Your valve must have an computerized locking mechanism (the small piece of plastic close to the spring). now and again this receives worn down, and the valve gained't line up wisely. To treatment this, you should locate the starting up turning position of the valve and tighten the valve starting up there. i imagine that is ninety degrees to the left at the same time as the bigger plastic piece is dealing with the mouthpiece aspect of the trumpet.
Q:about how much does it cost to install a backwater valve?
I have never heard of a backwater valve. What kind of car is this? We need Year, Make and Model Can you be more specific.
Q:Water main valve broke off?
A few years ago the same thing happened to me. We could not shut the water off at the curb,at 8 feet below the grass line, as the tube leading to the deep down shut off valve had filled with dirt over the years. My brother was a master plumber and had a trick up his sleeve that he had used a few times for the same problem. My wash room was un finished so we decided to rough it. I held a five gallon bucket up side down over the valve while my brother removed the old valve. I deflected the water back to the floor while he screwed on the replacement valve while it was open, allowing the high pressure cold water to pass on through. We both got wet, but the new valve was in place. Electrolysis action had eroded the original valve stem away until it got so week that it snapped off. If you can, shut the water off at the curb stop, hire a plumber to do this for you.
Q:Mitral Valve Prolapse Hereditary Info?
Dear Madam, I am a cardiologist sending this article for you. Hope it helps you. Mitral valve prolapse, sometimes called MVP, is a common heart valve disorder. The mitral valve is between the left atrium and the left ventricle of the heart. It has two leaflets (flaps) that control the blood flow. MVP occurs when one or both of the leaflets are enlarged or have extra tissue. MVP is usually harmless. However, major complications can occur, including a blood clot in the brain and an infection called infective endocarditis involving the mitral valve as well as other valves. MVP appears twice as often in women as in men. It is most commonly a hereditary disorder. Some people with MVP have no symptoms. However, most patients experience a rapid or irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, light-headedness, and chronic fatigue. Many patients also suffer from migraines, eating and sleeping disorders, an overactive or inflamed thyroid gland, diarrhea, and cold hands and feet. Emotional stress often magnifies the symptoms. Doctors generally prescribe regular exams and aerobic exercise for people who have MVP. Patients also are advised to restrict their intake or use of high-carbohydrate foods, caffeine, and decongestants. Some patients may need beta-blockers and specific antiarrhythmic medication. More severe cases may require surgery to repair or replace the valve or to insert an electronic regulator, such as a pacemaker or defibrillator.
Q:What is the purpose of the egr valve?
Read above description, but forget the heating part. The EGR valve was developed as a way to reduce pollution. It always detracts from performance. I have been successful at lowering emissions by using either a platinum, iridium, or titanium tip spark plug. It reacts with the fuel,a dn lowers emissions while increasing power output because the fuel burns more completely, and the spark plug tip remains cooler and more ready to firs again. You can remove the EGR valve. On most cars it is held in place with 2 screws (bolts). Clean the thing out with Gum-out, focus on the internal diaphragm, and re-install it. I've only seen a few of them actually go bad. Also, clean out the base from which the valve was removed. If they get TOO clogged up, you will have to use a sharp object to force out the carbon. Sometimes compressed air helps. On cars that DON'T have an electronic monitor of the movement of the EGR diaphragm (something that will trigger a check engine light), I usually just block off the vacuum with a ball bearing or bebe pellet. Usually, more power is produced since the combustion chamber is now cooler. The EGR valve allows burnt exhaust gas to re-enter the intake manifold. Obviously, this causes carbon build-up and dirtying up the inside of the intake manifold. Use the Gum-out to clean the intake, therfore, as well. Smoother power and better economy will result. Good LucK!!
Q:what is a 2004 suzuki ltz 400 valve adjustment / seat on?
2004 Suzuki Ltz 400
Q:Symptoms of a bad idle control valve?
Could be.. Also could be dirty. Easy fix, remove the valve and spray carb cleaner in the hole.. Using a small brush, clean the bore that the valve rides up and down in. Also, inspect the valve while it is off the manifold. Harder fix: After cleaning the bore, replace valve with brand new one. Your car will have to relearn the idle after starting with the new valve or after you put the old one back in.. Start car, but do not put it in drive or give it any throttle until the computer has finished making adjustments. - Dave. (Long Island, NY)
Q:Sound when I open or close rain bird sprinkler valve?
It could be the solenoid. It could be actuating very slowly and hammering when it tries to shut off. The solenoids are only $5 or $6. Not a significant expense. I just had to replace an entire valve. Not costly but a good size hole while I was working on it.

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