High Performance Auto Parts Dry Cylinder Liner

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50000 pc/month

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Packaging Details:Each Product Will Be Packed In Individual Box With Label On It, And Boxes Will Be Packed In Carton, Cartons Will Be Packed In Wooden Cases.
Delivery Detail:7 Days For Air Order, 20-30 Days For Sea Order

We supply all kinds of truck/bus parts and accessories as follows:


1.diesel engine series parts :

   1>4B3.9 ,6B5.9 , QSB6.7 ,ISBe, ISDE, ISF2.8,ISF3.8

   2>6CT8.3, ISCe, ISDe, ISLe , 6L8.9

   3>N14,NT855, M11,QSM ,ISM,KT19,KT38


2.truck Series parts:

   1>Heavy truck parts: T375,DFL4251,DFL1311,DFL4181,DFL4240,T300,DFL3250,DFL3251

   2>Light truck parts :DFM Duolika ,DFM Jinba,DFM Jingang

   3>Mini Truck;K01,K07,K17….


3. Superiror Material,reliable quality,quick delivery


4.Competitive and reasonable price


5.Anti-friction and Environmental Protection.

High Performance Auto Parts Dry Cylinder Liner

High Performance Auto Parts Dry Cylinder Liner

High Performance Auto Parts Dry Cylinder Liner

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Q:Is the petrol fuel supply system the same as the fuel supply system?
the same
Q:What is the engine fuel line system
Hello, the fuel supply system is the role of: to the cylinder to supply the necessary gasoline combustion. Fuel supply system includes fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel buffer, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, injector, temperature timer switch and cold start valve (cold start injector) and other components.
Q:What parts of the engine fuel supply system?
Fuel tank (fuel) - fuel pump (fuel supply) - fuel filter (pressure regulator, excess oil back to the mailbox) - oil supply rail - nozzle (jet)
Q:How long the car fuel system is cleaned is not a car without failure can not be cleaned
Not, usually forty thousand cleaning and cleaning time, and now do not have to clear the inside of the fuel tank inside a fuel cleaning agent on it!
Q:The working principle of diesel engine fuel system
Fuel tank (fuel) - fuel pump (fuel supply) - fuel filter (pressure regulator excess oil back to the mailbox) - oil supply rail - fuel injector (jet)
Q:Car engine carbon deposition and fuel system carbon cleaning is one thing?
The engine's carbon deposition is cleaning the engine * Gasoline burns down the residual carbon. The fuel system is the cleaning of the fuel injector
Q:How the car fuel system is generally maintained.
Fuel system is divided into fuel tanks, oil, fuel injectors, in the system of gasoline pumps, petrol filters and other parts, fuel through the pump, fuel filter, injector into the combustion chamber combustion, resulting in source power. The piping of the fuel system is filled with the gums produced by the oxidation of the fuel, and the moisture, such as the physical phenomena of the atmosphere, the rain, the car washing, and so on, inevitably cause moisture to enter the tank and the oil. Excessive gums can cause premature damage to the gasoline filter and clogging of the injector, and the presence of moisture is prematurely worn by the petrol pump, which is the corrosion of the metal components in the oil path.
Q:Why does the car clean the fuel system? What is the effect on the engine?
The function of the fuel system is to supply the engine with a quantity, clean, atomized gasoline in order to mix with a certain amount of air to form a combustible mixture, depending on the engine operating conditions. At the same time, the fuel system also needs to store a considerable amount of gasoline to ensure that the car has a considerable distance.
Q:Automotive fuel system
Tubing is not included, including oil pump, oil return valve, oil rail, fuel injector. Fuel injection control circuit
Q:Judgment and Solution of Common Faults in Automobile Fuel System
The most common faults in the fuel system are: oil pump aging (poor service). Fuel injector dirty block. Steam filter dirty block. Should pay attention to the regular replacement of gasoline filter. Use a good point of oil to check the fuel system is a problem. Pressure to see if the oil pressure is normal .. to check the oil pressure at idle. Acceleration of the oil pressure. After the flame .. Can determine the pump is not good. Oil is smooth. Bus filter is blocked. The simplest method can be judged by pulling out the plug of the injector, such as the apparent jitter of the engine after unplugging, indicating that the injector is working well, such as the engine no reaction, indicating that the injector is working poorly. Under the cleaning or replacement

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