High Performance ASME Safety Valve For Steam Service

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High Performance ASME Safety Valve For Steam Service
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High Performance ASME Safety Valve For Steam Service

HTGS Series High Performance Steam Service Pressure Relief Valve is serviced for overpressure protection of power boiler, once-through boiler, reheater and other pressure vessel and pipe.
Our HTGS series product is fully designed and manufactured acording standard of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section I, Power Boilers.

Product Information:

  • Manufactured according to ASME SECTION I

  • Size: 1 1/2" -- 6"

  • Pressure: 300LB -- 2500LB

  • Temperature: ±520°c    

Product Feature:

  • The back pressure adjusting system utilizes the flowing steam to build and adjust back pressure, to ensure that lowdown is not more than 4% of set pressure.

  • Nozzle is welded with body, to make connection stable when it's serviced in the condition of high temperature and high pressure.

  • Connection of inlet and outlet is flange type, to make installation and maintenance easy.

  • Perfect guide design provides well alignment, to ensure that the operation of valve is agile and stable.

  • The selected materials are of high performance, which can be used in high temperature condition.

  • The nozzle and disc is faced with satellite, and lapped precisely.

  • Spring is produced through excellent technology, and tested under simulative service condition.

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