High Performance API Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve

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High Performance API Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve
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High Performance API Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve

HTXD pilot-operated safety valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII. They are composed of a main valve and a pilot valve. The pilot valve automatically responds to the pressure change of the system media to control the open and close of the main valve. This series of safety valves suit working conditions of high back-pressure, large flowrate, high pressure, strict sealing requirements and compact installation location.

Product information:

  • Size: 1" D 2"-8" T 10"

  • Pressure:150 lb-2500 lb

  • Temperature: -29-+260°C


       The allowable tolerance of the set pressure ≤± 3% of the set pressure

       Overpressure: ≤ 10% of the set pressure

       Blowdown: ≤ 10% of the set pressure

       Tightness:The valve have good seat tightness,conforms to API Std 527

Product Feature:
  • The soft seat design provides good seat tightness before and after each relief cycle

  • The system can be  operated nearer set pressure without valve leakage

  • No more overpressure required for full lift of main valve

  • Proper valve operation and lift are unaffected by back pressure

  • Adjustable blowdown

  • Non-flowing pilot reduces product loss and environmental pollution

  • Quick simple verification of set pressure while valve remains in service

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Q:wheres the egr valve?
You egr valve will be located on the exhaust or have a metal tube running from the exhaust the other side of it will be mounted on or near the intake. you can also look at the vacuum routing label on the hood if it is vaccum controlled it will be listed on the diagram
Q:First trumpet valve always gets stuck?
You need not replace the valve, but it does need a bit of attention. There are many possible reasons for the sticking and you can spend a long time trying to chase them down. Inconsistent sticking suggests 2 likely reasons (there are several more possible reasons). The first is piston wear that has slightly misshapen the valve casing so it sticks because it doesn't travel through the valve casing exactly the same way every time. The second is that the felts and corks are worn and need to be replaced. The best thing for you to do is to take it to a shop, describe the problem and spend a few bucks to get it fixed right.
Q:Explain the role of valves in the functioning of the circulatory system. I am so confused!?
The valves in the body makes sure that the fluids flow in one direction, and prevent backflow. In the heart the valves prevent the backflow of blood to make sure it travels in one direction (atrium to ventricle). The valves are also present in the lymphatic system that makes the lymph travel in one direction.
Q:Do you need a turbo to use a blow off valve?
yes, you need one if you don't have a wastegate
Q:Hey I'm high rite now and i have a checkup for mitro-valve prolapse tomro?
Mitral valve prolapse exams look more anatomically than physiologically. Meaning, they will take a picture of your heart instead of looking at the chemicals in your blood. BUT a prolapse may mean that your blood does not have enough oxygen in it because your heart circulation is abnormal, they may take a blood sample to test the level of oxygenated blood relative to deoxygenated blood to check this.
Q:any way to treat aortic stenosis besides valve replacement surgery?
Every case and every patient is different. You could opt for a valvuloplasty or management with medications.
Q:Whats wrong with my trumpets third valve slide!?
umm i'm not sure, cuz i play the clarinet but try tighning the mouth peciec and make sure your forming your lips right. then go to the place you bought it or you local music store to find out what's wrong. good luck and Merry Christmas!
Q:Tricupsid and bicupsid valves?
Bicuspid has to flaps and the tricuspid has 3 flaps
Q:automatic sprinkler valve problem?
It's hard to say exactly what's wrong without knowing what type of valves you have since different valves have different components. In any case, I'd start by checking that the bleed screw and/or handle (depending on type) and that the flow control screw or handle (again depends on what make/model you have) to make sure they are in good condition and properly set. Be careful when turning these screws or handles don't force them past the normal stopping points. If that all checks out, there may be some dirt or debris stuck in the valve that's not allowing the diaphragm to open all the way.
Q:Is Valve going to make Half-Life 3 ?
confident there will be. it may be episode 3 or 0.5 existence 3 yet confident there will be. there is not any way in hell Valve could backtrack from that interest. They understand for a reality that they could make a killing off that interest and that i think of via fact of this they're retaining it one in all those super secret so whilst the time includes launch the great international will bypass nuts.

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