High Output PVC Waterproof Extrusion Line Double layers

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Building block type screw and barrel have the advantages of multi combination,widerapplications.By changing the small quantity of barrel and screw elements,the screw and barrel can process different kinds of raw materials.

The barrels can be changed in accordance with processing requirement

The building block type barrels enable more preicse processing.the temperature of every barrel can be individually set.The surface of the barrel has been special treated for more wearable and anti-corrosive ,so that the barrels can suitable for different raw materials.

High quality and stable gear distribution transmitting system

The system is designed with high torque,the gear are high precisely  processed.With the reasonable oil immersion device and the force lubrication system and the chain protection device enable the extruder can be smoothly and stably runing.From the very limited space,we designed a new stle pivot with apline frame to ensure biggest bearing ability and realize high torque transmission Precise and convenient controlling system:optional separate controlling unit,analogue panel display,PLC system ,PLC system contralling.Low noise.The machine can be installed easily on the flat ground



Technical parameter


Screw dia.(mm)


Screw speed Max.(rpm)

Power of man moto(Kw)




































Applicable material type


Technics process

Typical material

Blending modification


EVA+ Silicone rubber;TPR Sole material



Filling and modification

PP,PE,PS,EVA+ Calcium carbonate, Talc, Titanium dioxide


PP,PA6,PA66,ABS+ Iron powder, Magnetic powder, Ceramic powder

General and libre masterbatch

PE,PP,PS,ABS,EVA,PET+ Inorganic or organic pigment


Functional Darent granule

Carbon black masterbatch:PE,PP,ABS,EVA+ Carbon black


The flame retardant masterbatch:PP,ABS,PA,PBT+ Flame retardant agent and additives


Degradable Masterbatch:PE,PS+ Starch;PP+ Calcium carbonate ,talc powder


Variable Masterbatch: Cooling Masterbatch; Gao Baowen masterbatch ; modified masterbatch rheological


Glass fiber masterbatch



PPO Long glass fiber or glass fiber or whisker


Various cable material

HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE,MDPE Insulating material, Sheath material



PE Radiation crosslinking

,PE Crosslinked cable material


Low smoke and low halogen PVC cable material,


Powder coating

Polyester type, Polyurethane,, Epoxy resin, Propylene type, Acrylate type





Wooden Pallet & Vacuum Aluminum Foil Packing,2*40HC




Delivery time :90-120 days



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                    High Output PVC Waterproof Extrusion Line Double layers

                                        High Output PVC Waterproof Extrusion Line Double layers






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Q:Centrifugal oil filter speed is not fast before, what is the matter?
The pressure doesn't work. The higher the pressure, the faster the speed. Ah, you can try the hub instead
Q:What's the problem with vacuum oil filter? We have a project abroad
According to your description, if the filter of turbine oil (now known as turbine oil), then select TYAXD series special vacuum zjc can, if the impurity content, in order to guarantee the effect and save filter supplies, then you can also add a AXDLY frame oil filter machine is filtered through filter impurities. Then the turbine oil vacuum oil filter, the effect is better, the filter is not easy to be blocked, the cost of the book worth.The domestic production of vacuum oil filter to many companies, the effect is good, see you with domestic or imported configuration configuration, general configuration imports more expensive, imported configuration means oil pump, vacuum pump, control system, liquid level system adopts imported brands of accessories, the overall quality of life and certainly better, the price is expensive some. At present, the company here in Chongqing vacuum oil filter production of the most, high and low, have to see what grade you need. The cheapest sure, just cheap, regardless of quality and after-sale, the quality of mid-range points better, and after-sale guarantee, high-grade quality stability, small problems, and later services, after-sales service is certainly very thoughtful.Vacuum oil filter which is good, this need your purchasing department actual contrast investigation, can decide. You Words alone are no proof. oil filter manufacturers, search rankings, find a few companies compared with technical strength, quality, technology, oil filter configuration, price, customer service and so on, considering the ultimate choice of a good quality, good customer service, your satisfaction is the price.
Q:How to solve the oil press foam?
The reason for the foaming is that the oil contains phospholipids, so long as you filter it out
Q:I opened a small youfang! The oil used in centrifugal oil filters is always mixed
[1] centrifugal oil filter itself is not high filtration accuracy, dehydration capacity is not strong, the filtration accuracy is not very high, of course, filtering the vast majority of edible oil is enough. You said the situation there may be problems (centrifugal force centrifuge centrifuge is not enough, the rotation frequency is too low, etc.) or may lead to equipment failure, did not achieve the desired results, so please contact you to sell you the centrifugal oil filter, so that they give a reasonable explanation.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic oil filter
We only have vacuum pumps in our vacuum cleaner, and you shouldn't listen to them when you buy them
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Vacuum filter oil filter slow, there are the following reasons: excessive impurities, filter plug
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No, vacuum filtration only filters the sludge in the oil and does not filter out the phospholipids in the oil
Q:Transformer oil filter can be rented there
General oil filter production enterprise is not to hire you, after all, the new machine after the rent will not sell, oil filter and non-standard equipment, user requirements and site requirements are different, not a good match.
Q:How to choose the proper plate and frame pressure filter
Plate and frame pressure type oil filter is usually thousands of dollars, the size of the model may be tens of thousands, the size of the model according to the filter needs to determine. The bigger the oil pump, filter plate, filter paper area and so on, the higher the price.
Q:I change the oil machine! I recently changed my false engine oil!
Hello, replace the oil, you must replace the filter, filter oil filter impurities, or you change the new oil, filter impurities will cycle up, the new oil on the white change.

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