High High High Quality White Color Fiber Cement Board

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100000 m²/month

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Thickness: 4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,8.5mm,9mm,9.5mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,4.5mm Wildth: 10cm,20cm,25cm,30cm,50cm,60cm Material: Wooden

Product Description:





Main mechanical preformance indexes 



100% Non-asbestos 

Raw Materials

Cement,Quartz Sand,Paper Pulp,etc.

Standard Size

1220mm×2440mm or 1200mm×2400mm

Max Width


Max Length







Light yellow or Grey

Water Content


Water Absorption


Fire Resistance

Incombustibility A Class(GB8624-A)

Thermal Conductivity


Bending Strength

Transverse≥11.0N/mm3 Vertical≥8.5N/mm3


Conforming to GB6566-2001 A Class




Wooden pallet

Trade Terms




Lead time

7 to 10 days after the order is confirmed.



Main Characteristic


1:Excellent moisture-proof performance.

2:Excellent fire-proof performance.

3:Good heat and sound insulation

4:High strengh

5:Stable dimensions

6:Durability and long service life ect


Recommended applications


1. Interior and exterior wall 

2. Furred ceiling 


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Q:How to solve the old concrete and the new pouring between the concrete does not leak it?
If the walls can be opened on both sides of the wall, it is recommended to use I-beam or angle steel as a new pouring concrete slab support beam, in the I-beam or angle above a layer of fiber cement board as a permanent template, and then pouring concrete.
Q:I'm going to apply cement board over water proof sheet rock,anything special i need to do other than screw it
There is no such thing as waterproof sheetrock. The greenboard is water resistance at best. Make sure there is the correct waterproofing behind the sheetrock if you don't want problems in the future. Make sure your screw head are sunk flush so they don't hit the back of your tile.
Q:The doors of a cement cabinet can not be mounted directly on a cement board
When installing the cabinet door, use a 8 mm glass drill hole to punch the screws with a good hinge.
Q:Do need to rip out the cement board if it got wet after it dried initially before I tile over it?
I do not think you need to rip it out. Just let it dry for a week or so before you install the tile.
Q:How about wood wire cement board? Is it environmentally friendly building materials?
The cement board is very good. It is environmentally friendly green building materials, from the cement as a cross-linking agent, wood as a fiber reinforced material, adding part of the additives made of the plate, mainly by the crushed wood and Portland cement gluing processing, color cleaning, double Smooth and smooth surface. The product combines the strength of wood, ease of processing and cement durable characteristics. Wood fiber cement board in the 40's began to be widely used in Europe, has now become a wide range of international application of building materials. It is versatile, excellent performance, with corrosion resistance, heat resistance, resistance to corrosion, easy processing, and cement, lime, gypsum with good, green and other advantages. Now, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Austria, Russia and other countries have formed a number of such special plate manufacturing company, as well as professional equipment manufacturers, compared to China's less such production lines, wood The development of the domestic space is relatively large, to be the depth of development and utilization.
Q:Can the cement pressure plate be made of sanitary partitions?
Veneer brick hanging does not hang the network is not very important economic conditions can be used or else to remove
Q:How to raise cement board under vanity to make it even with the rest of the tile floor?
Screw down a piece of 1/2 plywood to the subfloor and then screw down the cement board on top of that. If you are still a tad low you can always spread on a layer of thinset mortar to bring it up to the same height as the rest of the floor. Whenever I do a bathroom I always remove the vanity and tile under it just like the rest of the room. That way, everything is level and if you ever want to replace the vanity with a smaller one or a pedestal sink the floor is good to go. What I have found, and you have found too, is that most people are just too damned lazy to bother doing that.
Q:Home decoration ceiling with what plate is it?
The so-called ceiling, also known as the ceiling or ceiling, is an important building decoration works. Ceiling is not only beautiful, but also very practical, with insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, the role of sound absorption. Then we have to look at the decoration of the ceiling of the material which!
Q:Performance of fiber cement pressure plate
Lightweight high strength: high strength, light weight, no rupture, constant folding, high impact resistance.
Q:Fiber reinforced silicate board which is good
Pumai explosion-proof plate (fiber cement composite steel plate): Pumai explosion-proof plate using sandwich structure, the surface structure of 0.5mm hot-dip galvanized steel plate, the middle sandwich for the strengthening of fiber cement board, the surface plate is 20mm pitch, a total hit 5mm round hole, hole steel plate jagged, Deep into the cement layer, with high pressure will be closely integrated with the three, when the cement solidification into both steel and cement function of the super fire and explosion-proof plate. Mainly used in pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, oil and other industrial buildings dangerous goods explosion-proof wall and explosion-proof ceiling.

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