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Plate refers to the thickness of the steel plate thickness 4.5-25.0mm, 25.0-100.0mm called the plate, thickness more than 100.0mm for heavy plate.

Plate mainly used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing,container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction. Can also be used to make containers of all kinds, the furnace shell, furnace plate, bridge and vehicle static steel, low alloy steel plate, ship plate, boiler plate, pressure vessel steel plate, checkered steel plate, automobile frame steel plate, someparts and components such as welding tractor. Through plate uses: widelyused to make containers of all kinds, the furnace shell, furnace plate, bridgeand vehicle static steel, low alloy steel plate, plate for bridge plate, boiler plate,made like, pressure vessel steel plate, checkered steel plate, steel, automobile crossbeam tractors some parts and welding component specific application.


For large railway bridge plate, requirements under dynamic load, shock,vibration, corrosion resistance, such as Q235q, Q345q etc..


Used in the manufacture of marine and inland river ship hull, require high strength, plasticity, toughness and cold bending performance, welding performance and corrosion resistance are good. Such as: A32, D32, A36, D36etc..

Boiler plate (boiler plate): used in the manufacture of various boilers andimportant accessories, because of boiler plate at medium temperature (350degrees below C) under the high pressure condition of work, in addition toendure high pressure, but also by the impact and fatigue load and water andcorrosion, requests to guarantee a certain strength, but also have welded andcold bending properties, such as good: Q245R

Pressure vessel

Mainly used for pressure vessel manufacturing petroleum, chemical gas separation and gas storage and transportation and other similar equipment,the general working pressure and pressure to 320kg/cm2 and even to 630kg/cm2, temperature of -20-450 degrees to work in the range of C, the requirements of vessel plate except with certain strength and good plasticityand toughness, must also have good cold bending and welding properties,such as: Q245R, Q345R, 14Cr1MoR, 15CrMoR etc..

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Q:What is a cold rolled sheet with plastic sprayed?
First, cold rolled steel sheet:Cold rolled steel plate is cold-rolled steel plate, commonly known as cold plate. Cold rolling is a steel plate that is further rolled to the target thickness at room temperature. Compared with hot rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets are more accurate, smooth and beautiful in appearance and superior in mechanical properties, especially in terms of machinability. The minimum thickness of cold rolling is below 0.1--8.0MM, and the minimum thickness and width are determined by the equipment capacity and market demand of each plant.
Q:Steel plate for steel structure, what kind of steel plate is it?
The grades of carbon structural steel are composed of four parts: the yield strength, the letter Q, the yield strength value, the quality grade mark (ABCD), and the deoxidation method notation (FZTZ).
Q:Stainless steel plate and steel welding
It is better to use argon arc welding or white steel welding rod, with electrode generally 3.2 or 2.5 can be, the color will change with some, wipe it will be good.
Q:What is the aging property of steel plates?
The aging of steel plate is usually due to the diffusion of carbon atoms and nitrogen atoms in the lattice, forming interstitial atoms, which leads to the solid solution strengthening of the steel plate.
Q:What is steel concrete?
Steel plate concrete is generally called SRC, that is, the steel part is changed into steel plate, basically the concrete is poured on the steel plate. Specific reference, construction manual fourth edition.
Q:P355NL1 what kind of material is the steel plate?
P355NL1 is the EU standard cryogenic quality grade steel.Its quality parameter is:Thickness 8-260mm;Tensile strength Rm630-450MPa;Yield strength: 355-295MPa;The elongation after fracture is 21-22%.
Q:How do you calculate the square footage of a ton of steel?
The width of the sheet is 500~1500 mm; the thickness is 600~3000 mm. According to the type of steel sheet, ordinary steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, spring steel, stainless steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, bearing steel, silicon steel and industrial pure iron sheet; according to professional use, with drums board, enamel board, bulletproof plate; surface coating and plating, plating with zinc thin plate, tin plate, plating lead sheet, plastic composite plate
Q:Can 16Mn steel plate be used instead of Q345D steel plate?
If the use of Q345D instead of using 16Mn, that can be, but 16Mn instead of Q345D can not, and also can not buy 16Mn steel now, that is the old number, and the latest brand is Q345A
Q:How many times a day can a steel pile be inserted?
U type steel sheet pile generally has two kinds: one is the PU steel sheet pile, whose width is 600mm; the elastic bending moment from 600 ~ 3200cm3/m; reuse rate reached 30; very thick, suitable for high salinity, strong durability; two AU steel sheet pile, whose width is 750mm, the elastic cross section the surface resistance moment from 1410 to 2580cm3/m; and PU steel sheet pile compared to AU steel sheet pile is thinner and lighter but stronger; another angle, easy to pull out from the soil pile.
Q:What's the difference between hot-rolled seamless steel tube and cold-rolled seamless steel tube?
Cold rolled seamless steel pipe (DIAL) in general, steel pipe for low and medium pressure boiler tube, high-pressure boiler steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking tube and other steel tube, including carbon thin-walled steel, alloy thin-walled steel, stainless steel, thin steel tube.

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