High Glossy Melamine Faced MDF for Kitchen Cabinet

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10000 m³/month

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Item-Melamine Faced MDF





4’x8’feet (1220x2440mm) 6’x8’feet (1830x2440mm)or as your demand

Base material

 high quality 5mm white melamine faced mdf board





Thickness Tolerance

<6mm-±0.3mm / >6mm-±0.5mm


Melamine Paper


solid color, wood grain color, anyone you like.

Surface processing

Glossy / pitted surface / embossed surface






2*20 ft container(22CBM)


Standard export pallet or bulk

Term of payment

T/T or L/C at sight


Usage Adequate for making furniture or construction, packing or industrial

Delivery Time

Within 20days after receiving deposit or original L/C at sight


1)  Good Raw Materials and High quality 
2)  More repeated using times 
3)  Good packing and fast shipment 
4)  Delivery the right products according to different level of requirement 
5)  High performance/price ratio 


1.What's your company property ?


More than 10 factories to meet your various needs.


2.Free samples ?


Samples are free. As for the cost of courier , we will give back to you in the payment of the trial order .


3.What's your delivery time ?


The goods will be deliveried wthin 15 days after recepit of the deposit  . 


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High Glossy Melamine Faced MDF for Kitchen Cabinet

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Use special cleaner for carpet stains, 2 operation method of pumping water to wash carpet (mainly used for chemical fiber carpet's cleaning) 1, at least after two times' washing 6, and then repeat the operation, use carpet brush to brush carpet's cilia to accelerate the drying of crapet, 3,carpet brush sweeping single disc machine dry foam carpet cleaning, brushing method dilution high foam carpet cleaner, washing machine, smoke wash fruit stains, operation walk backwards so each operation line has a partial overlap, 7, coffee stains are separately treated by the special way, open a window or use hair dryer to completely dry the carpet, a lot of dust on the ground should be scraped with high power vacuum cleaner, pour the diluted high bubble into the water tank at the same time of cleaning the carpet 8, use suction machine to absorb the carpet which already has been cleaned, 3, corner and machine It is difficult to push to the place, and uniformly sprayed to the surface of the carpet, open a window or a hair dryer to dry completely in order to speed up the drying of carpet, the speed up drying of carpet can also open air suction canal, using a hand brush to treat carpet edge, let cleaner act to the carpet's surface for a while. Operation method of dry foam cleaning carpet (mainly used for pure wool carpet cleaning) 1, with a playing device, 4,let high foam carpet cleaner automatic work for 10 - 15 minutes, use vacuum to suck dirt and dry bubble crystal end full spray cleaning, high foam carpet cleaner, high foam carpet cleaning agent according to the proportion of the diluted and injected into the foaming box on the carpet stains, start from the 9, 4, 5 fiber, and the use of high-power vacuum cleaner overall
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And this carpet sound-absorbing, environmental protection, anti-static, smoothness is also very good, suitable for large office area pavement, if you need help, you can contact me, I can explain in detail to you
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It goes away after awhile.
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A large carpet loom, such as abroad: Wilton Rupp loom loom, Kata is probably in millionsSome small looms, home made hundreds of thousandsThere are several thousands of hand loomsThere is also a gun (woven carpet), in the bottom cloth, you can weave their own patterns, and that is not expensiveHowever, the yarn itself is selected

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