High-end Steel Structure Used in Construction

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Steel  Structure

1.Length of the welding withnot indication,full welding should be applied
2.Seam without indication is fillet weld,height is 0.75t
3.The cutting angle without indication,radius R=30
4.Cutting angle not specified should be 20/20
5.The diameter of the hole for the bolt if not specified, D=22

Project Reference:

The new railway section of bullet train is the inspection and repair base for north China and
the inspection and repair center for the north section of Beijing to Shanghai high-speed
railway. The total area is 183,330 square meters. The steel structure adopt arch steel truss
with maximum span 36 meters.

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Q:How to distinguish between steel structure materials and structures, steel types and specifications?
Low alloy steels refer to steels whose total amount is less than 5% by adding one or more small amount of alloying elements during steelmaking. Low alloy steels have higher strength because they contain alloy elements. According to the current national standard "low alloy high strength structural steel" (GBT/l591) provisions, its brand and carbon structural steel grades of the same method, the commonly used low-alloy steel has Q345, Q390, Q420 and so on.The delivery of low alloy steel when the supplier should provide quality assurance of yield strength, ultimate strength, elongation and bending test of mechanical properties; to provide the content of chemical components of carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, vanadium, aluminum and iron quality.The quality grade of low alloy steel and carbon steel the same except A, B, C, D four grades, increased E level, which requires 40 DEG C when Charpy V notch power is not less than 27J (vertical). The requirements for the content of carbon, sulfur, phosphorus and aluminum in different quality grades are also different. The deoxidation method of low alloy steel is killed steel or special killed steel. Q345-B is a B grade killed steel with a yield strength of 345N / mm2; Q390 - D represents a D - grade special killed steel with a yield strength of 390N / mm2.
Q:What are the main structures and sub structures in the steel structure?
Briefly, such as a column, a beam, a beam, a braceThe main load-bearing structure of the column, beam and so on is the main structureThe beam, the bracing, etc. are the structures
Q:In the installation of steel structure, insulation foil should be placed in the side wall or side wall? Why?
This is not strictly required, generally in the installation of steel structure workshop enclosure plate, insulation foil should be in the inner side of the wall.
Q:How to determine the thickness of anticorrosive paint for steel structure?
The thickness of the anticorrosive paint of steel structure mainly depends on the following factors: 1. The corrosion factors of the environment in the workpiece include: insolation, salt fog, humidity, high temperature, acid base, grease, etc.. 2. The useful life of the steel structural parts. 3. Varieties of anticorrosive paint for steel structure. Different anticorrosive paint has different best film thickness, different environment for paint thickness requirements are not the same. For example, outdoor environment, the normal thickness of fluorocarbon paint over 35 microns, on the ratio of the 100 micron alkyd enamel. In summary, in the absence of Design Institute gives reasonable paint anticorrosion under the condition that the recommendations of the Advisory sales engineer to paint the Forbidden City, the Forbidden City to provide you with professional, steel structure anticorrosion paint matching scheme of different price, in order to achieve a reasonable price, satisfactory effect of anti rust anti-corrosion of steel structure.
Q:Brief discussion on safety measures of steel structure installation
The floor edges safety protection: the construction of steel structure floor edge protection is one of the most important work in the whole security door, which is different from the conventional edge protection, before laying the floor, must set up two security guard rope rope, the height should be not less than 1.2m, in the laying of floor panel edge protection should be set to synchronize steel tube type security fence, the fence hanging in general can be taken. The height of the side protection should be between 1.2-1.5m, but not less than 1.2m. The upper and lower two horizontal bars are painted with red and white paint, which means no crossing.
Q:How long is the expected corrosion resistance of the general steel structure paint? Is there a relevant specification?
As ordinary steel structure anticorrosion coating, the composite coating iron red epoxy primer / epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate paint / chlorinated rubber finish form, life expectancy is 10 years.
Q:What is the steel structure of portal frame and frame difference
The bent frame is the two row of columns, the roof trusses above, and a board placed between the roof trusses of the two rows of columns, forming a continuous structure.
Q:What exactly does the steel structure contain?
For the steel structure production information, usually steel structure, processing factory in the component when the factory has been prepared and completed, with the piece into the field. The installation materials are compiled and arranged on the spot.
Q:The position of the steel structure requires a spring cushion for mounting the bolt
Steel structure is mainly made of steel material, and it is one of the main types of building structure. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams and steel plates, such as steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and so on. Each component or component is usually connected with welds, bolts or rivets. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rise and other fields. The characteristics of the steel is of high strength, light weight, good integral rigidity, deformation ability, it is used in the construction of large span and super high and super heavy buildings especially suitable; homogeneous and isotropic material, an ideal elastic body, the most consistent with the basic assumption of the general engineering mechanics; material has good plasticity and toughness that can have large deformation, can well withstand dynamic loads; short construction period; the high degree of industrialization, can carry out specialized production of high mechanization degree.
Q:What is an engineering structure?
According to the materials used, the main types of engineering structures are concrete structure, steel structure, masonry structure and wood structure, etc..

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