High end Professional Transparent Car Audio Speaker Cable

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Product Description:

Description of high end speaker cable : 

1. This wire is of high quality oxygen-free copper conductors with  good material, not easy to oxidation;


2. The inner conductor are stranding extrusion, and each copper wire is more closely connected and will not loose. The transmission signal performance is stronger ;


3. The conductors of the wire are bare copper/CCA/CCS/OFC;


4. Frosted transparent environmental protection PVC insulation, the appearance of wire is clear, beautiful and comfortable and soft , can be used for export. And the color of the PVC is square and round,which is easy to distinguish between positive and negative, and will not lead to a wrong connection.



Application of high end speaker cable  :

Used for speaker wire , audio wire cable, and specially for car .


Packing of high end speaker cable :

coils/  carton box / plastic spool /wood spool/pallet and any others per the customer's request 

100meters/roll, 1 roll/PE film, 4~8 rolls/carton boxes


Delivery time of high end speaker cable  :

30 days more or less after confirm t/t payment


Advantage of our factory: 

1. More than 10 years of producing many kinds of electric wires and cables

2. Conductor can be used pure copper wrie or CCA cheap conductor.

3. competitive price & good service.

4. OEM are welcome. We can also produce standard or non-standard wires and cables.


Detailed parameters


Speaker Cable Specification

Product Description

0.35 Square 

2CX20/0.15mm                  O.D:2.0X4.0 PVC 

0.5  Square

2CX28/0.15mm                  O.D:2.2X.4.4 PVC

0.75 Square

2CX42/0.15mm                  O.D:2.4X4.8 PVC

1.0  Square

2CX57/0.15mm                  O.D:3.0X6.0 PVC

1.5  Square

2CX85/0.15mm                   O.D:3.6X7.2 PVC

2.5  Square

2CX7X20/0.15mm               O.D:4.2X8.4 PVC

4.0  Square

2CX7X32/0.15mm               O.D:5.0X10.0 PVC

6.0  Square

2CX7X48/0.15mm               O.D:5.5X11.0 PVC


2CX18/0.12mm                  O.D:1.8X3.6 PVC


2CX18/0.15mm                  O.D:2.0X4.0 PVC


2CX29/0.15mm                  O.D:2.2X4.4 PVC


2CX46/0.15mm                  O.D:2.5X5.0 PVC


2CX74/0.15mm                  O.D:3.0X6.0 PVC


2CX118/0.15mm                 O.D:3.5X7.0 PVC


2CX187/0.15mm                 O.D:4.5X9.0 PVC


2CX297/0.15mm                 O.D:5.5X11.0 PVC

High end Professional Transparent Car Audio Speaker Cable

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Yellow, green, red three colors, or called A, B, C three, or U, V, W phase, is the corresponding, three-phase voltage are 220V, line voltage of 380V, if the load is not balanced , Easy to burn the line. Hope to help you busy, man is a hydropower engineer, what questions, though looking for me.
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