High-end Best Selling Led Motion Sensor Lights Bulb E27

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Product Description:

 1.    Products Description of  led bulb light smart lighting:

This product is a new type of energy-saving lighting LED bulb, it adopts high sensitivity detector, integrate circuit and SMT; It gathers automatic, convenient, safe, energy-saving, practical functions; It has wide detection range made up of up and down, left and right service field; It utilizes human motion infrared rays as control signal sources, when one enters the detection field, it will start the controlled load at once; It can identify day and night automatically; It is easy to install and its usage is wide; It has the function of power indication and detection indication.


High-end Best Selling Led Motion Sensor Lights Bulb E27

High-end Best Selling Led Motion Sensor Lights Bulb E27

High-end Best Selling Led Motion Sensor Lights Bulb E27


2.     Specifications of led bulb light smart lighting :

 1). Microwave motion sensor led bulb:


Ambient temperature

Working lifetime

Base type

Photocell detail







 Lamp Luminous Efficiency


Color temperature













≥500 Lm





≥530 Lm




Technical specifications

Packing details

Sensor type

Time delay

Detection Angle 

Detection distance


N.W. per unit

Carton size

G.W. per CTN(kgs) 

Microwave sensor









(varies depend on working environment)

2).Led Bulb

3W (E27)



≥220 Lm


Cool white

3-8m sensor

6*0.5W  5730

5W (E27)



≥365 Lm



3-8m sensor

10*0.5W  5730

7W (E27)



≥510 Lm


Pure white

3-8m sensor

14*0.5W  5730

9W (E27)



≥660 Lm



3-8m sensor

18*0.5W  5730

12W (E27)



≥880 Lm


Warm white (2900K)

3-8m sensor

24*0.5W  5730

3. Features:  

1). Isolated driver design.
2). Wide working voltage AC85-265V,
3). Taiwan SMD 5730 led chip

4). High CRI > 80
5). Good heat dissipation with professional designed PC housing
6). Ultra energy efficient, easy installation, replacing up to 40-80W incandescent.
7). No mercury, less CO2 emission, eco-friendly to the environment
8). Anti-shock, anti-moisture.
9). Longevity of service and minimal maintenance
10). CE, RoHS certification. 

4.  Advantages

1) Over 10 years experience in LED lighting, business covering LED street light, LED panel light, LED tube, LED bulb etc;
2) Exporting for worldwide, with satisfied clients more than 50 countries
3) Competitive price, excellent service, integrated certificate system

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Q:LED bulb is broken. The luminous patch is not bad. Can it be made into USB lamp?
Cannot connect directly. LED bulb is usually a series of LED series, and then parallel, generally about 12V. Single chip LED generally rated voltage at 3.0V~3.6V, USB, output voltage of about 5.0V.
Q:Led the bulb is flashing. What's wrong with it? How do you fix it?
There may be no aging, or there may be a power problem.
Q:LED what is the plastic shell of the bulb? What plastic material is better? What do you need to pay attention to?
Speaking of attention should be to see if the light is even, PC material there are no scratches, spots and the like. It is difficult to test the proportion of raw materials used in PC materials, which is related to the aging time of PC materials.In addition, we should pay attention to anti-static.
Q:What brand of LED bulb is good in quality?
See shape. Incandescent bulbs are usually pear shaped, so the bulb should be pear shaped. That's easy to do. But incandescent lamps are all glass products, and because LED requires heat radiation, aluminum alloys are usually used as housings, because of their low cost, easy processing, and good thermal conductivity. The size of the aluminum shell determines the heat dissipation and also determines the life span.
Q:What's the reason why LED bulb gets a lot of heat?
LED light is a large amount of heat, more than 70% are calories. Different manufacturers are not very different
Q:LED bulb lamp drive power electrical connection, will delay a few seconds before the lamp light, and power creaks, who know what it is!
How many seconds delay? It won't take so long. How many bulbs do you usually soak in 0.5 seconds? A squeaky noise is usually a transformer or inductance whistle, and at least it shows a poor manufacturing process.
Q:What's the difference between a glass cap for a bulb and a PC hood?
Weight comparisonPC specific gravity 1.2,The proportion of glass (usually glass) is 2.5,That is to say, PC is lighter in weight than glass.
Q:Can the bulb's true life reach 30000~50000 by LED?
LED life and quality, work current and many other factors. Life is calculated according to the half of the light
Q:The difference between an incandescent lamp, an energy-saving lamp, and an energy-saving LED bulb
3, the monomer minimum power is different. Incandescent power is a common monomer, 15W, energy-saving lamps common power 8W, and then low lighting effect is not good, and LED lamp monomer minimum power is very low, can be less than 1W.The luminescence principle of
Q:LED bulb lamp. Is there a good drive or no drive? Is the lamp of good or integrated?
The cost is too high, the latter is better than the former, with long service life, there is a need bulb welcome to Taobao fry and sales of professional manufacturers of high power LED lighting lamp.

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