high end and good quality water proof front double opening door

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High speed rolling door: 
a) Rapid rolling door motor 
b) Soft curtain door 
c) Photoelectric safety Protection device

What is WPC?

WPC is Wood and Pastic Coposite. It is a new friendly eco decorative material. 


The advantages of WPC 

Compare with the traditional decorative material, the WPC is

1. Looks like nature wood, has the wooden pattern

2. Water/ Flame/ insects resistant, it can be deep in water for 10years without any change.

3. Colorful, there are many colors for you choose. And the color is nature, whatever inside or outside of the products. It is no need surface process with printing, painting....etc. 

4. Friendly environment and recycling, no harm, no waste. It is the material can replace nature wood. 

5. Easy installation, no need carpenter, you can do it yourself. 



Why choose HYPET WPC?

We produce not only the products, but also the machine lines. so we have more experience how to produce good quality products. 

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Q:How would you go about opening a small metal door?
Interesting problem! ... OK, you don't say if there is anything else in the room. I will presume that the door is made of steel and opens toward you, and there is no handle or other protuberance you could pull on. I will also presume that there is no latch or other means holding it shut except possibly gravity, only that you have no way to grip it to pull it open. Ok, so you look around the room and find a few items in a box in the corner... a long spool of insulated wire, a car battery and a steel rod about half a meter long. This makes a possibility... an electromagnet! So you wind the wire around the rod, connect it to the car battery and use it to pull the door open to exit the room. Does this work for your story? Good luck!
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows material grade
According to the classification of aluminum, can be divided into 1000 series to 7000 series, the use of doors and windows of the materials in the 6000 series, doors and windows manufacturers use aluminum is generally 6063 series, with good squeeze.
Q:Aluminum doors and windows how sound insulation
Broken bridge profiles plus vacuum glass plus high quality sound insulation
Q:Metal doors made to look wooden?
Clean the metal doors with a degreaser, to take off any oils and try not to touch it much afterwards to prevent new oil from your skin. I used white paint, then you pick out the color of stain you like, or what matches your home. Then you can use a paint brush working long strokes (even coats) they don't have to be even lines. Just so it looks like wood. I love mine and have had many people do the same. Good Luck
Q:Titanium-magnesium alloy door profiles 1.0 and 1.2 how to distinguish?
With caliper, the naked eye rare to distinguish. There are some differences in texture, product quality and reliable, the business reported that the material is generally not a problem.
Q:wht do i get shock everytime i touch the car door or any thing with metal?
I am sorry I don't know this answer but it happens to me even when i touch my bed and one thing for sure i am aware of is it some electrical charge from the brain as well
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows corner code used in doors and windows where the position
Mainly used for aluminum alloy profiles and profiles on the connection
Q:Silicon magnesium alloy door how much money a meter? Mainly kitchen door and toilet door
Can be customized, 200 square meters
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows lock how to install, what kind of tools, want to install their own
Requires hand drill 3.2MM drill bit If not, then you use the arrows to compare something hard. Hit with a hammer on it. (Draw a good hole do not knock to the lock) Professional aluminum doors and windows plastic window stealth Shachuang processing department of technical staff to answer your questions!
Q:How do I drill a hole in my metal crawlspace door?
Not sure if such doors are metal, but if it is rusty at all, it is steel. Most stuff put in around poured concrete foundations are steel -- which is sort of too bad. For drilling steel, you can use a regular drill bit made for metal. Not a brad point wood bit. You will want a drill that plugs in -- your battery model may not have enough muscle. To drill into the concrete, use a masonry bit. These basically gnaw the hole into the concrete. Not difficult, I've done it plenty. Before drilling the holes, pick out your new hardware, which should include items that get pushed into the new concrete holes, and the screws go into those inserts. Made of either plastic or lead, usually. The size of what you pick out dictates the size of the hole you need to drill.

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