High efficiency and energy saving blue film solar collector

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Product Description:

Choice is the use of plate type water heater (thermal performance report from Switzerland SPF testing center web site

Release test report).

As is known to all, water heater efficiency equation based on different reference area, the water heater efficiency equation

Each parameter is different, the difference is larger. As a manufacturer, usually need to be given total surface of the water heater

Product (area), lighting area, heat absorber area of three data, for the selection of the design. The base

In heat absorber area, general vacuum tube water heater is a little high, but because of its structure, its total surface

Product generally, based on the total area, plate type water heater is the best effect, the instantaneous efficiency

High above 50%, the total area of the water heater determines the number of water heater can be installed, so the comparison

, to achieve the same effect, flat water heater needed quantity minimum, the best return on investment.

Plate type solar water heater and vacuum tube solar water heater system

Thermal efficiency of solar water heater: tablet is higher by 52.5%, 47% low vacuum tubes.

The solar water heater price: tablet is higher, low vacuum tubes.

Solar energy water heater pressure: plate type can be confined, easy to make shower, vacuum tube socket

Pressure, easy to broken.

Solar energy water heater furring: flat type water heater drainage, not easy scaling, vacuum tubes

Bottom sealing, easy to scale, lower thermal efficiency.

The solar water heater durability: plate type high strength, durable, don't tube, hail

Have a flat glass protection, vacuum tube will touch bad, water supply, hot tube added cold suddenly

Water and explosive tube, hail damage valve itself directly.

Average thermal efficiency value of 1994-1997 national test. Plate type thermal efficiency is high

Reason: the vacuum tube heating surface is not completely, but also set aside for installation between between tube and tube


Can be seen in the above comparative analysis, flat plate solar water heater than the vacuum tubes of the sun

Can water heater is more advanced, with the development of economy and the demand of the energy conservation, the sun in our country

Can water heater will gradually to the plate type solar water heater, reached the international advanced solar

Energy-saving water standards

1.1 flat system

To develop energy-saving building at the same time, as the global flat-panel solar gradually replaced vacuum tubes

Solar energy, become a part of energy saving building core. Flat solar collector good appearance,

Rational layout, is the realization of the weight of solar energy and the building integration.

Plate solar collector is a kind of absorption of solar radiation energy and transfer heat to the working medium

The device, it is a special kind of heat exchanger, collector of working medium and the distance of the sun

For heat exchange. Flat-plate solar collector is a type of solar collector. is

By the heat absorbing plate core, shell, transparent cover plate, insulation materials and related components. The added

After circulation pipe, heat preservation water tank, namely become can absorb solar heat, make the water temperature to rise.

1.1.1 plate solar collector works

The basic working principle of plate solar collector is very simple. In a nutshell, the sunshine through

A transparent cover plate exposure to the surface coated with absorbing layer of endothermic body, most of the sun radiation

For absorber absorbed and transformed into heat energy, and to working medium in the fluid channel. In this way,

From the bottom of the collector inlet cold working medium, is heated by solar energy in the fluid channel, temperature one by one

Gradually rise, heated hot working medium, with useful heat energy from the top of the collector export, storage

Into the water storage tank for use, is the useful energy gain. At the same time, due to the endothermic body temperature rises

High, dissipating heat to the environment through the transparent cover plate and shell, constitute the flat plate solar collectors

Heat loss.

1.1.2 endothermic board

Endothermic board is flat solar collector to absorb solar radiation and heat transfer within the working medium

Heat transfer components, which is basically a flat shape.

The structure of endothermic board

On the flat shape of endothermic board, usually decorate a row tube and manifold. Exhaust pipe is refers to the suction

Hot plate parts vertically and fluid channel; Header is refers to the heat absorbing plate at both ends up and down horizontally

Connecting several row tube and a fluid channel parts. Endothermic board has a variety of materials, there is

Copper, aluminum alloy, copper aluminum composite, stainless steel, galvanized steel, plastic, rubber, etc. Endothermic board has

The following main structure form.

(1) tube plate. Tube-sheet heat absorbing plate is a combination of exhaust pipe and plate at a certain way

Pick up a heat absorption bands, and then to set up and down tube welding into a collector. This is at home and abroad

Using common type of endothermic board structure.

Solar energy research institute in wuhan city in 1986, one has the international advanced imported from Canada

Levels of copper aluminum composite solar production lines, make up a new flat collector technologies in China

The steps of the. The technology is a copper pipe between the two aluminum plate hot rolling together, however

After it with high pressure air blow molding. Article copper aluminum composite sun: the advantages of high thermal efficiency,

Hot rolling to metallurgical bonding between copper and aluminum plate, and no thermal resistance; Water clean, too

Yang contact water part of the article is copper, won't corrode; Ensure the quality, the whole production process

Now the mechanization, to ensure product quality; Compression capability is strong, the sun is to use high pressure air

The blow molding.

In recent years, the copper heat absorbing plate is gradually rise in our country, it is through the brass and copper

High frequency welding or ultrasonic welding technology to connect together. All copper endothermic board has copper aluminum composite too

Yang article all the advantages: high thermal efficiency, no combined with thermal resistance; Water clean, brass won't be rotten

The corrosion; Ensure the quality, the whole production process to realize mechanization; Compression capability is strong, brass can bear

By high pressure.

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Spark solar energy products are also exported to many countries and regions such as Italy, Hongkong, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany and other regions. After years of continuous development and improvement, not only to ensure good quality requirements, and won the domestic and foreign business partners to praise and affirmation. Stand on your point of view the factory must promise: fast delivery! Quality assurance! Price service is good. This season can undertake a large number of solar panels. This product can be customized for the price can also be agreed! Welcome to inquire or visit our company to discuss cooperation!
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Making method:1 at the end of the rubber to dig a shallow small round hole 2 to remove the brush pen head, clean and dry.3 cut the tip of the brush head into a small brush4 put the brush head into the small hole in the rubber, glue (complete)2 small production: solar hot water bag
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The technical field of solar energy utilization: only use solar energy there are three major technology areas, namely solar thermal conversion, conversion and optical shop in addition, photochemical conversion, and energy storage technology. The solar photoelectric conversion, mainly various types of solar panels and solar cell power supply system is to convert sunlight directly into electricity a device can the photoelectric efficiency of the solar cell is about 10-14% and its products are the main types of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon. The domestic product (of a photoelectric device full cost) the price is about 60-80% yuan / Watt Peak. The scope of application of solar cell is very wide. Such as satellites, unmanned weather station, communication station, television relay station the sun, clock, electric poles, black lights, navigation lights, railway signal lights. Solar thermal conversion technology. Most of the products such as water heaters, boiling water heaters, dryers, refrigeration and heating, greenhouse and solar house, Solar range and high temperature furnace, seawater desalination device, water pump, thermal power generation device and solar energy medical appliance
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The most expensive. Amorphous silicon solar cell conversion efficiency is the lowest, but the cheapest price, the most promising in the future will be used for general battery. Once a large area of the component photoelectric conversion efficiency of 10%, the price per watt power generation equipment down to $1 - $2, it is enough to compete with the current mode of power generation.
Q:What is the future of solar power
Those who despise misleading consumer advertising! Solar power generating capacity per square meter is about 120W, the cost per square meter 1500 yuan in the area, the greater the lower the price of 2013 the PV industry has been an antitrust investigation in Europe, because of overcapacity in Zhejiang's large solar photovoltaic industry collapse, the price fell down. This can always online inspection recommended the purchase price of solar water heaters each priced at 150-180 yuan according to material, and other costs, the purchase is optimistic about the local power and reliable customer service of solar panels, the size of the group suggested bidding, mainly electric power and storage equipment is very expensive, the highest conversion rate in 17%-20% efficiency is very low now, as the plant photosynthesis national clean energy, photovoltaic power generation policy is more than 10kW can free grid, but the recovery price is very low, cumbersome.

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