High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell

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China (Mainland)

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Polycrystalline Silicon


156mmx156mm or 6 inch

Max. Power::







Dark Blue






Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:100pcs in one box,1000pcs per carton, standard export carton Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell
Delivery Detail:5-7 days after received the payment


Best Solar Cell Price
1.6*6 solar cell
2. 4.2W


Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell 



Product Description


Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell   


Dimension:  156x156mm

Front:              Blue silicon nitride anti-reflection coating

                        2.0mm silver busbars

Back:              Full-surface aluminum back-surface field

                        2.0mm( silver/ aluminum) discontinuous soldering pads


 Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell


Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell





Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell



Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar CellBest Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell



Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell




Packaging & Shipping



1. Item are only shipped after PAYMENT is received

2. Originally our solar cells are 100 pieces per box, 10 boxes per carton.

2. Please check out your ADDRESS carefully when processing order.
3. Please CONTACT us ASAP if you haven't received the parcel.


Shipping will be made via EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS , TNT etc


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Q:How to deal with silicon wafer annealing
In the straightening process due to influence of single crystal pulling process, the crystal head will produce oxygen donor, existing oxygen donors lead to artificially high P type single crystal silicon head resistivity, annealing at a temperature of 650 degrees, time to out immediately after the fan blowing, rapid cooling, the oxide layer on the surface of polished off. The resistivity of the resistivity drop test. At the same time, the annealing will decrease the lifetime of minority carriers.
Q:How to convert photovoltaic silicon MW
Monolithic power conversion efficiency (x = 10000 x 1000, single area)More than and 156 crystal area: 243.34
Q:The production of silicon units do front-line production workers harmful to the body
You are asking whether this problem is more harmful to the body is broad, if you ask whether they produce toxic substances will wafer production process, I can tell you: the wafer production involves no chemical reaction, no poison produced.
Q:What is the silicon wafer, the specific definition of what?
Silicon wafers are the raw materials for making transistors and integrated circuits
Q:What's the connection between silicon wafer and wafer
The bigger the chip the smaller the less waste the less the cost. His direct use is of course on Si for mixed metal precipitation until different packaging lithography, as raw materials for the preparation of electronic manufacturing
Q:Why do they make so many transistors on silicon in an integrated circuit
For digital integrated circuits, mainly used for logic operations, and, or, not by the most basic logic constitute a complex logic. Computers are now so complex that they require a lot of transistors.For analog integrated circuits, mainly used to amplify the signal, such as your phone Wifi and other received signals are very weak, you want to use transistor amplifier.
Q:Begged monocrystalline silicon rod is to use what tools and equipment to cut into silicon
Common cutting methods for diamond wire cutting and sand cutting
Q:The metal in the silicon wafer
By 1960, the scale of industrial production had been in this way. Silicon rectifier and thyristor has prompted the silicon material production jumped in the first semiconductor material. With the development of silicon epitaxial single crystal technology and silicon planar technology in 60s, it not only makes silicon transistor manufacturing technology mature, but also promotes the rapid development of integrated circuits. In early 80s the world's polysilicon production reached 2500 tons. Silicon is one of the promising materials for solar cells. The technology of producing solar cells with polycrystalline silicon has been mature; amorphous silicon films have been developed rapidly. Chemical element silicon. Electrically active impurities phosphorus and boron should be less than 0.4ppb and 0.1ppb in qualified semiconductor and polysilicon. A certain amount of electroactive impurities should be added to the single crystal to obtain the required conductivity and resistivity. Heavy metals such as copper, gold, iron and nonmetal are very harmful impurities. The carbon content in silicon is higher than that of 1ppm. When the carbon content is over 3ppm, the harmful effect is more significant. Oxygen content in silicon is very high. Oxygen is both beneficial and harmful. The content of oxygen in Czochralski silicon is within the range of 5 to 40ppm, and the oxygen content of the fused silica can be less than 1ppm.
Q:Pure curiosity why silicon wafer is round
Journey~woo~'s response: Yeah, why are they made of round bars?...... Sometimes it's a little inconvenient to design the channelRod like the natural shape of production.
Q:What is the meaning of the wafer (100), the crystal orientation index or the crystal plane index
The coordinate system is set up in the crystal cellIs the coordinate of the direction vector

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