High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell

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China (Mainland)

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Polycrystalline Silicon


156mmx156mm or 6 inch

Max. Power::







Dark Blue






Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:100pcs in one box,1000pcs per carton, standard export carton Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell
Delivery Detail:5-7 days after received the payment


Best Solar Cell Price
1.6*6 solar cell
2. 4.2W


Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell 



Product Description


Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell   


Dimension:  156x156mm

Front:              Blue silicon nitride anti-reflection coating

                        2.0mm silver busbars

Back:              Full-surface aluminum back-surface field

                        2.0mm( silver/ aluminum) discontinuous soldering pads


 Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell


Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell





Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell



Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar CellBest Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell



Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell




Packaging & Shipping



1. Item are only shipped after PAYMENT is received

2. Originally our solar cells are 100 pieces per box, 10 boxes per carton.

2. Please check out your ADDRESS carefully when processing order.
3. Please CONTACT us ASAP if you haven't received the parcel.


Shipping will be made via EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS , TNT etc


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Q:Why do you want to make the wafer bigger?
The cost of the chip is directly related to the area. On the same chip, the more chips can be carved, the lower the price of the chip. Because silicon chips are inevitably produced defects (such as impurities, etc.). The larger the area of a chip, the higher the probability of the collision, and the higher the proportion of the whole wafer. A chip to do one hundred chips, a defect is 1\%. If only do ten, out of a defect is 10\%. An extreme example is the large CCD, professional camera or digital camera with the CCD is 23.7x15.6mm, light by the light area of 370 square millimeters, quickly catch up with the area of the high-end RISC processor
Q:What is the silicon wafer, the specific definition of what?
Silicon wafers are the raw materials for making transistors and integrated circuits
Q:What are the difficulties of silicon wafer cutting?
3, with line (intensive line): because the grinding ability of mortar mortar or not slicing machine loop system, caused by the silicon dense line region.4, because the hydraulic cutting machine: dislocation line clamping device surface residual glue mortar and other foreign matter or pallet, causing the hydraulic device and the plate can not be completely clamped, and plate screw loosening, resulting.
Q:How to make a resistor on a silicon chip (integrated circuit)
Method for making the Baidu transistor circuit.Simply by laser, and method of mixed batch chemical piling up complex circuit
Q:How to deal with silicon wafer annealing
Silicon wafer annealing process, is a part of the process. According to a certain procedure, the process of heating and cooling..;
Q:8 inch monocrystalline silicon area?
Generally refers to the round wafer, 8 inch refers to the diameter of 8 inches, "=2.54cm", the area of the circle you will ask for 1.
Q:The last time you gave me the answer to the silicon chip, I learned a lot
Mineral name: corundum.Hard brittle materialChemical composition: Al 2 O 3; can contain Fe, Ti, Cr, V, Mn and other elements.Crystalline state.Crystal system: three party system;
Q:How to make the photoresist and silicon substrate adhesion better
By the way, if there is a reflection of the bottom, then you need to coat a layer of BARC, and then at coat PR.Hope can help you.
Q:How to do on the silicon wafer
3, water cleaningThis step is very important! Do not wash the water in order to save trouble after the end of washing. Rinse the small dust, particles, and other debris washed off during the scrubbing process.
Q:Monocrystalline silicon processing technology
The use of more than one set of cutting lines is an innovative way to increase the output of the machine under the condition of keeping the speed. The latest MaxEdge system of applied materials company uses a unique set of two independent control cutting components.MaxEdge is the industry's first use of specially designed fine wire secant system, the minimum can reach 80 M. Compared with the HCT B5 wire system applied materials industry leading, these improvements reduce the loss of the silicon material yield up to 50%.Wire system with higher productivity can reduce the number of tools in wafer yield under the same. Therefore, manufacturers can significantly reduce the cost of equipment, operators and maintenance.Reducing the consumption of silicon wafers is directly reducing the cost per watt of solar power.Wire products marketThe silicon wafer suppliers and hope to integrate the crystalline silicon PV module manufacturers to control their own slice process requires the use of wire saw device. Monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic technology are needed to use it.

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