High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell

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China (Mainland)

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Polycrystalline Silicon


156mmx156mm or 6 inch

Max. Power::







Dark Blue






Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:100pcs in one box,1000pcs per carton, standard export carton Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell
Delivery Detail:5-7 days after received the payment


Best Solar Cell Price
1.6*6 solar cell
2. 4.2W


Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell 



Product Description


Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell   


Dimension:  156x156mm

Front:              Blue silicon nitride anti-reflection coating

                        2.0mm silver busbars

Back:              Full-surface aluminum back-surface field

                        2.0mm( silver/ aluminum) discontinuous soldering pads


 Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell


Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell





Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell



Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar CellBest Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell



Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell




Packaging & Shipping



1. Item are only shipped after PAYMENT is received

2. Originally our solar cells are 100 pieces per box, 10 boxes per carton.

2. Please check out your ADDRESS carefully when processing order.
3. Please CONTACT us ASAP if you haven't received the parcel.


Shipping will be made via EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS , TNT etc


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Q:One hundred watts of solar panels to how many pieces of silicon wafers, 156 of single crystals and polycrystalline
Whereas it is high. If we do not consider the area, the same power, the electricity generated is the same, with high conversion rate and low exchange rate independent of all aspects of life, of course, there will be some impact. So I do not know clearly? I is a professional manufacturer of solar photovoltaic, do not understand what I can find. If you can.
Q:The last time you gave me the answer to the silicon chip, I learned a lot
Mineral name: corundum.Hard brittle materialChemical composition: Al 2 O 3; can contain Fe, Ti, Cr, V, Mn and other elements.Crystalline state.Crystal system: three party system;
Q:What is the silicon area of the 125 diagonal of a single crystal of 160?
- 125 - (125*1.414-160) - =15344.4375mm - =153.444cm -Note: the chamfer angle is 45 degrees
Q:After the completion of the silicon chip will appear in the shadow of the white spots or what is the situation? How to solve
Whether or not fully diluted before drying. I couldn't see the actual product.
Q:After wafer cleaning, how to change the film?
Name compositionEffectSPMH2SO4: H2O2: H2ORemoval of heavy organic matter, but it is difficult to remove organic matter when it is very seriousDHFHF: (H2O2): H2OCorrosion of the surface oxide layer to remove metal contaminationAPM (SC1) NH4OH: H2O2: H2O can remove particles, some organic matter and some metals, this solution will increase the surface roughness of silicon waferHPM (SC2) HCl: (H2O2): H2O is mainly used to remove metal contamination
Q:Manufacturers of solar wafers belong to the photovoltaic industry which specific industry classification below
Polysilicon for chemical, silicon wafer for machining, battery components for semiconductor processing
Q:Is there anyone who knows how to choose a good glue
General epoxy resin structural adhesive, fully cured is 24 hours, the purpose of the product to achieve the best bonding strength. The curing time is shortened according to the curing accelerator of epoxy resin. The general market is the fastest solid 5 minutes, you can play a positioning effect. Does not affect operation.
Q:Why do monocrystalline silicon chamfer? Polysilicon film?
Chamfering is for this purpose, grinding and polishing are also for this purpose. As a single crystal practitioners, it is recommended that you take a look at the processing technology of silicon single crystal wafer > this book, written by Zhang Juezong, more comprehensive
Q:What does TTV mean in silicon wafer production?
TTV, of course, the smaller the better. TTV is a measure of the quality of the silicon wafer is a very important indicator of process control, steel wire inspection, roundness is exceeded, the life of the guide wheel is up, the fixture is a problem, etc..
Q:I would like to ask what the purpose of the use of semiconductor silicon wafers, doped with boron ah?
Another important property of PN junction is illuminated to produce electromotive force, said the photovoltaic effect, can be used for the manufacture of solar battery. Semiconductor transistor, SCR, PN junction photosensitive devices and light-emitting diodes and other semiconductor devices are used in the PN junction photovoltaic characteristics.Boron ratio of gallium and indium has a price advantage, source of advantage, but difficult to extract high purity boron, China electronic with high purity boron in 04 years ago are imported from abroad at high price is not necessarily a seller, but now there is a China called Puri extension of high-tech enterprises to produce high purity boron powder. Can be found in Baidu.

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