High-effect Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light with 300w wind turbine

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Product Description:

Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light Features:

  • High quality NdFeB permanent magnet

  • High quality and high strength aluminum alloy to ensure light weight and easy installation

  • Blades adopt fiber-glass reinforced plastics

  • Blades made by precision injection molding process to ensure balance

  • The control system compose by controller and dump load to ensure the turbine operate safety

  • The control system build in wind power and solar power input function

  • LCD control system display, easy to read and understand

  • Three reliable over-speed protection methods

  • The connection is easy and convenient connecting terminal

  • PWM power charging method



Input voltage

DC 12V/24V

Light Source


Power factor


Initial Luminous flux


Illuminate range


Beam angle

>120°on 0°-180°flat surface & >60°on 90°-270°flat surface

Operation temperature


Color temperature


Color Rendering Property


Wind Resistance Index


Lamp lifespan


Solar street light lifespan


Solar panel power


Cell efficiency



Intelligence charging control and battery protection/timer and light-independent control/strong wind protection


Valve-controlled sealed service-free colliod, silicon and lead-acid cells with service life 3 to 5 years

Normal service period

6~12 days (design according to requirement)

Cloudy & rainy days

3~8 days (design according to requirement)

Specification for the pole:

Material of pole

Q235 or SS400 steel plate



Process of surface treatment

hot dip galvanization and plastic spray


According to our own standards or be subjected to customer's requirement

Wall thickness

Top diameter

Bottom diameter


According to customer's requirement or design by ourselves depending on application environment

Specification for the turbine:





Rated Power(W)




Max Power(W)




Rotor Diameter (M)




Rated Wind Speed (M/S)




Startup Wind Speed (M/S)




Cut in Wind Speed (M/S)




Bridled Wind Speed (M/S)




Standard Working Voltage(V)

DC 12V/24V

DC 12V/24V

DC 12V/24V

Custom-made Working Voltage(V)

More than 24V or On-grid System

Blade Material

Aluminum Alloy

Number of Blades(PCS)


Generator Style

Three Phase Permanent Magnet

Magnet Style


Over-speed Protection

Stall Control

Stop Method

Manual Electronic Brake / Automatic Electronic Brake

Charge Controller

Hybrid Solar-Wind Charge Controller, LCD display, PWM Charger

Tower Height (M)

6M(Standard) or Custom-made

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Q:How high should the installation height of the LED street lamp be?
When the width of the road is A, the height of the courtyard lamp can be selected according to 0.6A (single side cloth light) to 1.2A (bilateral symmetrical cloth light), but not higher than 3.5m. The distance between the lamp posts of the courtyard is 15 to 20m. 100 percent lighting LED street lighting project transformation, according to the road section to carry out, you can go to understand!
Q:LED street lamp, glass lens, mold opening, research and development
The two light distribution design must be carried out on the basis of the primary light distribution design of the LED light emitting device. Once, the light distribution design is to ensure the quality of each LED light emitting device, and consider taking the light emitted from the LED chip as much as possible. And the two light distribution design is to consider how to focus the light emitted by the LED device on the desired lighting area, so that the light energy delivered by the whole system meets the design requirements. In a sense, only the packaging design (that is, once the light distribution design) is reasonable, in order to ensure the smooth realization of the system's two light distribution design, thereby enhancing the lighting and display effects.
Q:How much is a full set of solar street lamps?
Independent research and development, production of solar LED street lamps, solar street lamps, solar energy, wind energy complementary street lamps. In the design, R & D - production of solar LED street lamp broke the three big problems of solar streetlight common (high power, LED decay quickly, no power output) seriously affect the cost and efficiency of the lamp. The cost is greatly reduced and the service life is increased. More distant after-sales service and quality guarantee, so that the promotion of solar street lamps, energy-saving work further. The following is the design of solar street side of the company: the overall design basically takes into account all aspects; the design method is currently the most common photovoltaic component peak wattage selection design and battery capacity selection design by the design idea of comparative science; wind resistant design from the battery assembly support and pole two to do the analysis, comparison and analysis comprehensive; surface treatment technology is the most advanced by the whole structure is simple and beautiful; street lamp; after the actual operation proves that the link between good matching.
Q:Why solar energy centralized power supply street lamp must be supplied by AC LED lamp?
You mean the power supply project, why the solar power is converted to AC, and then used for street lights?
Q:How to detect the leakage of LED street lamp poles?
With a multimeter, cut to the voltage of the gear, and one end of the ground, one end is connected with the lamp (to the metal exposed part), and see there is no pointer or digital quantity to know the amount of data; to data leakage is.
Q:What are the standards for LED street lights?
Generally not too high standards, the whole system is a combination, but the material is different
Q:The design idea of LED intelligent energy-saving street lamp
Sound control is not recommended...The timing control circuit can be added in the driving power source to adjust the current supply of the LED light source to realize intelligent dimming.The advantages of this approach are relatively easy to implement and low cost.
Q:How much solar panels do you need to make a 15W LED solar street lamp?
Here we give our solar power street lights (or systems) calculation method, I hope useful to you. 1. solar panels power (electric power = W) * every time the lights (H), average sunshine time * peak loss coefficient (2) = 2. of battery capacity with electrical power (W) every time the lights * H / {system voltage (12V or 24V)} * (rainy days +1) * loss coefficient (1.75)
Q:What are the main differences between a LED street lamp and a solar street lamp? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
Solar street lamp uses solar energy, the solar panel to recharge the battery, the battery powered light source for night use, without complicated and expensive pipeline laying, adjustable lighting layout, safety and energy saving and no pollution, without manual operation is stable and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance free.
Q:What are the features of LED street lamp products?
Energy saving, brightness is not ideal, you have no chance to repair, and then change

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