High-effect MSG evaporation crystallization device

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Product Description:

1Company Information
FEICHENG JINTA MACHINERY CO., LTD.is the largest manufacturer of alcohol, fuel ethanol and DDGS high protein feed complete equipment in China which is capable to design, manufacture, install and adjust 3000t-500000t alcohol complete equipment in the turnkey project .

2.Product Description:
MSG evaporation crystallization device which we make is a high-efficient heat exchanging equipment used in alcohol, solvent, food ferment, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, refrigeration, organic chemistry, metallurgical industry, suitable for convection heat transfer of liquid to liquid,gas to gas, gas to liquid.

3.New Technology Description:
Five-Column Three-Effect Distillation Process

The key of this process is the heating methods,the steam heats one column directly and transfers the heat to other 4 columns to achieve three-effect thermal coupling and energy-saving effects.
Double-Mash-Column Three-Effect Distillation Process

The key of this process lies in the heating methods: the steam heats one column directly and transfers the heat to other 2 columns to achieve three-effect thermal coupling and energy-saving effects. The advantage of this process is energy-saving;it saves over 40% steam
4. Production Capability

1).Our company was established in the 1950s, designed and manufactured the first stainless steel distillation column in China, now We own advanced machining equipment and product testing equipment
2).Our company has 16 production workshops which can produce 6 full sets of equipment (including crushing section, liquefying saccharification section, fermentation section, distillation section and DDGS section) per month.
5. Designed capability

1). We own Design License of Special Equipment D1 & D2 Class; Manufacture License of Special Equipment A2 Class; Design License of Special Equipment GC Class.
2).Our company achieves more than 20 patent certificates on distillation, DDGS, and other fields.
3).Our company owns ASME certification, ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification & GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
6.Contact us
Name:vick liang
Phone: 86 13953842508
Tel: 86-538-3393266
Fax: 86-538-3399066
Skype: vicklwk
QQ: 496443614 

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Q:Does anyone know that the temperature of the air conditioner evaporator should be several times? Not the temperature of the outlet, but the theoretical temperature of the evaporator.
The temperature of the evaporator is random and varies with the pressure difference between the two high-pressure and low-pressure lines. The greater the pressure difference, the lower the temperature at the outlet of the needle valve or the capillary, after a period of time, the temperature of the evaporator
Q:Car, air conditioning evaporator inside the temperature switch installed what role
The temperature is too low off on the electricity, to protect the evaporator will not freeze.
Q:Is the evaporator in the ground source heat pump unit cooling or heating?
In the summer, the interior is the condenser, and the heat exchanger is connected with the well water. In the summer, the indoor is the evaporator, and the heat exchanger is exchanged with the well water.
Q:Two evaporators with an expansion valve
If the evaporator is far from the title A, the other is the name B; expansion valve close to B, the temperature is wrapped in the total return air pipe, then
Q:Why air conditioning evaporator will freeze
All the cooling evaporator will be due to moisture in the air exposed to cold or ice.
Q:What does the fan of the evaporator in the refrigeration unit have any effect?
The overall temperature of the room or area is so low.
Q:Air conditioning evaporator for a long time do not clean up what harm and solution?
Long-term use of air-conditioning indoor unit evaporator will be filled with dust and bacteria, if not regularly cleaned, these harmful substances will be air-conditioned with air blowing to the air will pollute the air, a serious cause of respiratory diseases.
Q:Will the temperature of the evaporator, the evaporator water temperature, the relationship between superheat.
Superheat refers to the compressor return air temperature and evaporation temperature difference. General adjustment at 8 degrees, that is, when the evaporation temperature is 0 degrees, the compressor air return temperature should be 8. Maintain the return of the superheat,
Q:Horizontal shell and tube evaporator heat transfer coefficient is lower than the horizontal shell and tube condenser is what
Condenser The components of a refrigeration system that convert gases or vapors into liquids, passing the heat in the tube to the air near the pipe in a very fast way.
Q:Screw chillers evaporator water temperature is high alarm is the reason
Normal chillers freeze back to water about 12 degrees, not too high (evaporation pressure will increase with), will directly affect the normal operation of the host.

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