high density white 18mm PVC foam board for furniture use

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Item specifice:

Thickness: 1-33mm Size: "1220mm × 2440mm; 1560mm × 3050mm; 2050mm × 3050mm ; or as your request ." Usage Life: 50 years
Density: 0.43mm-0.9mm Application: Wall cladding, decorating shelf, etc Color: White,black

Product Description:


WPC formwork sheet is made by PVC resin and wood powder(or bamboo power) at a certain ratio, added with special additives and extruded at high temperature, which specially made for formwork application. It is a ideal material for replacing formwork plywood.                                                                                                              

Wood plastic composite with a flexible application, can be applied to any field of wood processing. So far, it is the best environmental protection material to replace wood, which is the most widely used in wood and plastic building products. It is the latest trend in materials for garden furniture and other outdoor applications, especially for terrace decking and also for weatherboarding and fencing panels.protection material to replace wood, which is the most widely used in wood and plastic building products. It is the latest trend in materials for garden furniture and other outdoor applications, especially for the cabinet in kitchen & bathroom, advertising, traffic and transit, industry, building and pholstering ,etc.

2.Mainly Feature

1) Light weight, waterproof
2) Good hardness with a smooth and glossy surface 
3) Excellent formability
4) High impact strength
5) Good abrasion resistance
6) Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
7) Easy to install and clean
8) Recyclable with a long service life
9) Dimensional accuracy

3.pvc foam board printing service  advantage

 Why choose custom  sticker printing , pvc coated tarpaulin banner poster
1. Durable, UV and water resistant, perfect pefermance for indoor&outdoor use
2. We offer various  options technical support anywhere you like .
4. can be used for a long time
 Outdoor pvc banner printing , pvc coated tarpaulin banner poster characteristics
1. Different types material and print model for choosen
2. Customized,and provide OEM & ODM service
3. Good quality at competitive price in fast delivery
4. Professional digital printing company from 2003
 Outdoor cafe barrier vinyl advertising banner for sale specification
     Signs & printing option  1. pvc foam board for printing , Sintra board printing , correx board, Magnetic sign   for your choose
  2. Single & double sides
  3.UV & rain resistant
  4. Inkjet/Eco-friendly/UV print
     Banner size options  1. Max width 1.2 x 2.4 m 
  2. Mini width 10cm  by 10cm 
  3. Larger size need joint and stitch faucet


high density white 18mm PVC foam board for furniture use

high density white 18mm PVC foam board for furniture use

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Q:In home improvement, what is the best material used in the kitchen ceiling, aluminum gusset is good, or PVC plate or aluminum plate?
As far as material cost is concerned, the aluminum gusset plate is slightly higher than the aluminum-plastic plate, but the cost performance of the aluminum gusset plate is higher than that of the aluminum-plastic plate. PVC board - commonly known as: plastic pinch plate, is the first generation of kitchen and toilet ceiling materials, because not environmental protection, now used in engineering, the price from 10-100 yuan; the rest depends on how to choose
Q:Why is tarm paper or plastic sheeting put under hardwood floors?
1. Vapor barrier. 2. Cushion. 3.To allow the floor to move as it expands and contracts on drying/absorbing moisture. (You leave a gap at the edge don't you?)
Q:PS board is not acrylic board?
PS board and acrylic board is not a kind of board. PS plastic ingredients are many, transparency is poor, pan blue, not wear-resistant, low prices, not applicable to do the word, you can do some splint painting.
Q:where I can buy white plastic sheets?
Most hobby shops should be able to supply you with this type of material. If they do not have it then they should be able to locate a supplier for you or at least get you a catalog that would allow you to purchase modeling materials. The link below is for a company that sells many plastic sheets and scaled plastic structural members for railroad models and that type of thing. Send for that catalog.
Q:What clear solid surface can I peel acrylic paint off! I have used shipping plastic, need a solid sheet?
Poly carbon Lexan would work well. My husband was the plant manager for a place that made clear bottom kayaks and that it what they used. It comes in different thicknesses and is bulletproof. One of my hubby's fav tests for the buyer was to take a 12 lb sledgehammer and beat on the kayak to show how strong it was. It is also very lightweight. The whole kayak only weighed 38 lbs. I did the graphics on them and the acrylic should peel off nicely. If you would like more info go to my profile and e-mail me. Good luck!
Q:clear plastic sheets for whiteboard?
Would blank transparencies be the right size to use?
Q:what are those plastic bed sheets that protect your bed called?
they are called mattress protectors and are usually sold where ever bed linnens are sold. a larger question is what is going on with your cat? when an animal as particular as a cat starts peeing all over, it signals serious bladder or urinary problems that could be potentially life threatening. seek help for the cat first THEN seek the mattress protectors. (by the way, sleeping on those things are murder - plastic is HOT ! even through the fitted sheet)
Q:How should the plastic cutting boards be cleaned?
Disinfection method: ginger block for a long time, will produce a strange smell. With ginger or raw onion chopping will wipe it again, then side with boiling water washed, side brush, smell will disappear.
Q:Maximum volume of a bag made from a folded sheet of plastic?
Plastic bags are synthetic consistent with choose, so if fewer bags are mandatory, fewer bags would be produced. the luggage are certainly already made yet while greater human beings use their very own bags, the plastic bags would be used much less often, consequently reducing the quantity of baggage being wasted and ending up in landfills. Plus, it is likewise a manner for the keep or business enterprise to make money because of the fact they generally do no longer can charge purchasers for plastic bags yet they do can charge a minimum of $a million for the reusable bags.
Q:If I print on a plastic sheet, will it melt in the canon laser printer?
IT WILL MELT unless is for laser printers

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